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xxi, 522 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
Once an independent nation, Texas has always been proud of its unique culture. The literature of the Lone Star State has long attracted local, regional, and national audiences and critics, yet the state's Mexican American voices have yet to receive the attention they deserve. "Hecho en Tejas" is a historic anthology that establishes the canon of Mexican American literature in Texas. With close to one hundred selections chosen, the book reaches back to the sixteenth-century exploration narrative of Texas' first Spanish-speaking writer, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. It features prose by Americo Paredes and Jovita Gonzalez, Rolando Hinojosa and Tomas Rivera, Estela Trambley Portillo, and Sandra Cisneros. Among the poets included in the anthology are Ricardo Sanchez, Carmen Tafolla, Angela de Hoyos, and Abelardo 'Lalo' Delgado. "Hecho en Tejas" also includes corridos from the turn of the century and verses sung by music legends such as Lydia Mendoza and Santiago Jimenez, Sr., Freddy Fender, and Selena. In addition to these established names, already known across the United States, "Hecho en Tejas" introduces such younger writers as Christine Granados, Erasmo Guerra, and Tonantzin Canestaro-Garcia, the famous Tejano authors of tomorrow. In assembling this canonic reader, Dagoberto Gilb has created more than an anthology. Read cover to cover, "Hecho en Tejas" becomes not only a literary showcase, but also a cultural and historical narrative both for those familiar with Texas Mexicans and for outsiders. "Hecho en Tejas" is a mosaic portrait of the community, the land and its history, its people's sorrows and joys, anger and humour and pride, what has been assimilated and what will not be.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780826341259 20160528
Green Library, Special Collections
xii, 147 p. : ill ; 22 cm.
When his father died, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher wasn't quite two. His mother packed up his father's belongings, put the boxes in a hall closet, and closed the door. The "man in a box" remained a mystery, hardly mentioned, and making only rare appearances in stories when Fletcher or his siblings inquired. Meanwhile, his young Hispanic mother transformed herself into an artist, scouting the back roads and secondhand shops of New Mexico for relics and unlikely treasures to add to her "little shrines, " or descansos. "Look closely, " she'd say to her son. "Everything tells a story." This book is Fletcher's literary descanso, a piecing together - from moments and objects and words - of a father's life, of the life lived without that father, and of his own mixed-race identity. Fletcher's reflections unfold like a collage, offering a rich array of images and stories of life with his single mother, organizing weekend family car trips to explore graveyards and adobe ruins; of growing up on the fault lines of class and culture; of being a father who never had one of his own to learn from. From incidents and observations, Fletcher assembles a beautifully crafted portrait of his family's unspoken affliction with loss over the decades, a portrait that finally evokes the father at its heart.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780803238398 20160608
Green Library, Special Collections
1 red and black woodcut.
Phrase "No los olvidamos" wirtten on the walls of prison cell; a jungle scene with trees and a tiger fades into the cell, under which reads the slogan "Seguimos luchando."
Special Collections
1 poster, 18 x 24 inches., full color offset print.
Created to honor the nation-wide rallies supporting immigrant rights. Three protesters hold a sign that reads, "Aquí estamos y no nos vamos! y si nos hechan nos regresamos." The tagline in the head is translated We Demand Justice, Equality & Liberty.
Special Collections
1 poster, 17 x 11 inches.
May 1, 2010, poster warning migrants: "One & All, you are hereby respectfully cautioned and advised, to avoid conversing with the Watchmen, Police Officers, & INS agents of Arizona, for since the recent Order of Governor Brewer who signed SB-1070, they are empowered to act as kidnappers, jailers and deporters,..."
Special Collections
One multi-color linocut print, 18 x 24 inches.
"Over the course of several meetings with staff and members, we arrived at an image to represent Centro Legal, a quetzal bird flying freely with no regard to border walls. The print is a linocut and monoprint, with watercolor." [from Justseeds Artists Cooperative website]
Special Collections
1 print, 21 x 15 inches.
Features the bust of Ricardo Flores Magón, with "Regeneración" written below.
Special Collections
1 color offset print, 18 x 24 inches.
Special Collections
1 print, 17 x 11 inches.
Features the faces of Ricardo Flores Magón and José Guadalupe Posada, with a short description of the two men's graphic work and their relation.
Special Collections
1 print, 11.25 x 15.25 inches.
Zapatista wearing iconic ski mask and indigenous hat.
Special Collections
5 serigraph prints (1 map folder)
Serigraphs by artists Enrique Chagoya, Ana Teresa Fernández, Rupert Garcia, Julio Cesar Morales, and Shizu Saldamando.
Special Collections
1 multi-color print; 28x20 inches.
The statue of liberty subermerged to the torso in rising waters, tops of NY skyscrapers in the background. Taglines: "Rechazo total a la Conferencia de la ONU: Diciembre 2010 Cancun, Mexico." "Alto al Imperialismo Ambiental" "Ante la destrucción ambiental, organización".
Special Collections
97 pages ; 23 cm.
Emmy Perez's poetry collection With the River on Our Face flows through the Southwest and the Texas borderlands to the river's mouth in the Rio Grande Valley/El Valle. The poems celebrate the land, communities, and ecology of the borderlands through lyric and narrative utterances, auditory and visual texture, chant, and litany that merge and diverge like the iconic river in this long-awaited collection. Perez reveals the strengths and nuances of a universe where no word is "foreign." Her fast-moving, evocative words illuminate the prayers, gasps, touches, and gritos born of everyday discoveries and events. Multiple forms of reference enrich the poems in the form of mantra: ecologist's field notes, geopolitical and ecofeminist observations, wildlife catalogs, trivia, and vigil chants. "What is it to love / within viewing distance of night / vision goggles and guns?" is a question central to many of these poems. The collection creates a poetic confluence of the personal, political, and global forces affecting border lives. Whether alluding to El Valle as a place where toxins now cross borders more easily than people or wildlife, or to increased militarization, immigrant seizures, and twenty-first-century wall-building, Perez's voice is intimate and urgent. She laments, "We cannot tattoo roses / On the wall / Can't tattoo Gloria Anzaldua's roses / On the wall"; yet, she also reaffirms Anzaldua's notions of hope through resilience and conocimiento. With the River on Our Face drips deep like water, turning into amistad- an inquisition into human relationships with planet and self.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780816533442 20161010
SAL3 (off-campus storage), Special Collections
xx, 265 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • The border's literary tradition and its sense of place. A "Southern Renaissance" for Texas letters / José E. Limón
  • The Texas-Mexico border: this writer's sense of place / Rolando Hinojosa-Smith
  • De las voces de muchos. The rain parade / Paul Pedroza
  • One pinto bean ; When I was younger ; Ancient houses / Ray Gonzalez
  • Voyeurism, or, The third-party politician / Dalel Serda
  • Ojos de dios : that's what I said / Tammy Melody Gomez
  • Coyotes / Cooper Renner
  • Invocation ; El amor prohibido el paso / Abigail Carl-Klassen
  • Southbound / Genaro Gonzalez
  • How to be la llorona for the city of Sullivan that has no sidewalks / Veronica Sandoval
  • Escalera / Ben Roberts
  • Ursular ; Calm licks the night / Joseph Daniel Haske
  • Popeye was an American citizen and so am I / René Saldaña Jr.
  • Border illusion ; Silence / Gene Keller
  • The window / Brian Van Reet
  • Serape ; Prospective titles for a border thesis / Rodney Gomez
  • La huesera, or, Flesh to bone / Irene Lara Silva
  • Ode por el amor imprevisto / John D. Fry
  • Fertile / Gabriela Ybarra Lemmons
  • Wireless panteón / Lauren Espinoza
  • The border is a good place to live / Agustín Cadena ; translated by Pat Dubrava
  • Wild woman of the Navidad / Shawnee Wren
  • From Mariguano: a novel / Juan Ochoa
  • Border ; El Paso women / Sheryl Luna
  • The 29th of April / Flores
  • Dear Celan ; [Magic needed] / Emmy Pérez
  • Corrido / Brian Allen Carr
  • El Paso and the sister city / Jorge Azcárate
  • LoneStar special / David René Solis
  • Quitclaim / Sean Chadwell
  • Sonnet for human smugglers ; Tough guy / Octavio Quintanilla
  • The loss of Juárez / Sergio Troncoso --And old Guerrero waits ; Across / Chip Dameron
  • Stupids / Christine Granados
  • Santa de las Embarazadas / Beatriz Guzmán Velásquez
  • Cobb and me / Robert Paul Moreira
  • Daiquiri / Pat Mora
  • Un frontera pocho en San Antonio / Isaac Chavarria
  • Contrabandista epistle / Jim Sanderson
  • El Paso / Kevin Prufer
  • Vozilencio: river of voices / Richard Yañez
  • La polvadera: border murder ; Desert nectar on scenic drive / Robin Scofield
  • Baseball over the moon / Kathryn Lane
  • The bone box/Waka Tupapaku / Carmen Tafolla
  • A starving Indian woman / John MacAyeal
  • Raspas, tequila y balazos ; Where are you, home? / Brenda Nettles Riojas
  • My better border / Chuck Taylor
  • Contributors
  • Credits
  • Index.
When the "counter-canon" itself becomes canonized, it's time to reload. This is the notion that animates New Border Voices, an anthology of recent and rarely seen writing by Borderlands artists from El Paso to Brownsville--and a hundred miles on either side. Challenging the assumption that borderlands writing is the privileged product of the 1970s and '80s, the vibrant community represented in this collection offers tasty bits of regional fare that will appeal to a wide range of readers and students.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781623491253 20160616
Green Library, Special Collections
1 multi-color print, 28 x 20 inches
Indigenous warrior crouches with spear in some foliage. Tagline: "Contra la destrucción ambiental, organización".
Special Collections


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