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1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 24 cm
Special Collections
1 volume (unpaged)
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3. Bonjour du Diable [2018]

1 volume (unpaged)
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1 volume (unpaged).
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220 pages
Special Collections
xi, 76 pages ; 23 cm
A timely new edition of a pioneering work in Latino literature, National Book Award nominee Gary Soto's first collection (originally published in 1977) draws on California's fertile San Joaquin Valley, the people, the place, and the hard agricultural work done there by immigrants. In these poems, joy and anger, violence and hope are placed in both the metaphorical and very real circumstances of the Valley. Rooted in personal experiences-of the poet as a young man, his friends, family, and neighbors-the poems are spare but expansive, with Soto's voice as important as ever. This welcome new edition has been expanded with a crucial selection of complementary poems (some previously unpublished) and a new introduction by the author.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781452170138 20180430
Green Library, Special Collections
xii, 116 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Preface and acknowledgements
  • Early encounters with California's arboreal incognitum
  • The effective discovery
  • Drawn from nature
  • Lapham's drawing and Rey's lithograph
  • Dr. Albert Kellogg and the Giant Sequoia
  • William Lobb Giant Sequoia Expressman
  • First to Boston
  • Wellingtonia gigantea
  • Return in Boston
  • Appendix A : Dr. Albert Kellogg and Albert Kemble Kipps in San Francisco and Oakland directories
  • Appendix B : Addendum to the companion volume The Great California Tree-Farquhar No.2, number five, the 595 Broadway copy
  • References.
Special Collections

8. Jacarandas [2018]

1 volume (unpaged).
Special Collections
lxviii, 108 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Special Collections
1 volume (no pagings)
Special Collections
112 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits (some color) ; 28 cm
  • Foreword: His greatest gift
  • A life of faith and hope
  • The early years
  • The road to freedom
  • The march on the capital
  • Equality's foot soldiers
  • The movement changes
  • Tragedy in Memphis
  • His truth is marching on
Special Collections
530 pages, xl pages of plates : color illustrations, facsimiles ; 29 cm.
Special Collections
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations ; 42 cm
  • Januar: La plegaria = Das Gebet / Pablo Pupiro Mercado; Graphik: Saslaya Pupiro
  • Februar: Magia de luna = Mondzauber / Pablo Pupiro Mercado; Graphik: Ingrid Rivera
  • März: Piedra viva = Lebendiger Stein / Daniel Pulido; Graphik: Daniel Pulido
  • April: Ahora la noche de luna = Jetzt die Mondnacht / Danilo Rivera; Graphik: Danilo Rivera
  • Mai: Como fruta (fragmento) = Wie eine Frucht (Fragment) / Pablo Pupiro Mercado; Graphik: Pablo Pupiro Mercado
  • Juni: Nohelia Talavera; Graphik: Nohelia Talavera
  • Juli: La calumnia = Die Verleumdung / Rubén Darío; Graphik: Maria Luisa Rizo
  • August: Mujer serpiente = Schlangenfrau / Marcos Altamirano; Graphik: Ingrid Rivera
  • September: Resumen de noticias = Kurznachrichten / Danilo Rivera; Graphik: Danilo Rivera
  • Oktober: Imagina = Stell dir vor / Juan Aníbal Mendoza; Graphik: Juan Aníbal Mendoza
  • November: Del trópico = Del trópico / Rubén Darío; Graphik: Eliza Castro Oporta
  • Dezember: La espina = Der Dornzweig / Julio C. Rivera Martínez; Graphik: Pablo Pupiro Mercado
  • [Colophon]: One córdoba team = Das ein Córdoba Team / Jaqueline Bica; Graphik: Jaqueline Bica
Special Collections
148 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 18 cm
  • Alliance, Ohio
  • Penobscot Bay, Maine
  • Iowa
  • Cambridge
  • New York
  • Yonkers
  • Cooperstown
  • Puerto Rico
  • Buffalo
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • The Sierras
  • Southwest
  • School days
Special Collections
1 volume : illustrations ; 38 x 29 cm.
Special Collections
34 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
  • El soneto, una de las primeras estrofas de la poesía cubana / Juan Nicolás Padrón
  • Habéis echado el sello a vuestra ciencia... / Pedro de las Torres Sifontes
  • Tan alto vuelas, pájaro Canario... / Alférez Cristóbal de la Coba Machicao
  • Los que con gracia quieren ver y aviso... / Bartolomé Sánchez
  • Las siete fortunadas islas bellas... / Juan Rodríguez de Sifuentes
  • Hermosas ninfas que en la fértil Moya... / Antonio Hernández
  • Dorada isla de Cuba or Fernandina... / Alférez Lorenzo Laso de la Vega y Cerda
  • A la muerte / J. B.
  • Dios ayuda a los que no se niegan a sus auxilios / P. C.
  • Dios-homber se hizo conocer por sus misericordias / P. C.
  • Devoción de un petimetre. El día de la fiesta
  • Soy jovencita, rica,soy bonita...
  • A la vida / Manuel de Zequeira
  • La ilusión / Manuel de Zequeira
  • El fanfarrón / Manuel de Zequeira
  • El petimetre / Manuel de Zequeira
  • A Nise bordando un ramillete / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • El tiempo / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • Pues se acercan, Roselia, los moments... / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • Es tan firme, Roselia, el amor mío... / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • La vida del avaro / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • Una alcahueta / Manuel Justo de Rubalcava
  • Un amigo reconciliado / Manuel María Pérez y Ramírez
  • A una calavera coronada de rosas / E. G. L.
  • A una dama que cumplia años el día de difuntos / E. G. L.
  • A un aborto procurado para ocultar la debilidad / D. de M.
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28.1 megabytes (26 computer files)
Finding aid
Online Archive of California
Includes 3 photographs depicting Stanford Law School students with a banner stating "Racism Lives Here Too," as well as 23 posters bearing quotes attributed to Stanford students and professors. The banner and posters were hung at Stanford Law School in February 2018 by students associated with the Racism Lives Here Too Movement.
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18. Der Welsche Gast [2018]

Two hundred four pages
Special Collections
0.48 linear feet (2 boxes)
Materials include pamphlets, flyers, brochures, and other documents gathered from the Call to Action Alley providing information for marginalized communities, as well as a CD. Also includes memorabilia such as a tote bag, buttons, a pen, a pencil, and wristbands.
Special Collections

20. 1984NOW. [2017]

5 volumes
Special Collections