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vi, 290 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 30 cm.
  • Index of pictures
  • The camel at the crossroads of multiple perspectives: introduction to an interdisciplinary encounter / Eva-Maria Knoll (Vienna)
  • Genetic traces of domestication in Old World camelids / Pamela Burger (Vienna)
  • The encounter between Bactrian and Dromedary camels in Central Asia / Bernard Faye (Montpellier), Gaukhar Konuspayeva (Montpellier)
  • Embryonic hump development and ancestry in old world camels / Clemens Knospe (Munich), Joerg Kinne (Dubai), Nissar A. Wani (Dubai), Ulrich Wernery (Dubai, Joris Peters (Munich)
  • The conservation status and management of wild camels in Mongolia / Adiya Yadamsuren (Ulaanbaatar), Enkhbileg Dulamtseren (Ulaanbaatar), Richard P. Reading (Denver)
  • The status of the wild camel in China / Yuan Li (Xinjiang), John Hare (Benenden), Yuan Guoying (Xinjiang), Cheng Yun (Xinjiang)
  • Working in a freezer: capturing and collaring wild Bactrian camels / Chris Walzer (Vienna), Petra Kaezensky (Vienna), Enkhbileg Dulamtseren (Ulaanbaatar), Adiya Yadamsuren (Ulaanbaatar)
  • Hybridization: a threat to the genetic distinctiveness of the last wild old world camel species / Katja Silbermayr (Vienna), Pamela Burger (Vienna)
  • Ancient DNA reveals domestication process: the case of the two-humped camel / Alexandra Trinks (Mainz), Pamela Burger (Vienna), Norbert Benecke (Berline) Joachim Burger (Mainz)
  • The tears of the camel: reflections on depictions and descriptions of the camel in Mongolian culture / Maria-Katharina Lang (Vienna)
  • The camel and its symbolism in the daily life of the Mongols with particular reference to their folk songs / Otgonbayar Chuluunbaatar (Vienna)
  • Archeozoology of camels in South-Eastern Arabia / Margarethe Uerpmann (Tübingen)
  • Riding camels in Arabia: outline of a revised cultural history / Walter Dostal (Vienna)
  • Caravans from South Arabia: roads and organization / Johann Heiss (Vienna)
  • Camels in star mythology and in everyday rural life: ethnographic observations in South-West Arabia's Tihāma lowlands / Andre Gingrich (Vienna)
  • What camels eat: a study of Arabic ethnobotany / Daniel Martin Varisco (New York)
  • The economic significance and traditional management of dromedaries in Syria / Darem Tabbaa (Hama)
  • The socio-economic perspective of camels in Pakistan / Arshad Iqbal (Rawalpindi)
  • Camel trekking in Jordan: between oriental perception and authentic tourist expectation / Mohammed Shunnaq (Irbid), Susanne Ramadan Shunnaq (Irbid)
  • Camel urine and milk in the Arab heritage (folk medicine): a review / Abdulsalam A. Bakhsh (Al-Ahsa), Wael M. El-Deeb (Al-Ahsa), Awatif A. Al-Judaibi (Jeddah)
  • The Saharan dromedary as a sign: the prominence of dromedaries among the Nomadic Imuhar Society in the Algerian desert / Anja Fischer (Vienna)
  • The traditional management of the one-humped camel in the Horn of Africa: milking, fostering and weaning techniques / Maurizio Dioli (Alicante)
  • The informal camel milk marketing sector in Kenya and Somalia / Mario Younan (Nairobi), David M. Mwangi (Nairobi)
  • Extending the shelf life of camel milk / Ibtisam E.M. El Zubeir (Khartoum)
  • Bringing camels into focus: a photo-essay on dromedaries in the Nigeria-Niger corridor / Abdussamad M. Abdussamad (Göttingen/Nigeria), Demo Joab Usman Kalla (Aberdeen), Shehu Ahmad Maigandi (Sokoto)
  • Afterword: camels and deserts / Richard W. Bulliet (New York)
  • Pictures.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving), Science Library (Li and Ma)
27 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage), Science Library (Li and Ma)
92 p., 4 leaves of plates : ill. ; 24 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage), Science Library (Li and Ma), Special Collections
4 v. ; 26 cm.
  • [pt. I] From Linnæus to Cuvier, 1758-1833, seventy-five years, with the accepted type of each. By David Starr Jordan assisted by Barton Warren Evermann.--pt. II. From Agassiz to Bleeker, 1833-1858, twenty-six years, with the accepted type of each.--pt. III. From Guenther to Gill, 1859-1880, twenty-two years, with the accepted type of each.--pt. IV. From 1881 to 1920, thirty-nine years, with the accepted type of each.
SAL3 (off-campus storage), Science Library (Li and Ma), Special Collections

5. Year book [1902 - ]

Earth Sciences Library (Branner), Marine Biology Library (Miller), SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving), Science Library (Li and Ma)