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158 p. ; 21 cm + 1 sound disc (digital ; 4 3/4 in.)
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
xxii, 464 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. + 1 sound disc (4 3/4 in.)
This fascinating collection of essays contains a variety of perspectives about the use of expressive arts for facilitating physical and emotional healing. Each author within brings a fresh approach and unique experiences to their writing. Within these pages, you will find many ideas for the use of the arts and can learn how to engage the inner layers of the self that allow natural healing processes of the body and soul to flourish. When we fully engage an art modality, we find ourselves in a place in our consciousness that could be called 'healingspace, ' where we feel ourselves whole and re-member ourselves as well. From psychic trauma to physical illness, disease of many kinds may be addressed through the various techniques discussed here. The tools offered by some authors are population specific and age appropriate, while several authors have given us the philosophical underpinnings for it all. While the authors within represent the grassroots voices of this new and rapidly expanding field, several of them have developed their own methods for using the arts, and have thriving practices. Our approach is wholistic. Music, visual arts, movement, dance, and poetry are discussed as separate modalities and in combination with one another in a process or flow. The reader will engage in our experiences with these modalities as they have been lived. The complementary CD that accompanies this book will allows the listener to have a full sound experience of toning. If a rationale is needed for establishing arts programs in medical centers or other health facilities, it can be found here. The book offers tools for self development and for group facilitation. Those wanting to expand their healing practice through the use of the arts will find the book to be a faithful guide. Anyone wishing for a fuller understanding of how the arts may work to facilitate healing will find much food for thought within these pages.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781443802093 20160528
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
xii, 571 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. + 1 sound disc (digital ; 4 3/4 in.).
  • Introduction
  • Pt. I. Neurobehavior
  • 1. The Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale as a biomarker of the effects of environmental agents on the newborn
  • 2. Behavioral assessment scales : the NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale, the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale, and the Assessment of the Preterm Infant's Behavior
  • 3. Kicking coordination captures differences between full-term and premature infants with white matter disorder
  • 4. Late dose-response effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on newborn neurobehavioral performance
  • 5. Similar and functionally typical kinematic reaching parameters in 7- and 15-month-old in utero cocaine-exposed and unexposed infants
  • Pt. II. Culture
  • 6. Introduction : cross-cultural studies of development
  • 7. The role of culture in brain organization, child development, and parenting
  • 8. Multiple caretaking in the context of human evolution : why don't the Efe know the Western prescription for child care?
  • 9. The manta pouch : a regulatory system for Peruvian infants at high altitude
  • 10. Mother-infant interaction among the Gusii of Kenya
  • Pt. III. Infant social-emotional interaction
  • 11. Interactive mismatch and repair : challenges to the coping infant
  • 12. Emotions and emotional communication in infants
  • 13. The mutual regulation model : the infant's self and interactive regulation and coping and defensive capacities
  • 14. Infant-mother face-to-face interaction : age and gender differences in coordination and the occurrence of miscoordination
  • 15. The transfer of affect between mothers and infants
  • 16. Mother-infant face-to-face interaction : influence is bidirectional and unrelated to periodic cycles in either partner's behavior
  • 17. Beyond the face : an empirical study of infant affective configurations of facial, vocal, gestural, and regulatory behaviors
  • Pt. IV. Perturbations : natural and experimental
  • 18. The primacy of social skills in infancy
  • 19. The infant's response to
  • entrapment between contradictory messages in face-to-face interaction
  • 20. Depressed mothers and infants : the failure to form dyadic states of consciousness
  • 21. Specificity of infants' response to mothers' affective behavior
  • 22. The impact of maternal psychiatric illness on infant development
  • 23. Making up is hard to do, especially for mothers with high levels of depressive symptoms and their infant sons
  • 24. Gender differences and their relation to maternal depression
  • 25. Infant moods and the chronicity of depressive symptoms : the cocreation of unique ways of being together for good or ill. Paper 1. The normal process of development and the formation of moods
  • 26. Infant moods and the chronicity of depressive symptoms : the cocreation of unique ways of being together for good or ill. Paper 2. The formation of negative moods in infants and children of depressed mothers
  • 27. The stress of normal development and interaction leads to the development of resilience and variation in resilience
  • Pt. V. Dyadic expansion of consciousness and meaning making
  • 28. Infant responses to impending collision : optical and real
  • 29. Dyadically expanded states of consciousness and the process of therapeutic change
  • 30. Implicit relational knowing : its role in development and psychoanalytic treatment
  • 31. Noninterpretive mechanisms in psychoanalytic therapy : the "something more" than interpretation
  • 32. Emotional connections and dyadic consciousness in infant-mother and patient-therapist interactions : commentary on a paper by Frank Lachmann
  • 33. A model of infant mood states and Sandarian affective waves
  • 34. "Of course all relationships are unique" : how cocreative processes generate unique mother-infant and patient-therapist relationships and change other relationships
  • 35. Why is connection with others so critical? : the formation of dyadic states of consciousness and the expansion of individuals' states of consciousness
  • 36.
  • Contributions to understanding therapeutic change : now we have a playground.
Deals with mother/infant relationships, emotional connection and the healthy development of infants and children.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780393705171 20160527
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
v. : ill. ; 25 cm. + 1 sound disc (4 3/4 in.)
  • Erster Band. Jakob Ruf, ein Zürcher Stadtchirurg und Theatermacher im 16. Jahrhundert : [zur Ausstellung "Botz. Jakob Ruf, ein Zürcher Stadtchirurg und Theatermacher im 16. Jahrhundert" im Strauhof Zürich (15. März bis 21. Mai 2006)] / herausgegeben von Hildegard Elisabeth Keller ; unter Mitarbeit von Andrea Kauer und Stefan Schöbi.
  • Contents of CD accompanying v. 1: 1. Die Rede des Vogts
  • 2. Jakob Rufs Testament
  • 3. Jakob Rufs Arbeitsvertrag als Zürcher Stadtchirurg
  • 4. Fluchlitanei der Teufel
  • 5. Jakob Rufs Persönlichkeit
  • 6. Der Arzt und seine Patienten
  • 7. Der Autor und Regisseur
  • 8. Blasensteinoperation
  • 9. Kindswehen
  • 10. Teufelssamen?
  • 11. Der Monolog des Todes.
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
47 pages : illustrations, some color ; 41 cm + 1 audio disc (CD audio, stereo ; 4 3/4 in.)
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
181 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm. + 1 sound disc (digital ; 4 3/4 in.)
  • [CD contents]: Call of the sacred drums (1:48)
  • The incredible Credo Mutwa (4:11)
  • Nduli (2:11)
  • Isindawo (3:43)
  • My initiation story (38:29)
  • Umtchongolo (3:04)
  • Makhosi Asevukile (2:59)
  • Sele (3:27)
  • Blessing by Vusamazulu (6:31)
  • African friends (6:31).
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa tells the story of his life as an artist, political activist, and healer. Mutwa, the most famous African traditional healer of this century, shares the wisdom of Africa's traditional sangomas and healers in this beautiful volume, which includes an audio CD that captures the prayers, sacred songs, and sounds of the culture. In addition to his works as a healer and champion of native South Africans and their culture, Mutwa is an outspoken artist and critic.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780918172310 20160527
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
215 p. : ill., map, music ; 24 cm. + 1 sound disc (digital, stereo ; 4 3/4 in.)
Hoover Library, SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)

8. Exact change yearbook [1995 - ]

v. : ill. ; 22 x 26 cm. + sound disc (sd. ; 4 3/4 in.)
Media & Microtext Center, SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)