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online resource (xiv, 245 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • An introductory snapshot
  • In the beginning
  • London and the Great Windmill Street School
  • Anatomy of the expression of emotions
  • Behind the glories of war
  • Swings and roundabouts
  • In and out of the central nervous system
  • The organization of the nervous system
  • Clinical observations on the nervous system
  • For God and country
  • New classrooms : old struggles
  • The ebbing tide
  • To each his due.
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online resource (xviii, 152 pages) : illustrations (some color)
  • History of the BNMS 1966?2016 / Brian Neilly
  • A history of nuclear medicine in the UK / Ralph McCready
  • The evolution of training in nuclear medicine in the UK / Andrew Hilson
  • A technologists viewpoint / Liz Clarke
  • Evolution of nuclear medicine physics in the UK / Richard S. Lawson
  • The Institute of Nuclear Medicine London / Jamshed Bomanji, Peter J. Ell
  • A history of nuclear medicine in the UK: radionuclide investigation of the brain / Peter J. Ell
  • A history of nuclear cardiology in the UK / S. Richard Underwood
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, paediatric nuclear medicine in the UK / Lorenzo Biassoni
  • Renal radionuclide studies / Keith Britton
  • St Bartholomew?s Hospital and Medical School: Department of Nuclear Medicine / Keith Britton
  • Nuclear medicine at the Hammersmith Hospital / Michael Peters
  • Nuclear medicine in Nottingham: antibodies, gamma probes and drug delivery / Alan C. Perkins
  • The introduction and development of clinical PET in the United Kingdom / Michael Maisey
  • Bone radionuclide imaging, quantitation and bone densitometry / Glen M. Blake, Ignac Fogelman
  • Therapeutic nuclear medicine in the UK / John Buscombe
  • Hospital radiopharmacy in the UK / James R. Ballinger
  • Development of computers in nuclear medicine / E. David Williams
  • The future direction of radiopharmaceutical development / Philip J. Blower
  • A personal reflection / Tom Nunan.
"The British Nuclear Medicine Society celebrates its 50th Anniversary with this booklet, which reflects the research of many of the pioneers in the use of radionuclides for the diagnosis and therapy of human disease. Since 1949 there have been remarkable advances in radionuclide techniques and imaging equipment: from the first devices "home-made" in the many physics departments throughout the UK, to the sophisticated multimodality imagers now in everyday use in Nuclear Medicine. The BNMS has been instrumental in promoting the use of radionuclide techniques in the investigation of pathology by supporting and providing education, research and guidelines on the optimum use of radiation to help patients. The future of Nuclear Medicine is bright, thanks to improved imaging resolution, new radiopharmaceuticals, and new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and procedures"--Publisher's description.
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online resource (pages)
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online resource (xix, 215 pages) : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm
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online resource (xx, 507 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xiii, 248 pages) : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (138 pages) ; 19 cm
  • Introduction
  • Obstetrics EMQs
  • Gynaecology EMQs
  • Miscellaneous EMQs
  • Answers.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (vi, 335 pages) ; 24 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xvi, 631 pages) ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (ix, 168 pages) : illustrations ; 24 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xvi, 275 pages) illustrations 24 x 16 cm
  • A Rapidly Progressive Dementia
  • A Headache after Starting the Oral Contraceptive Pill
  • A Child with Enlarged Pupils
  • Locked in or Break Out?- An Unusual TIA
  • Hemianopic Alexia
  • Recurrent Miscarriages and Neurological Symptoms
  • A Pain in the Neck
  • A Painless Loss of Vision
  • Sickle Cell Disease and Stroke
  • A New Mother with Rapidly Developing Blindness
  • A Potentially Fatal Complication
  • A Funny Turn in the Toilet
  • A Strategic Infarct Leading to Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • A Misbehaving Limb
  • More than Just A Sore Throat
  • An MRI Saves a Patient from Unnecessary Surgery
  • Confusion after the 'Flu
  • One Night with Venus, a Lifetime with Mars
  • A Hypertensive Spike
  • Lying in Wait: Stroke and a Blistering Rash
  • An Unusual Case of Paradoxical Embolus
  • Reaching a Crescendo
  • Bihemispheric Infarcts
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing and Stroke
  • A Possible Remedy for Post Stroke Confusion
  • A Headache with a Difference
  • An Alternative Solution to a Difficult Problem
  • Botox Saves the Day
  • A Diagnosis not to Forget
  • A Migraine with Persistent Focal Symptoms
  • Stroke and Systemic Disease
  • An Unusual Hypertensive Headache
  • Recurrent Thunderclap Headaches
  • Stroke in Pregnancy
  • Cortical Blindness
  • Cerebrovascular Disease in Childhood
  • Recurrent Neurological Symptoms Mistaken as Multiple Sclerosis
  • Intracerebral Haemorrhage and Oral Anticoagulants
  • Choked in the Night.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xiv, 105 pages) : illustrations
  • Practical actions for healthcare providers / Val Moore
  • Identifying a high quality evidence base / Paul Chrisp and Sara Twaddle
  • Key challenges to implementation and effective interventions / Elaine Whitby and Julie Royce
  • Using financial systems to support improved care / Jennifer Field
  • Using measurement to support change and improvements in healthcare / Nick Baillie
  • Conclusion and reflections / Danny Keenan and Sasha Abraham.
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14. JRSM open [digital]. [2014 - ]

online resource
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xv, 148 pages) : illustrations
  • Transcript / edited by E M Jones and E M Tansey
  • Appendix 1. Timeline for UK Clinical Cancer Genetics Groups
  • Appendix 2. Archival material from St Mark's Polyposis Registry
  • Register cards / interpreted by Ms Kay Neale
  • Letter from Dr C Dukes to Dr J C Burne
  • Adaptation of poem, You Are Old Father William / by Dr C Dukes
  • Obituary for Dr H J R Bussey / by Basil Morson
  • Appendix 3. Pedigree of a Newfoundland family, 'Family C', with HNPCC
  • Appendix 4.
  • Cancer Genetics: a personal view / Professor David Harnden
  • Glossary
  • Biographical notes.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xv, 297 pages) : illustrations ; 22 cm
  • A practical approach to ethics
  • The doctor-patient relationship
  • Consent, choice, and refusal : adults with capacity
  • Treating adults who lack capacity
  • Treating children and young people
  • Confidentiality
  • Management of health records
  • Prescribing and administering medication.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource : illustrations (some color)
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xv, 124 pages) : illustrations
  • The medical interview
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Performing at the interview
  • Common interview questions
  • Interview questions that test your knowledge
  • Interview questions that test your generic skills
  • Competency-based tasks.
How to Succeed at the Medical Interview provides candidates with a competitive edge. It reduces the likelihood of unexpected questions or situations and helps improve confidence before and during the medical interview. This new second edition includes updated content on changes to the structure of healthcare and how this affects both the application and interview process. It details the types of questions that will be asked at medical interviews and also provides improved guidance for overseas doctors and healthcare professionals and for those seeking to practice abroad.
Medical Library (Lane)
xi, 317 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • 1. Introcution : historiographies of obstetrics
  • 2. Diagnostic ultrasound before Thomas Brown
  • 3. Ian Donald before ultrasound I : St. Thomas's Hospital and the Royal Air Force
  • 4. Ian Donald before ultrasound II : Hammersmith and Glasgow
  • 5. A-scope investigations in Glasgow
  • 6. The First contact scanner
  • 7. The Automatic scanner and the diasonograph
  • 8. "Behind the Iron Curtain" : ultrasound and the fetus
  • 9. Diffusion, controversy, and commodification
  • 10. Ian Donald after ultrasound : contraception and abortion
  • 11. Maternity and technology.
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online resource (xxv, 132 pages)
Medical Library (Lane)