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xii, 384 pages : illustrations (some color)
  • Evolution of Antimicrobial Peptides: A View from the Cystine Chapel
  • Innate Immunity in Plants: The Role of Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Antimicrobial Peptides Produced by Microorganisms
  • LL-37: An Immunomodulatory Antimicrobial Host Defence Peptide
  • Wound Repair and Antimicrobial Peptides
  • WAPing Out Pathogens and Disease in the Mucosa: Roles for SLPI and Trappin-2
  • Histatins: Multifunctional Salivary Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Structure-Function Relationships of Antimicrobial Chemokines
  • Mechanisms and Significance of Bacterial Resistance to Human Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Antimicrobial Peptides and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis and Defective Airway Innate Immunity
  • Antimicrobial Peptides in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Host Defense Peptides: Immune Modulation and Antimicrobial Activity In Vivo
  • Helping the Host: Induction of Antimicrobial Peptides as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy Against Infections.
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1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 26 cm
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online resource (413 pages) : ill ; 26 cm
  • High throughput sample preparation techniques and their application to bioanalytical protocols and purification of combinatorial libraries / Krishna Kallury
  • High-throughput quantitative bioanalysis / Katty X. Wan
  • Optimizing LCMS equipment to increase throughput in pharmaceutical analysis / Michael G. Frank and Douglas E. Mcintyre
  • Throughput improvement of bioanalytical LC-MS/MS by sharing of detector between HPLC systems / Min Shuan Chang and Tawakol El-Shourbagy
  • High throughput strategies for metabolite identification in drug discovery / Patrick J. Rudewicz, Qin Yue, and Young Shin
  • Utilizing micro parallel liquid chromatography for high-throughput analyses in the pharmaceutical industry / Sergio A. Guazzotti
  • Strategies and techniques for higher throughput ADME/PK assays / Walter Korfmacher
  • High-throughput analysis in drug metabolism during early drug discovery / Yau Yi Lau
  • High-throughput analysis in the support of process chemistry and formulation research & development in the pharmaceutical industry / Zhong Li
  • On-line SPE LC/MS/MS for high throughput bioanalytical analysis / Dong Wei and Liyu Yang
  • Applications of high-throughput analysis in therapeutic drug monitoring / Quanyun A. Xu and Timothy L. Madden
  • High-throughput quantitative pharmaceutical analysis in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) using liquid crhomatrography-mass spectrometry / Xiaohui Xu
  • Designing high throughput HPLC assays for small and biological molecules / Roger K. Gilpin and Wanlong Zhou
  • The advances in capillary and nano-HPLC technology for drug discovery and development / Frank J. Yang and Richard Yu
  • High-throughput analysis of complex protein mixtures by mass spectrometry / Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson.
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computer files (xiii, 314 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xxii, 356 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Inflammatory mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders / Joseph Rogers ... [et al.]
  • Treatment development strategies for Alzheimer's disease / Ernst Wulfert
  • Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A as a new prognostic factor for coronary artery disease / Alexandros D. Tselepis
  • New molecular targets for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers and inflammation / Sandor Szabo ... [et al.]
  • Stress activates corticotropin releasing : factor signaling pathways : implication in functional bowel disorders / Yvette Tache
  • Design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of high-affinity and selectivity sigma-1 and sigma-2 receptor ligands / Jacques H. Poupaert
  • Synthesis of biologically active taxoids / K.C. Nicolaou and R.K. Guy
  • From the molecular pharmacology to the medicinal chemistry of cannabinoids / Didier M. Lambert
  • An appraisal of fomocaines : current situation and outlook / Herbert Oelschlager and Andreas Seeling
  • Ligands for the GABA recognition site at the GABAA receptor : structure-activity studies / Bente Frlund ... [et al.]
  • Strategies for development of new lead structures for inhibition of acetylcholinesterase / Petra Kapkova ... [et al.]
  • Discovery of potent and selective inhibitors of human aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) : a new target for the treatment of congestive heart failure and myocardial fibrosis--a review / R.W. Hartmann ... [et al.]
  • Thiocarboxanilides : a new class of nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) with great potential for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infections / E. De Clercq, A. Karlsson, and J. Balzarini
  • Histamine H-receptor agonists and antagonists : chemical, pharmacological, and clinical aspects / Holger Stark and Walter Schunack
  • Anti-inflammatory actions of flavonoids and structural requirements for new design / Theoharis C. Theoharides
  • Molecular mechanisms of HO-induced DNA damage : the action of desferrioxamine / M. Tenopoulou, P.-T Doulias, and D. Galaris
  • LNA (locked nucleic acid) and functionalized LNA : towards efficient gene targeting / Jesper Wengel
  • The effect of diet on drug metabolism / K.J. Netter
  • Cytochromes P450 in the metabolism and bioactivation of chemicals / Costas Ioannides
  • In vitro methods to measure drug metabolism and drug interactions in drug discovery and development / O. Pelkonen ... [et al.]
  • How to probe the sites of action of drug molecules / A. Makriyannis and F. Bitter
  • Physicochemical profiling in early drug discovery : new challenges at the age of high-throughput screen and combinatorial chemistry / Bernard Faller
  • Drug membrane interaction and its importance for drug efficacy / J.K. Seydel ... [et al.]
  • The fight against AIDS : new avenues for inhibiting reverse transcriptase (RT), and old target / Maurizio Botta ... [et al.].
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online resource (x, 251 pages) : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Drug delivery systems--an overview / Kewal K. Jain
  • The role of the adeno-associated virus capsid in gene transfer / Kim M. Van Vliet ... [et al.]
  • Delivering small interfering RNA for novel therapeutics / Patrick Y. Lu and Martin C. Woodle
  • Catheters for chronic administration of drugs into brain tissue / Michael Guarnieri, Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., and George I. Jallo
  • Transdermal drug delivery systems : skin perturbation devices / Marc B. Brown ... [et al.]
  • Controlling the release of proteins/peptides via the pulmonary route / Sunday A. Shoyele
  • Engineering protein particles for pulmonary drug delivery / Sunday A. Shoyele
  • 2B-Trans technology : targeted drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier / Pieter J. Gaillard and Albertus G. de Boer
  • Drug delivery in cancer using liposomes / Crispin R. Dass
  • pH-responsive nanoparticles for cancer drug deliery / Youqing Shen ... [et al.]
  • Extended-release oral drug delivery technologies : monolithic matrix systems / Sandip B. Tiwari and Ali R. Rajabi-Siahboomi.
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xiv, 1377 pages, 8 pages of plates ; illustrations (some color) 29 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (ix, 243 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm)
  • Application of parallel synthesis to the optimization of inhibitors of the ZipA-FtsZ protein-protein interaction / Lee D. Jennings
  • Case studies of parallel synthesis in hit identification, hit exploration, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization programs / Alexander Ernst and Daniel Obrecht
  • A successful application of parallel synthesis to computer-assisted structural optimization of new leads targeting human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase : the case of acylthiocarbamates and thiocarbamates / Angelo Ranise, Andrea Spallarossa, and Sara Cesarini
  • How high-throughput medicinal chemistry can expedite lead discovery, lead optimization, and beyond / Rongshi Li
  • Rapid lead identification of inhibitors of adenine nucleotide translocase: a case study of applying combinatorial chemistry techniques in drug discovery / Yazhong Pei, Walter H. Moos, and Soumitra Ghosh
  • Parallel synthesis of anticancer, antiinflammatory, and antiviral agents derived from L- and D-amino acids / Robert C. Reid and David P. Fairlie
  • Application of solid-phase parallel synthesis in lead optimization studies / Bijoy Kundu
  • High-throughput solid-phase synthesis of nucleoside-based libraries in the search for new antibiotics / Dianqing Sun and Richard E. Lee.
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vii, 248 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Strategic project management at the project level / Tony Kennedy
  • Strategic project management at the portfolio level / Kevin Bilyard and Des Markland
  • Project planning : from basic concepts to systems application / Carl A. Kutzbach, Carole Strong, and Sylvia Walker
  • Project management of chemical, analytical, and formulation development / Dieter Krimmer
  • Project management in exclusive synthesis / Lukas M.J. von Hippel
  • Clinical trials--can they be project managed? / Les Rose
  • Regulatory project management / Nicholas Wells
  • Teams / Ralph White
  • Project management and outsourcing drug development / Jon Court and Mark Fowler
  • The project management function / Tony Kennedy.
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xxxvi, 1501 pages, [7] pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (633 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm)
Medical Library (Lane)
viii, 398 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Preface / Joseph D. Nally
  • Contributors
  • 1. Status and Applicability of U.S. Regulations: Current Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Processing, Packaging, and Holding of Drugs / Joseph D. Nally
  • 2. Finished Pharmaceuticals: General Provisions, Subpart A / Joseph D. Nally
  • 3. Organization and Personnel, Subpart B / Joanne W. Cochran and Joseph D. Nally
  • 4. Buildings and Facilities, Subpart C / Robert Del Ciello
  • 5. Equipment, Subpart D / Robert Del Ciello, Joseph T. Busfield, and Steven Ostrove
  • 6. Control of Components and Drug Product Containers and Closures , Subpart E / Arlyn R. Sibille
  • 7. Production and Process Controls, Subpart F / Joseph D. Nally and Michael D. Karaim
  • 8. Packaging and Labeling Control, Subpart G / Arlyn R. Sibille
  • 9. Holding Distribution, Subpart H / Joseph D. Nally
  • 10. Laboratory Controls, Subpart I / Wayne J. DeWitte and Lex M. Hoinowski
  • 11. Records and Reports, Subpart J / Arlyn R. Sibille, Steven Ostrove, Joseph D. Nally, and Laura L. Nally
  • 12. Returned and Salvaged Drug Products, Subpart K / Joseph D. Nally
  • 13. Repacking and Relabeling / Joseph D. Nally
  • 14. Quality Systems and Risk Management Approaches / Joseph D. Nally and Laura L. Nally
  • 15. Clinical Trial Supplies and Current Good Manufacturing / Graham Bunn
  • 16. Contracting and Outsourcing / Graham Bunn
  • 17. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients / P. Denis Celentano
  • 18. Bulk Pharmaceutical Excipient GMPs / Irwin Silverstein
  • 19. Recalls, Warning Letters, Seizures and Injunctions: CGMP Enforcement Alternatives in the United States / Joseph D. Nally
  • 20. Control Substances Safeguards (21 CFR 1300, et seq.) / Joseph D. Nally
  • 21. The Inspection Procedures for Compliance in the United States: The Regulatee is Inspected; The Rational for Inspection (21 USC 373, 374) / Joseph D. Nally
  • 22. FDA Pre-Approval Inspections/Investigations: The Road from Scale-Up and Post-Approval Changes in the Food and Drug Modernization Act / Joseph D. Nally
  • 23. World-Wide Good Manufacturings Practices / Joseph D. Nally
  • 24. Quality Approaches: ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige, and Six Sigma / Joseph D. Nally
  • Appendix A: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research: List of Guidance Documents
  • Appendix B: ICH Guidelines
  • Appendix C: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Compliance Policy Guides
  • Index.
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computer files (x, 812 pages, [32] pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm)
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3 volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • v. 1. Liposome preparation and related techniques
  • v. 2. Entrapment of drugs and other materials into liposomes
  • v. 3. Interactions of liposomes with the biological milieu.
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computer files (x, 352 pages), [8] pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
  • Nanoparticulate drug-delivery systems: an overview / Deepak Thassu, Yashwant Pathak and Michel Deleers
  • Nanosuspensions for parenteral delivery / Barrett E. Rabinow
  • Nanoparticles prepared using natural and synthetic polymers / Sudhir S. Chakravarthi, Dennis H. Robinson and Sinjan De
  • Nanofiber-based drug delivery / Matthew D. Burke and Dmitry Luzhansky
  • Drug nanocrystals - the universal formulation approach for poorly soluble drugs / Jan Möschwitzer and Rainer H. Müller
  • Lipid-based nanoparticulate drug delivery systems / Jun Wu, Xiaobin Zhao and Robert J. Lee
  • Nanoengineering of drug delivery systems / Ashwath Jayagopal and V. Prasad Shastri
  • Aerosol flow reactor method for the synthesis of multicomponent drug nano- and microparticles / Janne Raula ... [et al.]
  • Supercooled smectic nanoparticles / Heike Bunjes and Judith Kuntsche
  • Biological and engineering considerations for developing tumor-targeting metallic nanoparticle drug-delivery systems / Giulio F. Paciotti and Lawrence Tamarkin
  • Biological requirements for nanotherapeutic applications / Joseph F. Chiang
  • Role of nanobiotechnology in the development of nanomedicine / K.K. Jain
  • Pharmaceutical applications of nanoparticulate drug-delivery systems / Yashwant Pathak, Deepak Thassu and Michel Deleers
  • Lipid nanoparticles (solid lipid nanoparticles and nanostructured lipid carriers) for cosmetic, dermal, and transdermal applications / Eliana B. Souto and Rainer H. Müller
  • Nano-carriers of drugs and genes for the treatment of restenosis / Einat Cohen-Sela ... [et al.]
  • Ocular applications of nanoparticulate drug-delivery systems / Annick Ludwig
  • Nanoparticulate systems for central nervous system drug delivery / Jean-Christophe Olivier and Manuela Pereira de Oliveira
  • Nanoparticles for gene delivery: formulation characteristics / Jaspreet K. Vasir and Vinod Labhasetwar
  • Gastrointestinal applications of nanoparticulate drug-delivery systems / Maria Rosa Gasco
  • Nanoparticles as adjuvant-vectors for vaccination / Socorro Espuelas ... [et al.]
  • Transdermal applications of nanoparticulates / Jongwon Shim.
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (ix, 363 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm)
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (204 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm)
  • The enormous initial mistake
  • The origins of six sigma
  • Evolution
  • Revolution
  • Paradox
  • Action and reaction
  • Close enough or on target?
  • Make more-- faster!
  • Case studies
  • The camera always lies
  • Keeping it simple
  • Why use control charts?
  • Average and range control charts
  • Origins and theory
  • Charts for individuals
  • Practical considerations
  • Improving laboratories
  • Beyond compliance.
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (viii, 459 pages : illustrations)
Medical Library (Lane)
714 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (290 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Introduction to cancer
  • Antimetabolites
  • DNA-interactive agents
  • Antitubulin agents
  • Cell signaling inhibitors
  • Hormonal therapies
  • Tumour targeting strategies
  • Biologicals
  • The future
  • Personalized medicine (oncogenomics)
  • Adjunct therapies.
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