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x, 142 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (x, 284 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm)
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (xiii, 170 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm.)
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (xxviii, 409 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm)
  • Dental evolution and dental morphology: Introduction / S.E. Bailey
  • Patterns of molar variation in great apes and their implications for hominin taxonomy / V. Pilbrow
  • Trends in postcanine occlusal morphology within the hominin clade : the case of Paranthropus / S.E. Bailey and B.A. Wood
  • Maxillary molars cusp morphology of South African australopithecines / J. Moggi-Cecchi and S. Boccone
  • Gran Dolina-TD6 and Sima de los Huesos dental samples : preliminary approach to some dental characters of interest for phylogenetic studies / M. Martinón-Torres ... [et al.]
  • Neural network analysis by using the Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) applied to human fossil dental morphology : a new methodology / F. Manni, R. Vargiu and A. Coppa
  • Micro-computed tomography of primate molars : methodological aspects of three-dimensional data collection / A.J. Olejniczak, F.E. Grine and L.B. Martin
  • HRXCT analysis of hominoid molars : a quantitative volumetric analysis and 3D reconstruction of coronal enamel and dentin / D.G. Gantt, J. Kappelman and R.A. Ketcham
  • Dental microstructure and life history: Introduction / R. Macchiarelli and S.E. Bailey
  • Inferring primate growth, development and life history from dental microstructure : the case of the extinct Malagasy lemur, Megaladapis / G.T. Schwartz, L.R. Godfrey and P. Mahoney
  • Histological study of an upper incisor and molar of a bonobo (Pan paniscus) individual / F. Ramirez Rossi and R.S. Lacruz
  • New perspectives on chimpanzee and human molar crown development / T.M. Smith ... [et al.]
  • Portable confocal scanning optical microscopy of Australopithecus africanus enamel structure / T.G. Bromage ... [et al.]
  • Imbricational enamel formation in Neandertals and recent modern humans / D. Guatelli-Steinberg ... [et al.]
  • Dental development: Introduction / B.A. Wood
  • Of mice and monkeys : quantitative genetic analyses of size variation along the dental arcade / L.J. Hlusko and M.C. Mahaney
  • Quantifying variation in human dental development sequences : an evo-devo perspective / J. Braga and Y. Heuze
  • Dental calcification stages of the permanent M1 and M2 in U.S. children of African-American and European-American ancestry born in the 1990s / J. Monge ... [et al.]
  • A computerized model for reconstruction of dental ontogeny : a new tool for studying evolutionary trends in the dentition / P. Smith ... [et al.]
  • Dentition and diet: Introduction / F.E. Grine
  • An evaluation of changes in strontium/calcium ratios across the neonatal line in human deciduous teeth / L.T. Humphrey, M.C. Dean and T.E. Jeffries
  • Dental topography and human evolution with comments on the diets of Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus / P.S. Ungar
  • Dental microwear and paleoanthropology : cautions and possibilities / M.F. Teaford
  • Tooth wear and diversity in early hominid molars : a case study / L. Ulhaas, O. Kullmer and F. Schrenk
  • 3-D interferometric microscopy applied to the study of buccal enamel microwear / F. Estebaranz ... [et al.].
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (3 volumes : illustrations, maps, charts ; 24 cm)
  • v. 1. Principles, methods and approaches. Historical overview of paleoanthropological research / Winifried Henke
  • Evolutionary theory in philosophical focus / Philippe Huneman
  • The ontogeny-phylogeny nexus in a nutshell : implications for primatology and paleoanthropology / Peter R. Menke
  • Principles of taxonomy and classification : current procedures for naming and classifying organisms / Michael Ohl
  • Quantitative approaches to phylogenetics / Kaila E. Folinsbee ... [et al]
  • Homology : a philosophical and biological perspective / Olivier Rieppel
  • Taphonomic and diagenetic processes / Gisela Grupe
  • Archeology / Miriam N. Haidle
  • Contribution of stable light isotopes to paleoenvironmental reconstruction / Julia Lee-Thorp, Matt Sponheimer
  • Chronometric methods in paleoanthropology / Gunther A. Wagner
  • Geological background of early hominid sites in Africa / Ottmar Kullmer
  • Paleoclimate / Keith Alverson
  • Paleosols / Gregory Retallack
  • Quaternary deposits and paleosites / Klaus-Dieter Jager
  • Zoogeography : primate and early hominin distribution and migration patterns / Alan Turner, Hannah O'Regan
  • Patterns of diversification and extinction / Walter Etter
  • Paleoecology : an adequate window on the past? / Thorolf Hardt, Britta Hardt, Peter R. Menke
  • Hominin paleodiets : the contribution of stable isotopes / Matt Sponheimer, Julia Lee-Thorp
  • Estimation of basic life history data of fossil hominoids / Helmut Hemmer
  • Population genetics and paleoanthropology / John H. Relethford
  • Ancient DNA / Susanne Hummel
  • Paleodemography of extinct hominin populations / Janet Monge, Alan Mann
  • Modeling the past : the primatological approach / R.W. Sussman, Donna Hart
  • Modeling the past : the paleoethnological evidence / Paolo Biagi
  • Modeling the past : the linguistic approach / Bernard Comrie
  • General principles of evolutionary morphology / Gabriele A. Macho
  • Computer-based reconstruction : technical aspects and applications / Lilian Ulhaas
  • Prospects and pitfalls / Jean-Jacques Hublin
  • v. 2. Primate evolution and human origins. Primate origins and supraordinal relationships : morphological evidence / Mary T. Silcox ... [et. al]
  • Molecular evidence on primate origins and evolution / Hans Zischler
  • Fossil record of the primates from the Paleocene to the Oligocene / D. Tab Rasmussen
  • Fossil record of Miocene hominoids / David R. Begun
  • The biotic environments of the late Miocene hominids / Jordi Agusti
  • Postcranial and locomotor adaptations of hominoids / Carol V. Ward
  • Hominoid cranial diversity and adaptation / Alan Bilsborough, Todd C. Rae
  • Dental adaptations of African apes / Mark F. Teaford, Peter S. Ungar
  • Evolution of the primate brain / Dean Falk
  • Primate life histories / Elke Zimmermann, Ute Radespiel
  • The biology and evolution of ape and monkey feeding / Joanna E. Lambert
  • Great ape social systems / Angela Meder
  • Primate intelligence / Richard W. Byrne
  • Chimpanzee hunting behavior / Nicholas E. Newton-Fisher
  • Cooperation, coalition, alliances / Charlotte K. Hemelrijk, Jutta Steinhauser
  • v. 3. Phylogeny of hominids. Potential hominoid ancestors for Hominidae / George D. Koufos
  • Defining Hominidae / Jeffrey H. Schwartz
  • Origins of Homininae and putative selection pressures acting on the early hominins / Boguslaw Pawlowski
  • Role of environmental stimuli in hominid origins / Elisabeth S. Vrba
  • The origins of bipedal locomotion / William E.H. Harcourt-Smith
  • The earliest putative hominids / Brigitte Senut
  • The species and diversity of Australopiths / William H. Kimbel
  • Defining the genus Homo / Mark Collard, Bernard Wood
  • The earliest putative Homo fossils / Friedemann Schrenk, Ottmar Kullmer, Timothy Bromage
  • Homo ergaster and its contemporaries / Ian Tattersall
  • Defining Homo erectus : size considered / Susan C. Anton ... [et. al]
  • Later middle Pleistocene Homo / G. Philip Rightmire
  • Neanderthals and their contemporaries / Katerina Harvati
  • Origin of modern humans / Gunter Brauer
  • Analyzing hominid phylogeny / David Strait, Frederick E. Grine, John G. Fleagle
  • Phylogenetic relationships (Biomolecules) / Todd R. Disotell
  • Population biology and population genetics of Pleistocene hominins / Alan R. Templeton
  • Species concepts and speciation : facts and fantasies / Colin Groves
  • Human environmental impact in the Paleolithic and Neolithic / Wolfgang Nentwig
  • The dentition of American Indians : evolutionary results and demographic implications following colonization from Siberia / Christy G. Turner II, G. Richard Scott
  • Overview of Paleolithic archeology / Nicholas Toth, Kathy Schick
  • The network of brain, body, language, and culture / Steven Mithen
  • Cultural evolution in Africa and Eurasia during the middle and late Pleistocene / Nicholas Conrad
  • Paleoanthropology and the foundation of ethics : methodological remarks on the problem of criteriology / Mathias Gutmann, Michael Weingarten.
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (xx, 354 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm)
  • Approaches to the analysis of faunal change during the East African Pliocene / A.K. Behrensmeyer, R. Bobe, and Z. Alemseged
  • Environmental hypotheses of Pliocene human evolution / R. Potts
  • African Pliocene and Pleistocene cercopithecid evolution and global climatic change / S.R. Frost
  • Patterns of change in the Plio-Pleistocene carnivorans of eastern Africa : implications for hominin evolution / M.E. Lewis and L. Werdelin-- Stratigraphic variation in Suidae from the Shungura Formation and some coeval deposits / H.B.S. Cooke
  • Patterns of abundance and diversity in late Cenozoic bovids from the Turkana and Hadar Basins, Kenya and Ethiopia / R. Bobe, A.K. Behrensmeyer, G.G. Eck, and J.M. Harris
  • Comparability of fossil data and its significance for the interpretation of hominin environments : a case study in the lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia / Z. Alemseged, R. Bobe, and D. Geraads
  • The effects of collection strategy and effort on faunal recovery : a case study of the American and French collections from the Shungura Formation, Ethiopia / G.G. Eck
  • Serengeti micromammals and their implications for Olduvai paleoenvironments / D.N. Reed
  • Taphonomy and paleoecological context of the upper Laetolil Beds (localities 8 and 9), Laetoli in northern Tanzania / C. Musiba, C. Magori, M. Stoller, T. Stein, S. Branting, M. Vogt, R. Tuttle, B. Hallgrímsson, S. Killindo, F. Mizambwa, F. Ndunguru, and A. Mabulla
  • The paleoecology of the upper Laetolil Beds at Laetoli : a reconsideration of the large mammal evidence / D.F. Su and T. Harrison
  • Fauna, taphonomy, and ecology of the Plio-Pleistocene Chiwondo Beds, northern Malawi / O. Sandrock, O. Kullmer, F. Schrenk, Y.M. Juwayeyi, and T.G. Bromage-- Investigating faunal evidence for hominin paleoecology in East Africa / A.K. Behrensmeyer, Z. Alemseged, and R. Bobe.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (xviii, 269 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (xvi, 528 pages : illustrations (some. color), map ; 29 cm)
  • Foreword / J.H. Schwartz, I. Tattersall
  • Szombathy's excavations in the Mladeč Cave and the first presentations of the results / W. Antl-Weiser
  • In search of prototypes - historical soft-tissue reconstructions of Mladeč 1 / M. Teschler-Nicola
  • The structure of the cave, stratigraphy, and depositional context / J.A. Svoboda
  • The Upper Paleolithic finds from the Mladeč Cave / M. Oliva
  • Taphonomic aspects of the human remains from the Mladeč Caves / M. Teschler-Nicola
  • Large mammal remains from the Mladeč Caves and their contribution to site formation processes / M. Pacher
  • ¹⁴C dating of early Upper Palaeolithic human and faunal remains from Mladeč / E.M. Wild ... [et al.]
  • Inventory and photo-documentation of the Mladeč hominid remains / M.H. Wolpoff ... [et al.]
  • Aurignacian male crania, jaws and teeth from the Mladeč Caves, Moravia, Czech Republic / D.W. Frayer ... [et al.]
  • Aurignacian female crania and teeth from the Mladeč Caves, Moravia, Czech Republic / M.H. Wolpoff, D.W. Frayer and J. Jelínek
  • Electronic segmentation methods reveal the preservation status and otherwise unobservable features of the Mladeč 1 cranium / H. Prossinger and M. Teschler-Nicola
  • The Mladeč 3 infant / N. Minugh-Purvis, Th. Bence Viola and M. Teschler-Nicola
  • The human postcranial remains from Mladeč / E. Trinkaus ... [et al.]
  • Lost, destroyed or misidentified postcranial specimens from Mladeč / M.H. Wolpoff, D.W. Frayer and J. Jelínek
  • External geometry of Mladeč neurocrania compared with anatomically modern humans and Neanderthals / G.W. Weber ... [et al.]
  • Pathological alterations and traumas in the human skeletal remains from Mladeč / M. Teschler-Nicola ... [et al.]
  • No evidence of Neandertal mtDNA contribution to early modern humans / D. Serre ... [et al.]
  • Non-destructive determination of ⁸⁷Sr/⁸⁶Sr isotope ratios in early Upper Paleolithic human teeth from the Mladeč Caves - preliminary results / T. Prohaska ... [et al.].
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (281 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm)
  • Hidemi Ishida : 40 years of footprints in Japanese primatology and paleoanthropology / Masato Nakatsukasa ... [et al.]
  • Seven decades of East African Miocene anthropoid studies / Russell H. Tuttle
  • Evolution of the vertebral column in Miocene hominoids and Plio-Pleistocene hominids / Dominique Gommery
  • Terrestriality in a middle Miocene context : Victoriapithecus from Maboko, Kenya / Kathleen T. Blue, Monte L. McCrossin and Brenda R. Benefit
  • Late Cenozoic mammalian biostratigraphy and faunal change : paleoenvironments of hominoid evolution and dispersal / Hideo Nakaya and Hiroshi Tsujikawa
  • The ages and geological backgrounds of Miocene hominoids Nacholapithecus, Samburupithecus, and Orrorin from Kenya / Yoshihiro Sawada ... [et al.]
  • Patterns of vertical climbing in primates / Yoshihiko Nakano, Eishi Hirasaki and Hiroo Kumakura
  • Functional morphology of the midcarpal joint in knuckle-walkers and terrestrial quadrupeds / Brian G. Richmond
  • Morphological adaptation of rat femora to different mechanical environments / Akiyoshi Matsumura, Morihiko Okada and Yutaka Takahashi
  • A hallmark of humankind : the gluteus maximus muscle : its form, action, and function / Françoise K. Jouffroy and Monique F. Médina
  • Primates trained for bipedal locomotion as a model for studying the evolution of bipedal locomotion / Eishi Hirasaki, Naomichi Ogihara and Masato Nakatsukasa
  • Locomotor energetics in nonhuman primates : a review of recent studies on bipedal performing macaques / Masato Nakatsukasa, Eishi Hirasaki and Naomichi Ogihara
  • Computer simulation of bipedal locomotion : toward elucidating correlations among musculoskeletal morphology, energetics, and the origin of bipedalism / Naomichi Ogihara and Nobutoshi Yamazaki
  • Paleoenvironments, paleoecology, adaptations and the origins of bipedalism in Hominidae / Martin Pickford
  • Arboreal origin of bipedalism / Brigitte Senut
  • Neontological perspectives on East African middle and late Miocene Anthropoidea / Russell H. Tuttle
  • The prehominid locomotion reflected : energetics, muscles, and generalized bipeds / Morihiko Okada
  • Evolution of the social structure of hominoids : reconsideration of food distribution and the estrus sex ratio / Takeshi Furuichi
  • Are human beings apes, or are apes people too? / Russell H. Tuttle
  • Current thoughts on terrestrialization in African apes and the origin of human bipedalism / Hidemi Ishida.
Medical Library (Lane)
online resource (71 page) ; 21 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
computer files (xi, 402 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm)
  • Introduction
  • Evolution of the Miocene great apes
  • Later Miocene and Pliocene hominids
  • Our kind of hominins
  • A systematic scheme for the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene hominids
  • The first African exodus : the emergence of early homo in Europe and Asia
  • Human evolution in the Middle Pleistocene
  • "The grisly folk" : the emergence of the Neanderthals
  • The second African exodus : the emergence of modern humans
  • The emergence of modern humans in Asia and in Australia
  • Epilogue.
Medical Library (Lane)
x, 165 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
viii, 73 pages ; 24 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
xxii, 402 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
iii, 20 pages : illustrations, map ; 21 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
xvi, 299 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
xviii, 222 pages ; 22 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
292 pages, [16] pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
xxiii, 320 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Medical Library (Lane)
xv, 442 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Medical Library (Lane)