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  • Asking questions
  • Some physical and chemical properties of seawater
  • Taxonomic classification and identification
  • Marine bacteria
  • Phytoplankton
  • Attached marine plants
  • Photosynthetic pigments of marine plants
  • Some lower marine invertebrates
  • Marine mollusks
  • Marine arthropods
  • Echinoderms
  • Marine zooplankton
  • Cartilaginous fishes
  • Bony fishes
  • Adaptations in marine mammals.
Now in full color, Laboratory and Field Investigations in Marine Life is a unique marine biology laboratory and field manual that engages students in the excitement and challenges of understanding marine organisms and the environments in which they live. With activities designed to encourage students to develop their own powers of critical observation and analysis, students will benefit from a thorough examination of topics such as the physical and chemical properties of seawater, marine microbes, algae, and a wide variety of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. The new, more convenient spiral binding allows the manual to lay flat on lab tables while students work, and they can easily tear out pages to submit for a grade. Laboratory and Field Investigations in Marine Life, Eleventh Edition is an ideal resource to accompany Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, Eleventh Edition and the clear choice for an engaging, hands-on exploration of marine biology.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781284090543 20170213
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
p. cm.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xii, 413 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 27 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
290 pages : illustrations (black and white, and colour) ; 28 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
Marine Biology Library (Miller)

6. Baltic Crustaceans [2017]

20 black & white illustrations, 98 colour illustrations, biography ill. 24 x 16 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xii, 194 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
  • Guide to the beaked whales
  • Arnoux's beaked whale
  • Baird's beaked whale
  • Northern bottlenose whale
  • Southern bottlenose whale
  • Longman's beaked whale
  • Sowerby's beaked whale
  • Andrews' beaked whale
  • Hubbs' beaked whale
  • Blainville's beaked whale (Dense-Beaked Whale)
  • Gervais' beaked whale
  • Ginkgo-toothed whale
  • Gray's beaked whale
  • Hector's beaked whale
  • Deraniyagala's beaked whale
  • Strap-toothed whale
  • True's beaked whale
  • Perrin's beaked whale
  • Peruvian beaked whale
  • Stejneger's beaked whale
  • Spade-toothed whale
  • Shepherd's beaked whale
  • Cuvier's beaked whale (Goosebeak Whale)
  • About beaked whales
  • Classification
  • Distribution
  • The state of our knowledge
  • Teeth
  • Scarring and fighting
  • Feeding
  • From land to water to tooth loss
  • Beaked whales vs. the Navy.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xx, 572 pages ; 26 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller), Science Library (Li and Ma)
xvii, 226 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps, color portraits ; 24 cm.
  • 1. Introduction: Biodiversity and evolution of parasitic life in the Southern Ocean / Sven Klimpel, Thomas Kuhn, and Heinz Mehlhorn
  • 2. Antarctica : the peculiar world / Birgit Mehlhorn and Heinz Mehlhorn
  • 3. The history of Antarctic parasitological research / Ken MacKenzie
  • 4. Biodiversity and host specificity of Monogenea in Antarctic fish species / Regina Klapper, Julian Münster, Judith Kochmann, Sven Klimpel, and Thomas Kuhn
  • 5. Biodiversity and evolution of digeneans of fishes in the Southern Ocean / Anna Faltýnková, Simona Georgieva, Aneta Kostadinova, and Rodney A. Bray
  • 6. Cestodes and nematodes of Antarctic fishes and birds / Anna Rocka
  • 7. Inventorying biodiversity of anisakid nematodes from the Austral Region : a hotspot of genetic diversity? / Simonetta Mattiucci, Michela Paoletti, Paolo Cipriani, Stephen C. Webb, Juan T. Timi, and Giuseppe Nascetti
  • 8. Acanthocephalans in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic / Zdzisław Laskowski and Krzysztof Zdzitowiecki
  • 9. Macroparasites in Antarctic penguins / Julia I. Diaz, Bruno Fusaro, Virginia Vidal, Daniel González-Acuña, Erli Schneider Costa, Meagan Dewar, Rachael Gray, Michelle Power, Gary Miller, Michaela Blyton, Ralph Vanstreels, and Andrés Barbosa
  • 10. Lice on seals in the Antarctic waters and lice in temperate climates / Birgit Mehlhorn and Heinz Mehlhorn.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
395 pages, 259 black & white illustrations, 20 colour illustrations 259 black & white illustrations, 20 colour illustrations 23 x 16 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xii, 393 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Preface. Introduction. Biology and Ecology of Venomous Marine Snails. Profile of Venomous Marine Snails. Conotoxins. Envenomation of Cone Snails. Therapeutic Uses of Cone Snail Venoms. Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781771883313 20170123
The first comprehensive volume exclusively on marine cone snails, this book provides descriptions of over 100 species of hazardous marine snails along with their biological and ecological characteristics; the characteristics of conotoxins; information on cone snail injuries and their treatment along with prevention measures; and the therapeutic and medicinal value of conotoxins, including as a powerful nonaddictive painkiller, an epilepsy drug, and more. Over 275 color illustrations accompany the text for easy identification. .
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781771883313 20170123
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
pages cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
p. cm.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xix, 284 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller), SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving)
xxv, 657 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 29 cm.
  • 1. History of Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Research.- 2. Revisiting the Cenozoic History and the Origin of the Eastern Pacific Coral Fauna.- 3. Oceanographic Conditions of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 4. El Nino and Southern Oscillation (ENSO): A Review.- 5. Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Provinces, Coral Community Structure and Composition: An Overview.- 6. Holocene Reef Development in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 7. Marine Biodiversity of Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Reefs.- 8. El Nino-Southern Oscillation: Effects on Eastern Pacific Coral Reefs and Associated Biota.- 9. Trophodynamics of Eastern Pacific Coral Reefs.- 10. Corallivory in the Eastern Pacific.- 11. Algal Dynamics: Alternate Stable States of reefs in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 12. Coral Reef Bioerosion in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 13. Diversity, Distribution and Stability of Symbiodinium in Reef Corals of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 14. Insights from the Application of Genetics on Pocillopora-Symbiodinium Associations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 15. Coral Reproduction in the Eastern Pacific.- 16. Gene Flow of Coral Reef Organisms of the Tropical Eastern Pacific.- 17. Thermal Refuges and Refugia for Stony Corals in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 18. Effects of Global Warming and Ocean Acidification on Carbonate Budgets of Eastern Pacific Coral Reefs.- 19. Reef-based Reconstructions of Eastern Pacific Climate Variability.- 20. Coral Reef Conservation in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.- 21. Human Influences on Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Communities and Coral Reefs.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789401774987 20161018
This book documents and examines the state of health of coral reefs in the eastern tropical Pacific region. It touches on the occurrence of coral reefs in the waters of surrounding countries, and it explores their biogeography, biodiversity and condition relative to the El Nino southern oscillation and human impacts. Additionally contained within is a field that presents information on many of the species presented in the preceding chapters.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789401774987 20161018
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Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xv, 164 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 cm.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
pages ; cm
  • Introduction
  • Beneath the surface / Janet Mann and Andrew Read
  • The cetacean brain / Camilla Butti and Patrick R. Hof
  • Cetacean cognition / Harley
  • Cetacean communication / Laela Sayigh and Vincent M. Janik
  • Quintessentially social cetaceans / Janet Mann
  • Deep culture / Luke Rendell and Hal Whitehead
  • Cetacean tool use / Eric Patterson and Janet Mann
  • Us & them / Andrew Read.
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
vii, 164 pages ; 24 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xxiii, 535 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • I Basic Concepts Introduction A Crash Course on R Statistical Assumptions Statistical Inference II Statistical Modeling Linear Models Nonlinear Models Classi cation and Regression Tree Generalized Linear Model III Advanced Statistical Modeling Simulation for Model Checking and Statistical Inference Multilevel Regression Using Simulation for Evaluating Models Based on Statistical Signicance Testing Bibliography.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498728720 20170206
Emphasizing the inductive nature of statistical thinking, Environmental and Ecological Statistics with R, Second Edition, connects applied statistics to the environmental and ecological fields. Using examples from published works in the ecological and environmental literature, the book explains the approach to solving a statistical problem, covering model specification, parameter estimation, and model evaluation. It includes many examples to illustrate the statistical methods and presents R code for their implementation. The emphasis is on model interpretation and assessment, and using several core examples throughout the book, the author illustrates the iterative nature of statistical inference. The book starts with a description of commonly used statistical assumptions and exploratory data analysis tools for the verification of these assumptions. It then focuses on the process of building suitable statistical models, including linear and nonlinear models, classification and regression trees, generalized linear models, and multilevel models. It also discusses the use of simulation for model checking, and provides tools for a critical assessment of the developed models. The second edition also includes a complete critique of a threshold model. Environmental and Ecological Statistics with R, Second Edition focuses on statistical modeling and data analysis for environmental and ecological problems. By guiding readers through the process of scientific problem solving and statistical model development, it eases the transition from scientific hypothesis to statistical model.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781498728720 20170206
Marine Biology Library (Miller)
xxv, 160 pages : illustrations (some color), map ; 24 cm
Marine Biology Library (Miller)