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Law Library (Crown)
xiii, 236 pages ; 24 cm
  • Prologue: How I got interested in successful aging at a young age
  • Introduction: The benefits of aging and the psychology of successful aging
  • What is successful aging?
  • Happiness : a funny thing happens as we get older
  • Memory : our memory becomes more selective with age
  • Wisdom : the benefits of experience and creativity
  • Staying sharp : what is an active lifestyle?
  • Brain training : can computer games make me smarter?
  • Habits and hobbies : old and new friends
  • Retiring and rewiring : the new "R & R" of old age
  • It gets even better with age : start successful aging now
  • Closing comments
  • Epilogue: Are you aging, or is it just me?
"[This book] addresses the many myths and paradoxes about the aging process. Although most people think of their later years in terms of decline, they can be one of the best times in life. This book presents the latest scientific research about the psychology of aging, coupled with insights from those who have succeeded in doing it well, such as Maya Angelou, Bob Newhart, Jared Diamond, John Glenn, and John Wooden. We are all aging, and many people are concerned about what to expect with advancing years. Retirement, happiness, and brain health are some of the many topics covered in this book. [This book] shows what we can do now, at any stage in life, to make sure we enjoy old age."-- Dust jacket.
Law Library (Crown)
xxv, 293 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • The life cycle of a television series
  • The intellectual property context of television (or, when do you need to acquire underlying rights?)
  • Underlying rights agreements
  • Talent agreements
  • Backend
  • Exclusive studio-talent relationships
  • Network and streaming licenses and studio co-production agreements
  • Sample economic model
  • Unscripted television.
"In this book, esteemed television executive and Harvard lecturer Ken Basin offers a comprehensive overview of the business, financial, and legal structure of the US television industry, as well as its dealmaking norms. Written for working or aspiring creative professionals who want to better understand the entertainment industry--as well as for executives, agents, managers and lawyers looking for a reference guide--The Business of Television presents a readable, in-depth introduction to rights and talent negotiations, intellectual property, backend deals, licensing, international production, and much more. The book also includes breakdowns after each chapter summarizing deal points and points of negotiation, a glossary, a list of referenced cases, and a wealth of real-world examples to help readers put the material into context"-- Provided by publisher.
Law Library (Crown)
viii, 288 pages ; 25 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
x, 237 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: the contours of a field of critical indigenous rights studies / Giselle corradi, Koen de Feyter, Ellen Desmet, and Katrijn Vanhees
  • Indigeneity vs development : nubian rights mobilisation in Egypt / Maja Janmyr
  • Politics of oneness and TWA's struggle for land : questioning identity discourses in Rwanda / Katrijn Vanhees
  • The impact of migration processes on indigenous peoples' rights : challenges for identity and culture / Asier Martínez de Bringas
  • A dual perspective on the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress / Fons Coomans
  • Protecting traditional cultural expressions, copyright tensions, and human rights opportunities? / Kelly Breemen
  • Indigenous people involvement in the REDD+ global debate : case study from the Amazon basin / Liliana Lozano
  • The rights of indigenous peoples in the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights : a third world approaches to international law assessment to advance their protection in the Inter-American human rights system / Salvador Herencia Carrasco
  • The 2005 draft Nordic Sámi Convention and the implementation of the right of the Sámi people to self-determination / Dorothée Cambou
  • Legislation coordination and cooperation mechanisms between indigenous and ordinary jurisdictions : reflections on progress and setbacks in Ecuador / Lieselotte Viaene and Guillermo Fernández-Maldonado.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 239 pages ; 22 cm
  • Right to development and education : an introductory note
  • Theoretical framework and benefits of basic education
  • Obstacles affecting access to basic education
  • Beyond nomenclature : special education or inclusive education : advocating quality basic education
  • African perspective of education : a catalyst for the desired Africa of tomorrow?
  • Human right or human capital approach : walking the path to actualisation of access to basic education in Africa
  • Comparative analysis of jurisprudence governing basic education
  • The African human rights response to access to basic education
  • Repositioning institutions for realisation of the right to basic education
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
This book is about the right to basic education and its impact on development in Africa. It focuses on the elusive subject of litigating the right to education by examining jurisprudence from select African countries and India. The project further analyses the various challenges that impede access to education, with the attendant lack of political will to curb corruption, and calls for the building of strong institutions and the involvement of both state and non-state actors in driving development via education. It also covers the scope for legal practitioners and policy makers, and supports institutional framework in realizing the right to basic education.
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Law Library (Crown)
viii, 195 pages ; 25 cm.
Law Library (Crown)

8. FODOR'S ALASKA [2019]

Law Library (Crown)
Law Library (Crown)
xiv, 144 pages ; 25 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
  • Dialogue / Lee C. Bollinger & Geoffrey R. Stone
  • Rights skepticism and majority rule at the birth of the modern first amendment / Vincent A. Blasi
  • Every possible use of language? / Frederick Schauer
  • Rethinking the myth of the modern first amendment / Laura Weinrib
  • The discursive benefits of structure: federalism and the first amendment / Heather K. Gerken
  • Citizens united: predictions and reality / Floyd Abrams
  • On the legitimate aim of congressional regulation of political speech : an originalist view / Lawrence Lessig
  • The classic first amendment tradition under stress : freedom of speech and the university / Robert C. Post
  • Keeping secrets / David A. Strauss
  • The first amendment : an equality reading / Catharine A. MacKinnon
  • Does the clear and present danger test survive cost-benefit analysis? / Cass R. Sunstein
  • Reflections on the firstness of the first amendment / Albie Sachs
  • Freedom of expression abroad : the state of play / Tom Ginsburg
  • Hate speech at home and abroad / Sarah H. Cleveland
  • The unintentional press: how technology companies fail as publishers / Emily Bell
  • Defining the boundaries of free speech on social media / Monika Bickert
  • Is the first amendment obsolete? / Tim Wu
  • Epilogue / Lee C. Bollinger & Geoffrey R. Stone.
Law Library (Crown)
xv, 282 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: North vs South : gender, law and economic well-being in europe (15th-19th centuries) / Anna Bellavitis, Beatrice Zucca Micheletto
  • Laws
  • Community of goods, coverture and capability in Britain : Scotland v. England / Deborah Simonton
  • Between parental power and marital authority : how merchant women stood the test of the customary laws in Brittany (16th- 17th centuries) / Nicole Dufournaud
  • Exceptional women : female merchants and working women in Italy in the early modern period / Simona Feci
  • Married women's property rights in the nineteenth century in France and Spain : a North-South case study / Marion Röwekamp
  • From legal diversity to centralization : marriage and wealth in nineteenth-century Greece / Doxiadis Evdoxios
  • Family strategies or marital economy?
  • Marriage, law and property : married noblewomen's role in property management in fifteenth-century norway / Susann Anett Pedersen
  • Class privileges and the public good : the Monti dei Maritaggi in early modern Naples / Vittoria Fiorelli
  • Women of high and medium-ranking officers in the ile-de-France between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries : what economic agency? / Claire Chatelain
  • Undivided brothers : renouncing sisters : family strategies of low nobility in sixteenth and seventeenth century Tirol / Siglinde Clementi
  • Inside the urban economy
  • The "egalitarian trend" in practice : female participation in capital markets in late medieval Leuven / Andrea Bardyn
  • Women and credit in eighteenth century Venice : a preliminary analysis / Matteo Pompermaier
  • Married women, property and paraphernalia in early modern Scotland / Rebecca Mason
  • Women at work in a southern European town : women, guilds and commercial partnerships in Venice in the sixteenth century / Emilie Fiorucci
  • Law, wives and the marital economy in sixteenth-century Antwerp : bridging the gap between theory and practice / Kaat Cappelle
  • Women, law, and business formation in early modern Paris / Janine M. Lanza
  • Bankruptcies, a gateway to gender history : the example of women book traders in Paris in the nineteenth century / Viera Rebolledo-Dhuin
  • Index.
Law Library (Crown)
xxiii, 218 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Theoretical framework / Clíona de Bhailís
  • Project methodology & background / Eilionóir Flynn
  • Introduction to criminal responsibility / Anna arstein-kerslake
  • Going to pot : Nick's journey through the criminal justice system / Nicholas Clarke, Chloe Hocking, and Nell Munro
  • Questions of criminal culpability and persons with disabilities / Amita Dhanda and Gabor Gombos
  • Conclusion : criminal responsibility / Anna Arstein-Kerslake
  • Introduction to contractual capacity / Clíona de Bhailís
  • I have the strength to speak up for myself : Nikona nguvu ya kujiongelelea / Joy Rehema and Emer O'Shea
  • Silenced, alone, powerless : my life as a ward of court in Ireland / Claire Hendrick and Donna MC Namara
  • "The law is very complicated" / Dermot Lowndes and Jan Strnad
  • Travel and dementia : one story, many rights / Helen Rochford Brennan and Moira Jenkins
  • Consumer law, contracts & support : I had one dream to buy a simple smartphone / Marieta Petrova and Aylin Yumerova
  • From institutional life to home ownership : a personal story demonstrating the power of support to enable the exercise of legal capacity / Paul Alford and Michelle Browning
  • Conclusion : contractual capacity / Clíona de Bhailís
  • Introduction to relationships and consent to sex / María Laura Serra
  • Marriage and intellectual disability in Ireland : my sister is married, why can't I get married? / Maria Mahony and Sarah Richardson
  • Dreaming of traveling, dreaming of freedom : relationships and the right to support / Ronnie Harris and Jana Offergeld
  • Conclusion : relationships and consent to sex / María Laura Serra
  • Introduction to consent to medical treatment / Eilionóir Flynn
  • This is not a story : from ethical loneliness to respect for diverse ways of knowing, thinking, and being / Cath Roper and Piers Gooding
  • Getting sucked out of that black hole termed India's legal mental health machinery / Lavanya Seshayee and Maths Jesperson
  • Consent is more than just yes or no / Fiona Anderson and Bo Chen
  • The humour in my tumour : respecting legal capacity in health care decision making / Reshma Vallippan and Roxanne Mykitiuk
  • Conclusion : consent to medical treatment / Eilionóir Flynn
  • Freedom : a work in progress / Rusi Stanev and Sheila Wildeman
  • Overall conclusion / Eilionóir Flynn.
Law Library (Crown)
ix, 140 pages ; 26 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
  • Introduction to the U.S. legal System
  • Health records and managed care
  • Health record requirements
  • Health record entries
  • Document consent to treatment
  • Access to health information
  • Reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Documentation and disclosure : special areas of concern
  • HIV/AIDS : mandatory reporting and confidentiality
  • Discovery and admissibility of health records
  • Legal theories in improper disclosure cases
  • Risk management and quality management
  • Electronic health records
  • Health information in medical research
  • Looking ahead to the future.
"This text is written primarily for students in Health Information Management programs as a comprehensive and accessible text and as a reliable reference source for those professionals in the health information field as well as the legal and risk management professions. It addresses the substantial changes brought about by HIPAA and the growth of network information systems, while retaining and updating the discussion of state laws affecting the use and disclosure of patient data. The text also discusses the highly complex interplay of federal and state privacy laws. In addition to the considerable new material concerning HIPAA and its regulations, this edition addresses the challenging area of how patient information may be used in connection with medical research involving human subjects. The impact that the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is having on public health monitoring and surveillance is explained"--Provided by publisher.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 305 pages ; 23 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
viii, 205 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Maori and state visions of law and peace / Carwyn Jones
  • Origin stories and the law : treaty metaphysics in Canada and New Zealand / John Borrows
  • Originalism and the constitutional canon of Aotearoa New Zealand / David V. Williams
  • The Treaty of Waitangi in historical context / Saliha Belmessous
  • Towards a post-foundational history of the Treaty / Bain Attwood
  • The failing modern jurisprudence of the Treaty of Waitangi / Jacinta Ruru
  • 'Ko te ana tuatoru, ko te mana motuhake' / Rawinia Higgins
  • Reflecting on the Treaty of Waitangi and its constitutional dimensions : a case for a research agenda / Mark Hickford
  • Future contexts for treaty interpretation / Natalie Coates
  • He rangi ta Matawhaiti, he rangi ta Matawhanui : looking towards 2040 / Mamari Stephens.
Law Library (Crown)
xxxi, 218 pages ; 25 cm
Law Library (Crown)
vi, 154 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction
  • Law, politics, and social justice
  • The question of culture
  • Social justice and legal practice
  • Criminal defense and cultural autonomy
  • Culture and the constitution
  • Culture and criminal responsibility.
American legal scholars have debated for some time the need for a cultural defense in criminal proceedings where minority cultural information seems perti nent to a finding of criminal responsibility in situations where a minority cultural defendant has violated a valid criminal statute. This work presents a systematic analysis of this issue. Drawing from sociological, anthropological, and philosophical materials, as well as traditional legal discussions, the authors develop a scheme that indicates when cultural factors can be used as the basis for such a defense and when they are irrelevant to a finding of criminal responsibility. The argument moves from general concerns of social justice that apply under conditions of social and cultural pluralism to practical policy recommendations for the operation of American criminal justice. It thus connects more theoretical materials with the practical concerns of jurisprudence. The justification for legal recognition of a cultural defense in American criminal law is anchored firmly in American constitutional law.
Law Library (Crown)
vi, 204 pages ; 26 cm.
Law Library (Crown)