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  • Introduction
  • Three lucky Swedes and one corrupt judge
  • Wickersham chafes under Eagle's slow pace
  • George Grigsby's biggest damned hat
  • Becoming Norman Banfield
  • W.C. Arnold : territorial Alaska's most powerful lobbyist
  • Mildred Hermann and Dorothy Haaland : independent thinking women
  • Hellenthal chooses Anchorage
  • Tales of the silver fox
  • Judge George Folta : license to hunt
  • Remembering Judge Folta and Ketchikan's red light district
  • Influence and discipline : policing territorial lawyers
  • Buell Nesbett : navigating territorial waters and getting soaked
  • Anchorage lawyers : creating a better system
  • Rocky seas : the great Alaska court-bar fight
  • Nesbett's surrogate
  • Grace Berg Schaible and the Tanana Valley bar
  • More frontier stories
  • Afterword.
Law Library (Crown)
xxxiv, 446 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • Dealing with clients
  • Dealing with others in your professional life
  • Writing
  • Discovery
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Court appearances
  • Succeeding in your practice and in your life.
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xv, 245 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Litigation costs and third-party funding / Willem H. van Boom
  • TPF and its alternatives : an economic appraisal / Jef De Mot, Michael Faure and Louis Visscher
  • 'Playing the man not the ball' / John Peysner
  • Legal costs awards and access to justice in Dutch intellectual property cases : how the IPR enforcement directive impacts on litigation and settlement behavior in IP disputes / Charlotte Vrendenbarg
  • 'Mercantile adventurers' : the disclosure of third-party funding in investment treaty arbitration / Eric De Brabandere
  • Experimenting with conditional fees in the Netherlands / Ben Van Velthoven and Peter van Wijck
  • Financial arrangements with litigation funders and law firms in Australian class actions / Vicki Waye and Vince Morabito
  • Funding of mass claims in Germany : caught between a rock and a hard place / Astrid Stadler
  • Entrepreneurial motives in Dutch collective redress : adding fuel to a compensation culture / Ilja Tillema.
This collection explores the practical operation of the law in the area of litigation costs and funding, and confronts the issue of how exposure to cost risks affects litigation strategy. It looks at the interaction of the relevant legal regime, regulatory framework and disciplinary rules with the behaviour of litigants, courts and legislatures; examining subjects such as cost rules and funding arrangements. The book discusses a wide range of topics such as cost shifting rules, funding and mass tort litigation, cost rules and TPF rules in specific areas such as IP litigation, commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, the role of legal expense insurance arrangements, fee regulation, and professional ethics. The contributors include renowned scholars, experts in their respective fields and well versed individuals in both civil procedure and the practice of litigation, arbitration and finance. Together, they present a broad approach to the issues of costs, cost shifting rules and third party funding. This volume adds to the existent literature in combining topics in law and practice and presents an analysis of the most recent developments in this fast developing area.
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  • Thurgood Marshall : the law's promise
  • William Brennan : a life lived twice
  • John Doar : to stand for what is right
  • Burke Marshall : a reluctant hero
  • Harry Kalven : a tenth justice
  • Eugene Rostow : the law according to Yale
  • Arthur Leff : making coffee and other duties of citizenship
  • Catharine MacKinnon : feminism in the classroom
  • Joseph Goldstein : the scholar as sovereign
  • Carlos Nino : the death of a public intellectual
  • Robert Cover : cases and materials
  • Morton Horwitz : timeless truths
  • Aharon Barak : law is everywhere
  • Coda : toiling in Eden.
Pillars of Justice explores the purpose and possibilities of life in the law through moving accounts of thirteen lawyers who shaped the legal world during the past half century. Some, such as Thurgood Marshall, were Supreme Court Justices. Others, like John Doar and Burke Marshall, set the civil rights policies of the federal government during the 1960s. Some, including Harry Kalven and Catharine MacKinnon, have taught at the greatest law schools of the nation and nourished the liberalism rooted in the civil rights era. Jurists from abroad--Aharon Barak, for example--were responsible for the rise of the human rights movement that today carries the burden of advancing liberal values. These lawyers came from diverse backgrounds and held various political views. What unites them is a deep, abiding commitment to Brown v. Board of Education as an exceptional moment in the life of the law--a willingness to move mountains, if need be, to ensure that we are living up to our best selves. In tracing how these lawyers over a period of fifty years used the Brown ruling and its spirit as a beacon to guide their endeavors, this history tells the epic story of the liberal tradition in the law. For Owen Fiss, one of the country's leading constitutional theorists, the people described were mentors, colleagues, and friends. In his portraits, Fiss tries to identify the unique qualities of mind and character that made these individuals so important to the institutions and legal principles they served-- Provided by publisher.
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xiii, 289 pages ; 26 cm
  • What does and should influence the number of lawyers? / Richard L. Abel
  • Too many lawyers? : or should lawyers be doing other things? / Carrie Joan Menkel-Meadow
  • Unauthorized practice of law and the production of lawyers / Neta Ziv
  • The flood of US lawyers : natural fluctuation or professional climate change? / Bruce A. Green
  • It's the law schools stupid! : explaining the continuing increase in the number of lawyers / Herbert M. Kritzer
  • Coping with the consequences of 'too many lawyers' : securing the place of international graduate law students / Carole Silver
  • Effects of the acceleration in the number of lawyers in Israel / Limor Zer-Gutman
  • The new knowledge economy and the transformation of the law discipline / Margaret Thornton
  • Is access to the profession access to justice? : lessons from Canada / Avner Levin & Asher Alkoby
  • The 'overcrowding the profession' argument and the professional melting pot / Eyal Katvan
  • Setting the limits : who controls the size of the legal profession in Japan? / Kay-Wah Chan
  • Legal education in Spain : challenges and risks in devising access to the legal professions / Laura Carballo Piñeiro
  • The virtue of low barriers to becoming a lawyer : promoting liberal and democratic values / Russell G. Pearce & Sinna Nasseri
  • 'I love my American job' : professional prestige in the Indian outsourcing industry and global consequences of an expanding legal profession / Swethaa Ballakrishnen.
The topic of "too many lawyers" is both timely and timeless. The future make up and performance of the legal profession is in contest, challenged by new entrants, technology and the demand for transparency; at the same time, lawyers long have participated in contests over professional boundaries. In this book, we take up several fundamental questions about the question of whether there are "too many lawyers". What do we mean by "too many"? Is there a surplus of lawyers? What sort of lawyers are and will be needed? How best can we discern this? These questions and more are addressed here in scholarly articles presented at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Spain) by some of the best researchers in the field. The collection, witha chapter by Prof. Richard L. Abel, addresses methodological, normative and policy questions regarding the number of lawyers in particular countries and worldwide, while connecting this phenomenon to political, social, economic, historical, cultural and comparative contexts. This book was previously published as a special issue of the International Journal of the Legal Profession.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138212794 20170220
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50 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Law Library (Crown)
vii, 251 pages : forms ; 26 cm
  • Getting ready to meditate
  • Week one, beginning to meditate
  • Week two, mindfulness
  • Week three, clarity
  • Week four, compassion toward others
  • Week five, self-compassion
  • Week six, mantra repetition
  • Week seven, heartfulness
  • Week eight, gratitude
  • Taking your practice forward.
Law Library (Crown)
viii, 556 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 264 pages ; 23 cm
  • Lawyers : education, practice, and alternatives
  • Judiciary : system, issues, and alternatives
  • Civil procedure
  • Family law and torts : personal relationships and personal injury
  • Property : real and intellectual
  • Contract and employment law
  • Commercial and company law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law
  • International law.
While international attention has focused on China's developing economy, dramatic changes are also taking place in its legal system. This book gives an introduction to different aspects of Chinese law and presents a real life picture of legal practice in China, in which Chinese lawyers and judges speak openly about their frustrations and hopes.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781137452054 20160619
Law Library (Crown)
pages 1811-2412 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Forword: Lawyering in the regulatory state / Nancy J. Moore
  • Time, due process, and representation : an empirical and legal analysis of continuances in immigration court / David Hausman & Jayashri Srikantiah
  • Lawyers and the secret welfare state / Milan Markovic
  • Inside lawyers : friends or gatekeepers? / Sung Hui Kim
  • Recalling the lawyers : the NHTSA, GM, and the Chevrolet Cobalt / Bernard W. Bell
  • Lawyering within the domain of expertise / David McGowan
  • The laws of agency lawyering / George M. Cohen
  • Lawyers in the shadow of the regulatory state : transnational governance on business and human rights / Milton C. Regan, Jr. & Kath Hall
  • Nothing could be finer? : the role of agency general counsel in North and South Carolina / Elizabeth Chambliss & Dana Remus
  • Ethics for examiners / Daniel J. Bussel
  • Lawyer speech in the regulatory state / Renee Newman Knake
  • Articles: Communication and competence for self-representation / E. Lea Johnston
  • Guns and drugs / Benjamin Levin.
Law Library (Crown)
218 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction
  • La formation de l'esprit classique en France
  • La renaissance du droit romain
  • L'éclosion d'un savant
  • En route vers la renommée
  • Au faîte des honneurs
  • Cujas, les glossateurs et les bartolistes
  • La vieillesse, la retraite et la mort
  • Cujas après Cujas
  • Conclusion.
Law Library (Crown)
xxxi, 307 pages ; 24 cm
  • Part I. The opposition to alternative structures
  • Alternative structures will undermine professionalism and ethics
  • There is no way to regulate alternative structures
  • The adoption of alternative structures will jeopardize self-regulation of the profession
  • There is no demonstrated need, demand, or problem
  • New delivery models can be developed without changing Rule 5.4
  • The payment of salary is adequate compensation for non-lawyers
  • No one in their right mind would want to invest in a law firm
  • Alternative structures will lead to a consolidated market controlled by large firms
  • Alternative structures cannot help those who cannot pay for legal services
  • Alternative structures will make things harder for un- and underemployed lawyers
  • The burden of proof has not been met
  • Part II. The opportunities offered by alternative structures
  • Opportunities for legal aid
  • Opportunities for downstream markets and the economy as a whole
  • Opportunities for lawyers
  • Opportunities for in-house legal departments in the public and private sectors
  • Opportunities for an improved regulatory approach
  • Opportunities for failure
  • Part III. Access to justice
  • Unacknowledged complexity
  • Access to justice comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes obvious and sometimes not
  • Unmet need as human rights crisis
  • Part IV. The (non)-regulation of legal services and the world stage
  • Abdication of regulatory power
  • International obligations and commitments
  • Endless objections and calls for evidence and the lawyer monopoly on legal services (or, having your cake and eating it, too)
  • Good governance requires actual governance
  • Part V. Stories-- Letting the old lady scream [Stories}
"We live in a “law-thick” world. For individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors, navigating the large number of complex laws, rules, institutions, and procedures that pervade American life is virtually impossible without some assistance. Some argue that "there are too many lawyers." Others argue that the unmet need for legal services is so high that it constitutes a human rights crisis. This book exposes why it is easy to access legal services for some, while it is virtually impossible for others, and why some lawyers have successful careers, but others cannot. This book argues that the problems plaguing legal services in the US can be only be addressed by a radical overhaul of the rules that govern how legal services may be delivered, as well as radical changes to who exercises the power to make those rules. Through interviews with those with experience with alternative legal service providers, this book exposes the formidable obstacles that exist along the path to those changes, as well as the opportunities that await." -- Publisher's website.
Law Library (Crown)
xxi, 362 pages ; 23 cm
  • History of antidiscrimination law : the Constitution and the search for paradigms of equality
  • Antidiscrimination models and enforcement
  • Disparate treatment discrimination : intent, bias, and the burden of proof
  • From disparate impact to systemic discrimination
  • The multiple grounds of discrimination.
A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press' new open access publishing program for monographs. Do the United States and France, both post-industrial democracies, differ in their views and laws concerning discrimination? Marie Mercat-Bruns, a Franco-American scholar, examines the differences in how the two countries approach discrimination. Bringing together prominent legal scholars-including Robert Post, Linda Krieger, Martha Minow, Reva Siegel, Susan Sturm, Richard Ford, and others-Mercat-Bruns demonstrates how the two nations have adopted divergent strategies. The United States continues, with mixed success at "colorblind" policies, to deal with issues of diversity in university enrollment, class action sex-discrimination lawsuits, and rampant police violence against African American men and women. In France, the country has banned the full-face veil while making efforts to present itself as a secular republic. Young men and women whose parents and grandparents came from sub-Sahara and North Africa are stuck coping with a society that fails to take into account the barriers to employment and education they face. Discrimination at Work provides an incisive comparative analysis of how the nature of discrimination in both countries has changed, now often hidden, or steeped in deep unconscious bias. While it is rare for employers in both countries to openly discriminate, deep systemic discrimination exists, rooted in structural and environmental causes and the ways each state has dealt with difference in general. Invigorating and incisive, the book examines hot-button issues such as sexual harassment; race, religious and gender discrimination; and equality for LGBT individuals, thereby delivering comparisons meant to further social equality and fundamental human rights across borders.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780520283800 20160619
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xviii, 184 pages ; 23 cm
  • Lawyers in recession : where did we go wrong?
  • Story of law as show business
  • Story of don't ask, don't tell
  • Story of perennial followers
  • Unraveling the failed story : what's it all about?
  • It's about the client
  • It's about adding value
  • The good news : yes, we are still relevant
  • The bad news : being relevant today is not enough
  • New legal landscape : a rude awakening
  • Birth of digital mentality
  • Digital values : ingredients for our new story
  • New paradigm of legal practice : we are of cyberspace
  • The "L" in "law" stands for leadership
  • Leading in the digital age
  • Ethics : the stuff of which digital lawyers are made.
Law Library (Crown)
xviii, 184 pages ; 23 cm
  • Part 1. Pre-Digital Lawyers' Story --Lawyers in recession : where did we go wrong?
  • Story of law as show business
  • Story of don't ask don't tell
  • Story of perennial followers
  • Part 2. Lessons Learned: Immutable Attributes of Good Lawyering
  • Unraveling the failed story : what's it all about?
  • It's about the client
  • It's about adding value
  • Part 3. Are We Relevant Today?
  • The good news : yes, we are still relevant
  • The bad news : being relevant today is not enough
  • Part 4. Rise of the Digital Lawyer
  • New legal landscapes : a rude awakening
  • Birth of digital mentality
  • Digital values : ingredients for our new story
  • New paradigm of legal practice : we are of cyberspace
  • Part 5. Lawyers as Leaders in the DIgital Age
  • The "L" in "Law" stands for leadership
  • Leading in the digital age
  • Ethics, the stuff of which digital lawyers are made.
Law Library (Crown)
xvii, 243 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm.
  • Childhood, 1909-1925
  • College and law school, 1925-1933
  • Summer with a suffragist, 1933
  • Defending the New Deal's Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933-1939
  • Bachelor girl
  • Wages and hours, 1939 1946
  • An interesting adventure in Nuremberg, May-December 1946
  • Return to the Labor Department, 1947-1961
  • Equal opportunities, personal and public, 1961-1972
  • Retirement and last years, 1972-1996.
Law Library (Crown)
leaves 351-372 ; 28 cm
Law Library (Crown)
xiv, 254 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Keeping secrets or saving lives: what is a lawyer to do? / Adam Dodek
  • Putting up a defence : sex, murder, and videotapes / Allan C. Hutchinson
  • "No one's interested in something you didn't do" : freeing David Milgaard the ugly way / David Asper
  • "Begun in faith, continued in determination" : Burnley Allan (Rocky) Jones and the egalitarian practice of law / Richard F. Devlin
  • Feminist lawyering : insiders and outsiders / Janine Benedet
  • Gender and race in the construction of "legal professionalism" : historical perspectives / Constance Backhouse
  • The helping profession : can pro bono lawyers make sick children well? / Lorne Sossin
  • A new wave of access to justice reform in Canada / Trevor C.W. Farrow
  • Michelle's story : creativity and meaning in legal practice / Alice Woolley
  • Ian Scott : renaissance man, consummate advocate, attorney general extraordinaire / W. Brent Cotter
  • Gerry Laarakker : from rustic Rambo to rebel with a cause / Micah Rankin.
What options did Paul Bernardo's lawyer have when his client directed him to retrieve hidden evidence? Where would David Milgaard be today if a lawyer hadn't doggedly challenged his murder conviction? And what should a defence lawyer do when told her client is a danger to the public? In this book, leading Canadian legal academics and practising lawyers draw on real-life stories to probe the tension between ethics and the law. Whether re-examining high-profile cases, celebrating barristers who tore down barriers, or pointing out current injustices within the justice system, their stories are compelling and raise important questions about what it takes to be a "good" lawyer.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780774830980 20160704
Law Library (Crown)
xxix, 648 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Prologue: Environmental litigation and its consequences
  • The growth of government regulation in the United States
  • The development of the Equal Access to Justice Act
  • Use and amendment of the Equal Access to Justice Act from 1981 to 1985
  • Success and expansion of the Equal Access to Justice Act after 1985
  • The universe of the eco-crusaders
  • Barbarians at the gate : saints and sinners
  • The environmental litigation crisis
  • Cooperative conservation: preempting listings and building trust
  • Abuses of the Equal Access to Justice Act : endangered species and beyond
  • Reforming the Equal Access to Justice Act.
Lowell E. Baier, one of America's preeminent experts on environmental litigation, chronicles the century-long story of Americas' resources management, focusing on litigations, citizen suit provisions, and attorneys' fees. Inside the Equal Access to Justice Act will be a valuable resource for the environmental legal community, environmentalists, practitioners at all levels of government, and all readers interested in environmental policy and the rise of the administrative state.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781442257443 20160718
Law Library (Crown)
xviii, 330 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction: Restoring Britanniae
  • The matter of Britain and the common law in Jacobean union texts 1604-1607
  • De Antiquis Britanniae Legibus : George Saltern's "Of the Antient Lawes of great Britaine"
  • The juridical genre of ancient constitutionalism
  • Conclusion: Constitutional antiquarianism from the letter of Eleutherus to American originalism.
Law Library (Crown)