xii, 379 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
  • The value of comparative legal history for American civil law jurisdictions
  • The allocation paradigm of ownership in American civil law jurisdictions
  • The liberal paradigm of ownership in American civil law jurisdictions
  • The social function paradigm of ownership in American civil law jurisdictions.
In Ownership Paradigms in American Civil Law Jurisdictions Agustin Parise assists in identifying the transformations experienced in the legislation dealing with ownership in the Americas, thereby showing that current understandings are not uncontested dogmas. This book is the result of research undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic, and covers the 16th to 20th centuries. Agustin Parise offers readers a journey across time and space, by studying three American civil law jurisdictions in three successive time periods. His book first highlights the added value that comparative legal historical studies may bring to Europe and the Americas. It then addresses, in chronological order, the three ownership paradigms (i.e., Allocation, Liberal, and Social Function) that he claims have developed in the Americas.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004338197 20170418
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xviii, 429 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction
  • Free trade and protection of human rights in the Americas
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the protection of human rights
  • The protection of human rights in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
  • The protection of human rights within the Central American Integration System (SICA)
  • The Andean community and the protection of human rights
  • The Common Market of the South (Mercosur) and the protection of human rights
  • Conclusions.
This monograph offers the first systematic overview of the protection of human rights in trade agreements in the Americas. Traditionally, trade agreements in the Americas were concerned with economic questions and paid little attention to human rights. However, in the wake of the 'new regionalism', which emerged at the end of the last century, more clauses addressing social issues such as labour rights and environmental standards were inserted in trade agreements. As economic integration increased, a framework for the protection of human rights evolved. This book argues that this framework allows for human rights protection on a transnational level, while constructing regional identities. Looking at the four key regional integration processes, namely the Caribbean Community, the Central American Integration System, the Andean Community of Nations and the Southern Common Market, and also at the North American Free Trade Agreement, it shows how the integration process has reached a considerable degree of consolidation. Writing on key sources in English for the first time, this book will be essential reading for all free trade and human rights scholars.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781849467445 20170306
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xxv, 373 pages ; 24 cm
  • The court and its circumstances
  • Disappearances
  • Right to life
  • Right to humane treatment
  • Right to personal liberty
  • Right to due process
  • Principle of legality, freedom from ex post facto laws and right to compensation for miscarriage of justice
  • Right to judicial protection.
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xiv, 261 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: Theme, perspective and case study / Vibe Ulfbeck, Anders Mollmann and Bent Ole Gram Mortensen
  • Self-governance and the overall framework concerning Greenland / Bent Ole Gram Mortensen
  • License as a basis for responsibility and liability / Vibe Ulfbeck and Lone Wandahl Mouyal
  • Corporate social responsibility in the light of contract law : on impact benefit agreements in Greenland / Lone Wandahl Mouyal
  • Workers' rights and chain liability / Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, Jingjing Su, Vibe Ulfbeck
  • Mineral resources under the Greenland Self-Government Act : and the question of uranium / Ole Spiermann
  • State responsibility for marine pollution from seabed activities within jurisdiction in the marine Arctic / Yoshifuma Tanaka
  • Principle of "full reparation" for environmental damage and very small states / Rachael Lorna Johnstone
  • Legal aspects of liability for environmental damage caused by offshore petroleum operations in Greenland / Irina Kim
  • Liability for ship source oil pollution / Anders Møllmann and Vibe Ulfbeck
  • What's the price of a polar bear? : compensating environmental damage in the Arctic / Kristian Cedervall Lauta
  • Litigation and arbitration in Greenland and dispute resolution under the Greenlandic standard licenses / Clement Salung Petersen and Vibe Ulfbeck
  • Greenlandic international trade and investment issues / Lone Wandahl Mouyal and Laura Nielsen
  • Insolvency in Greenland / Ulrik Rammeskow Bang-Pedersen.
Given the magnitude of the risks associated with commercial activities in the Arctic arising as a result of the milder climate, new business opportunities raise important questions of responsibility and liability. This book analyses the issues of responsibility and liability connected with the exploitation of natural resources, marine transport and other activities in the Arctic. Applying a combined private and public law perspective on these issues, it considers both the business and societal interests related to Arctic development using Greenland as an example. The book focuses on problems that are specific to Greenland and wider issues that affect all Arctic states.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138957442 20161010
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532 pages ; 23 cm.
  • De l'invention constitutionnelle dans les Amériques
  • De la modernité constitutionnelle renouvelée dans les Amériques.
Law Library (Crown)
xlv, 559 pages ; 27 cm
  • The reasons for such a study, and its method and subjects
  • Introduction to Louisiana and Quebec
  • The legal background to codification in Louisiana and Quebec
  • Family law in the Louisiana digest and Quebec code
  • Employment in the Louisiana digest and Quebec code
  • The 1808 digest of Orleans
  • The civil code of lower Canada
  • Conclusion: Codification, lawmaking and legal change.
Law Library (Crown)
658 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
  • General rules
  • Definitions
  • Scope
  • Prospecting
  • Exploration and exploitation
  • Special rules on exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons
  • Special rules on exploration and exploitation of minerals
  • Special rules on small-scale exploration and exploitation of minerals
  • Subsoil licences
  • Termination of activities under licences
  • Collection and extraction of minerals without a licence
  • Scientific surveys
  • General rules on environmental protection
  • Environmental liability and responsibility
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Social sustainability assessment (SSA) and agreements on social sustainability (IBA)
  • Health and safety on offshore facilities
  • Authority consideration, etc.
  • Pre-hearing and hearing
  • Other rules
  • Sanctions, commencement, etc.
  • Appendix 1. HC Letter of Invitation
  • Appendix 2. HCML
  • Appendix 3. MML
  • Appendix 4. Joint operating agreement
  • Appendix 5. Example of activity approval (petroleum).
The Greenland Mineral Resources Act - the Law and Practice of Oil, Gas and Mining in Greenland provides an overview of the law and practice of resource exploitation in Greenland with comments to the provisions of Greenland's Mineral Resources Act. It addresses all relevant issues in this dynamic area, such as licensing procedures, permits, exploration and exploitation, health and safety, and environment.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9788757430905 20160618
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xxxii, 832 pages ; 25 cm
  • The reasoning of the Court
  • Procedural aspects
  • Civil and political rights
  • Economic, social, and cultural rights
  • Reparations and provisional measures
  • Enforced disappearances and amnesty laws
  • Groups in vulnerability
  • The Court and national judges and tribunals
  • Interaction between the Inter-American Court and other international courts
  • Reforming the inter-American system.
Along with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights serves as the main watchdog for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights in the Americas. Drawing on the case law of the Court, this volume analyses crucial developments over the years on both procedural and substantive issues before the Inter-American Court. The book discusses access to legal aid, third party interventions, positive obligations and provisional measures, the evaluation of evidence and the use of external referencing by the Court, the protection of vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples, migrants, women and children. It also explores other contemporary issues such as coerced statements, medical negligence, the use of force, amnesties, forced disappearances, the right to water, judicial protection in times of emergency, the relation of the Inter-American Court with national courts and with other international jurisdictions like the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court, and with national courts, reparations and revisions of cases by the Inter-American Court, and present-day challenges to the Inter-American system of human rights. Due to its multifaceted and comprehensive character, this scholarly volume is an essential reference work for both legal scholars and practitioners working with regional human rights systems in general and with the Inter-American human rights system in particular.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781780683089 20160619
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xv, 414 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction: NAFTA and sustainable development / L. Kinvin Wroth and Hoi L. Kong
  • Forgotten promises : neglected environmental provisions of the NAFTA and the North American agreement on environmental cooperation / Geoffrey Garver
  • Should citizens expect procedural justice in nonadversarial processes? Spotlighting the regression of the citizen submission process from NAAEC to CAFTA-DR / Giselle Davidian
  • Choosing the right whistle : the development of the concept of environmental law under the citizen submissions process / Paolo Solano
  • Pending proceedings in the new guidelines for submissions on enforcement matters : an improved regression? / Montserrat Rovalo
  • Form over substance : procedural hurdles to the NAAEC citizen submission process / Leslie Welts
  • Downward harmonization : Mexico's industrial livestock revolution / Pamela Vesilind
  • Agricultural biotechnology and NAFTA : analyzing the impacts of U.S. and Canadian policies on Mexico's environment and agriculture / Laurie Beyranevand
  • Assessing assessments of NAFTA's marine environment : the commission for environmental cooperation meets the world ocean assessment / Betsy Baker
  • Sustainable development, NAFTA, and water / Katia Opalka
  • Indigenous peoples in North America : bridging the trade and environment gap to ensure sustainability under NAFTA and NAAEC / Nicole Schabus
  • Climate change, sustainable development, and NAFTA : regional policy harmonization as a basis for sustainable development / Freedom-Kai Phillips
  • The principle of public participation in NAFTA Chapter 11 disputes / Avidan Kent
  • Preventing environmental deterioration from international trade and investment : how China can learn from NAFTA's experience to strengthen domestic environmental governance and ensure sustainable development / Danni Liang and Jingjing Liu
  • Pathways of influence in the NAFTA regime and their implications for domestic environmental policy-making in North America / Sébastien Jodoin
  • The citizen submissions process in the North American agreement on environmental cooperation : theory and practice in deliberative democratic institutional design for transnational institutions / Hoi L. Kong
  • Assessing ENGO influence in North American environmental politics : the double grid framework / Raul Pacheco-Vega.
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its companion agreement, the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC), provide important and often underappreciated protection for the environmental laws of the Party states: Canada, Mexico, and the United States. On the twentieth anniversary of NAFTA's ratification, this book assesses the current state of environmental protection under those agreements. Bringing together scholars, practitioners, and regulators from all three Party states, it outlines the scope and process of NAFTA and NAAEC, their impact on specific environmental issues, and paths to reform. It includes analyses of the impact of the agreements on such matters as bioengineered crops in Mexico, assessment of marine environmental effects, potential lessons for China, climate change, and indigenous rights. Together, the chapters of this book represent an important contribution to the global conversation concerning international trade agreements and sustainable development.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781107097223 20160618
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192 pages ; 24 cm
  • Background
  • norms, institutions, and operations of the NAALC
  • NAALC submissions and cases
  • The NAALC and ILO standards
  • Evaluating the NAALC
  • Continuing controversy over NAFTA and the NAALC
  • The NAALC and international labor solidarity
  • The OECD guidelines : an alternative to the NAALC and the labor provisions of free trade agreements
  • Labor provisions of post-NAFTA free trade agreements in North America.
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xii, 414 pages : maps ; 25 cm
  • Part 1. Nationality law in the western hemisphere : setting the scene. Non-sovereign Caribbean territories that belong to Britain, France, the Netherlands, or the United States
  • Key observations from the nationality law-related case law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  • On modes of acquisition and loss of nationality : the European Union democracy observatory on citizenship typology
  • Part 2. Grounds for acquisition and loss of citizenship in the independent nation-states of the Western Hemisphere. Introduction to the country analyses
  • Comparative conclusions by individual mode of acquisition and mode of loss of citizenship.
In this volume, Olivier Vonk provides a comprehensive overview in English of the current grounds for acquisition and loss of citizenship of all thirty-five countries in the Americas and the Caribbean.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789004276406 20160617
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143 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Composición sistema interamericano de derechos humanos
  • Análisis de la petición ante la comisión y condiciones de admisibilidad
  • Proceso sobre el fondo ante la comisión
  • Final de la actuación de la comisión : demanda de la comisión ante la Corte Intermericana de Derechos Humanos
  • Primera intervención de la Corte Interamericana der Derechos Humanos : recepción de la demanda y cuestiones preliminarias al fondo del asunto.
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xxiii, 252 pages ; 24 cm
  • General legal framework
  • Right to life
  • Right to humane treatment
  • Right to personal liberty
  • Right to due process
  • Principle of legality, freedom from ex post facto laws and right to compensation for miscarriage of justice
  • Right to judicial protection.
The Inter-American Convention of Human Rights contains an in-depth analysis and comment on five basic rights protected under the Inter-American Convention of Human Rights in the light of the decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, namely the rights to life, to personal freedom, to personal integrity, to due process of law and to a judicial remedy. Violations of these basic rights formed the majority of complaints before the Court at a time when many of the contracting States had either just left, or were still immersed in a dictatorship. In addition to the analysis of the Inter-American Court's judgments on these rights, the European and the universal jurisprudence have also been taken into consideration; both the European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations started their activities much earlier. For the analysis and interpretation of the five basic rights use has been made of the travaux preparatoires of the Inter-American Convention, mainly to show the lack of professionalism shown by the drafters during the debates and the lack of information in the minutes of the Specialized Convention. This book covers the first fifteen years of the Court's jurisdiction until 2003. Since then the Court has greatly advanced, however the author wishes those years to stand alone and not to disappear into the more sophisticated issues that started to reach the Court at a later stage. This book will show the reader the hesitant steps of the Court in developing its position on the five basic rights and also poses many questions upon which the Court should reflect in future cases and criticises some of its judgments for their shortcomings and lack of consistency. Those States where unseemly rules and practices regarding these rights prevailed reacted in a very negative way towards the Court's jurisdiction. The Inter-American Convention of Human Rights is a scholarly yet practical book on a relatively new system for the protection of human rights. It is a useful tool for practitioners to support their work in this field of law and also a valuable resource for scholars, inviting them to engage in a valuable intellectual but by all means practical discussion.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781780681016 20160612
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iv, 1040 pages ; 25 cm
Law Library (Crown)
653 pages ; 22 cm.
  • Principios generales
  • Las medidas cautelares ordenadas por la Comisión IDH
  • Denuncias y quejas ante la Comisión IDH
  • La denuncia ante la Comisión IDH
  • La solución amistosa
  • Etapa probatoria en la Comisión IDH
  • Audiencias
  • Informe final
  • Propuestas y recomendaciones
  • Misiones y funciones de la Corte Interamericana de derechos humanos
  • Sometimiento del caso a la Corte IDH
  • Principios procesales de la etapa contenciosa
  • Excepciones preliminares
  • El escrito de solicitudes, argumentos y prueba
  • Traba de la litis
  • Etapa oral del procedimiento ante la Corte IDH
  • La prueba ante la Corte IDH
  • Etapa final del procedimiento ante la Corte IDH
  • Medidas provisionales.
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1 online resource
"The Inter-American Court of Human Rights Project ('IACHR Project') is a student-run organization that seeks to increase access to decisions rendered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ('Inter-American Court') in order to assist students, practitioners, and scholars in strengthening human rights law in the Americas. To this end, the IACHR Project produces and publishes detailed summaries of cases rendered by the Inter-American Court"-- Home page.
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2 volumes ; 26 cm
  • v. 1. The general agreements on tariffs and trade
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • The North American agreement on environmental cooperation
  • The North American agreement on labor cooperation
  • Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Chile-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Columbia-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • v. 2. Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Panama-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement
  • Vietnam bilateral trade agreement
  • European Union
  • Central American common market
  • South African customs union
  • ASEAN Fair Trade Agreement.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 572 pages ; 19 cm.
  • Pre-NAFTA
  • Getting to NAFTA : the peso crash
  • Goods
  • Services
  • Foreign investment
  • Intellectual property
  • Dispute settlement
  • The environment
  • Labor
  • Free trade and foreign investment in the Americas.
Law Library (Crown)
9 pages ; 22 x 28 cm
Law Library (Crown)
pages 719-904 ; 26 cm
  • Introduction / Stephanie Mulcahy
  • Law and governance of the Great Lakes / Noah D. Hall & Benjamin C. Houston
  • Food and virtual water in the Great Lakes states / Melissa K. Scanlan & Jenny Kehl.
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