xiv, 206 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction to the book: @SochiProblems
  • Understanding the International Olympic Committee as a global governance actor
  • Structural legitimacy : the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Games and the problem of many hands
  • Substantive legitimacy : 'new' Olympic hosts and the worst outcomes of the Olympic Games
  • Procedural legitimacy : the Olympic Games host selection process
  • Whose games are they anyway? : accountability through a principal-agent framework
  • Learning from the World Bank : towards an accountability forum for the Olympic Games
  • Towards a more accountable Olympic movement.
The Olympic Games is unquestionably the largest and most important sporting event in the world. Yet who exactly is accountable for its successes and failures? This book examines the legitimacy and accountability of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This non-governmental organisation wields extraordinary power, but there is no democratic basis for its authority. This study questions the supremacy of the IOC, arguing that there is a significant accountability deficit. Investigating the conduct of the IOC from an international legal perspective, the book moves beyond a critique of the IOC to explore potential avenues for reform, means of improving democratic procedures and increasing accountability. If the Olympics are to continue to be our most celebrated sporting event, those who organise them must be answerable to the citizens that they can potentially harm as well as benefit. Full of original insights into the inner workings of the IOC, this book is essential reading for all those interested in the Olympics, sport policy, sport management, sport mega-events, and the law.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138676398 20170321
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ix, 308 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 cm.
  • The valley floor
  • The south rim of Yosemite Valley
  • The north rim of Yosemite Valley
  • The High Sierra camps
  • The southern park
  • South of Tuolumne Meadows
  • North of Tuolumne Meadows
  • Hetch Hetchy
  • The North Boundary country
  • Two famous trails.
Lace up your boots and sample sixty-one of the finest trails Yosemite National Park has to offer. Fully updated and revised, and including color maps and photos throughout, Hiking Yosemite National Park features everything from short strolls and day hikes to multiday backcountry treks, every one of which will treat you to some of the world's most stunning scenery and allow you to get the most out of this remarkably diverse natural wonderland.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781493017720 20161003
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24 pages : color illustrations, color map ; 28 cm
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x, 420 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm
  • Prologue: I am the true vine
  • Sit down and shut up
  • White peoples is hateful
  • And still the cry against us continues
  • Your momma is dead
  • Some serious secrets
  • A paying proposition
  • He who hustleth while he waiteth
  • Comma, colored
  • The prodigal sons
  • Not one single, solitary, red penny
  • Adultery's siamese twin
  • Housekeeping!
  • Practically imbeciles
  • Very good old colored woman
  • Wilbur and John
  • God is good to me
  • Epilogue: markers.
A true story of two albino African-American brothers who were kidnapped and displayed as circus freaks, and whose mother endured a decades-long struggle to find them and to get justice for her family. The year was 1899, and the old people told the story: the place, a sweltering tobacco community in the Jim Crow South called Truevine, where everyone they knew was either a former slave or a child or grandchild of slaves. Though the narrative of George and Willie Muse has been passed down for over a century, no writer has ever gotten this close to the beating heart of their story and its mysteries: Were they really kidnapped and put into servitude by the circus? How did their mother, a black maid toiling under the harsh restrictions of segregation, bring them home? And why, after getting there, would they ever want to go back? At the height of their fame, the Muse brothers performed for British royalty and headlined more than a dozen sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. They were fine musicians and global superstars in a pre-broadcast era. But the very root of their success hinged on the color of their skin and on the outrageous caricatures they were forced to assume: cannibals, sheep-headed freaks, even 'Ambassadors from Mars." Beth Macy is a master chronicler of life in the South, and her exclusive interviews and sources make for a riveting American story about race, greed, and a mother's love. These were two little boys born in a brutal time, sharecropping a field in the segregated South, stolen away by a white man offering candy, and set on a path of events that would forever change their lives--and their family's destiny-- Adapted from dust jacket.
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xii, 401 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Prologue: Under the stars
  • Help me, Henry
  • Exploring the Sewards with Zippy
  • Camping the crazy away
  • Hero of camping : George Washington Sears
  • Acts of transmission
  • Clash of the neckerchiefs
  • Hero of camping : the S'more
  • Wild Victorian ladies
  • Gator girls
  • Nine Mile Pond
  • The odd couple
  • Hero of camping : Estwick Evans
  • Night at Badger Spring
  • How's the road?
  • The haunted duffel bag
  • Hero of camping : Edward Abbey
  • The Immaculator
  • Kovu's brother
  • Hell on wheels
  • Epilogue: A dose of enchantment.
"From the Sierras to the Adirondacks and the Everglades, from remote wildernesses to public campgrounds and RV meccas, Dan White travels across America, searching through its history and landscapes to tell the story of how camping took hold of the national imagination and evolved alongside a changing country. Whether he has sought out the quietest place in the continental United States, gone on safari in California, or joined a girls-only adventure for urban teens, Dan White's wide-ranging enthusiasm and openness, his humor and insight reveals a vast and varied population of nature seekers, a nation still in love with its wild places"-- Provided by publisher.
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208 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
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ix, 97 pages : maps, illustrations ; 18 cm.
  • Yosemite valley. East valley floor ; West valley floor ; Happy isles to Vernal fall view ; Mirror lake ; Lower Yosemite fall ; Bridalveil fall
  • Wawona area. Mariposa grove ; Wawona meadow ; Chilnualna fall
  • Glacier point road. Glacier point ; Illilouette fall ; Sentinel dome ; Taft point and the fissures ; McGurk meadow
  • Tioga road. Tuolumne grove ; May lake ; Tenaya lake ; Lukens lake
  • Tuolumne meadows. Dog lake ; Lembert dome ; Pothole dome ; Soda springs and Parsons lodge ; Lyell fork
  • Hetch hetchy. Wapama falls.
Best Easy Day Hikes Yosemite National Park is a perfect guidebook for those who want to sample the best of Yosemite within an easy day's walk, from the world-famous domes and waterfalls of Yosemite Valley to the more remote, less well known, but equally spectacular corners of the park. From a short stroll to an extended ramble, this book is for hikers of almost every ability, age, and interest. This guidebook will tell you when to go, where to hike, and where to find the best photos, flowers, and wildlife watching.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780762796861 20161010
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xix, 249 pages ; 24 cm
  • Preface: A real university
  • The gilded age Of college football
  • The unlikely charity known as college football
  • Return on investment : The art of paying a coach $23 million not to coach
  • Walking with Mr. Baldwin : in the land Of accidental students
  • Why the South lost the war but wins at football
  • How women's rowing saved college football : working the bar scene For recruits
  • To have and have not : how college presidents fumbled reform
  • Epilogue: The death star.
Examines the economics and culture surrounding college football, discussing how in the last decade football programs have overtaken universities, creating entertainment factories where sports are more important than education.
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xxi, 280 pages ; 24 cm
  • Paper-class central
  • A fraud in full
  • The making of a cover-up
  • Lost opportunities
  • The university doubles down
  • On a collision course
  • "No one ever asked me to write anything before"
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Echoes across the land
  • Conclusion: Looking to the future
  • Epilogue.
Home of the legendary Tar Heels basketball team, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill enjoys a sporting brand known the world over. The alma mater of Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm, winner of forty national championships in six different sports, and a partner in what Sporting News calls "the best rivalry in sports, " UNC-Chapel Hill is a colossus of college athletics. Now, it has become ground zero in the debate on how the $16 billion college sports industry operates--an industry that coexists uneasily within a university system professly dedicated to education and research. Written by notorious UNC athletics department whistleblower, Mary Willingham, and her close faculty ally, Jay Smith, Cheated: The UNC Scandal, the Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports exposes the fraudulent inner workings that for decades have allowed barely literate basketball and football players to take fake courses, earning fake degrees from one of the nation's top universities while faculty and administrators looked the other way. In unobscured detail, Cheated recounts the academic fraud in UNC's athletic department, even as university leaders attempted to sweep the matter under the rug in order to keep the billion-dollar college sports revenue machine functioning, and it makes an impassioned argument that the "student-athletes" in these programs are being cheated of what, after all, has been promised them from the start--a college education.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781612347288 20160618
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xii, 256 pages ; 23 cm
  • Introduction: The ethics of sports
  • Theories of sport : frameworks for evaluation
  • Ethics in competition : cheating, good sports and tainted victories
  • Drugs, genes, and enhancing performance in sport
  • Gender equity in sport : what does justice require?
  • Sports on campus : intercollegiate sports and their critics
  • The commercialization of sport : marketing and corruption in competitive athletics
  • Sport, moral education, and social responsibility.
Addressing both collegiate and professional sports, the updated edition of Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport explores the ethical presuppositions of competitive athletics and their connection both to ethical theory and to concrete moral dilemmas that arise in actual athletic competition. This fourth edition has been updated with new examples, including a discussion of Spygate by the New England Patriots and recent discoveries on the use of performance enhancing drugs by top athletes. Two additional authors, Cesar R. Torres and Peter F. Hager, bring to this edition a discussion of the moral issues involved in youth sports and the ethics of being a fan, as well as a fresh perspective on the theories of broad internalism and the quest for excellence. Furthermore, major criticisms of broad internalism by philosophers William J. Morgan and Scott Kretchmar add a new dimension to the discussion on the moral foundations of winning.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780813349206 20160618
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viii, 648 pages, [8] pages of plates : color illustrations ; 25 cm
  • Changing of the guard (1992-1994). In Bud we trust ; A whole new world ; Inextricably linked ; Resurrection ; System failure ; For the good of the game ; Everything to lose ; Fehr strikes
  • Art of the deal (1994-1996). Endgame ; Fehr's day in court ; Back to work ; New foundations ; True lies ; Dynasty ; Deal!
  • Secret of success (1997-2000). Setting up shop ; Almost perfect ; Secrets ; Question of balance ; Ring for Roger ; Hope and faith ; Dollars and no sense
  • Power play (2001--2003). Miller time ; More than a game ; Bud's bluff ; Trouble ahead ; New deals ; Renovations ; Tipping point ; Looking for answers ; Testing positive
  • Revisionist history (2004-2007). Government intervention ; Curses ; Selig's choice ; Transfer of power ; Calling Mr. Mitchell ; Last stand ; A change in plans ; Mitchell gets his man ; Questions and answers
  • Legacy (2008-2010). The more things change ; Moving on ; Road to Cooperstown.
In the fall of 1992, America's National Pastime is in crisis and already on the path to the unthinkable: canceling a World Series for the first time in history. The owners are at war, their decades-long battle with the players has turned America against both sides, and the players' growing addiction to steroids will threaten the game's very foundation. It is a crucial moment in the game's history that catalyzes a struggle for power by three strong-willed men: Commissioner Bud Selig, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, and union leader Don Fehr. It's their uneasy alliance at the end of decades of struggle that pulls the game back from the brink and turns it into a money-making powerhouse that enriches them all. This is the real story of baseball, played out against a tableau of stunning athletic feats, high-stakes public battles, and backroom political deals-- with a supporting cast that includes Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, Joe Torre and Derek Jeter, George Bush and George Mitchell, and many more. Drawing from hundreds of extensive, exclusive interviews, this is a rigorously reported, definitive account of how an enormous struggle for power turned disaster into baseball's Golden Age. -- From publisher description.
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235 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction Chapter 1 :The Arc of Integration Chapter 2: Boston's Postwar Dynasty That Wasn't Chapter 3: End of the Player-Manager Era Chapter 4: Enter Stengel the Grandmaster Chapter 5: Last of the Titans and Baseball's Expansion Imperative Chapter 6: Brooklyn's Answer to New York Chapter 7: Durocher the Spymaster Chapter 8: Charlie Dressen's Worst Day at the Office Chapter 9: The Age of Enlightenment About Relief Pitching Chapter 10: Slow-Walking Integration Chapter 11: Exit the Grandmaster Chapter 12: Consolidating Integration and the Importance of Hank Thompson Chapter 13: The Brooks Lawrence Affair Chapter 14: The Braves' New World Chapter 15: "Perfessor" Stengel's Controlled-Chaos Theory of Platooning Chapter 16: Diversity and the Los Angeles and Chicago Speedways Chapter 17: Coming to Terms With Integration Bibliography Index About the Author.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781442252219 20160619
In The Golden Era of Major League Baseball: A Time of Transition and Integration, Bryan Soderholm-Difatte explores the noteworthy and significant changes taking place in baseball in and around the 1950s. Beginning with Jackie Robinson's rookie season in 1947, Soderholm-Difatte provides a careful and thorough examination of baseball's integration, including the state of blacks in the majors ten years into the Jackie Robinson era, when elite players were accepted but few blacks with "average" major league ability were regulars in the starting lineup. The author also looks at the dying practice of player-managers, the increasing use of relief pitchers and platooning, and the continued dominance of the New York Yankees. The Golden Era included three central characters whose innovations, strategies, and vision changed the game, and each of their stories is told in this book: Branch Rickey, who challenged the baseball establishment by integrating the Dodgers; Casey Stengel, whose 1949-1953 Yankees won five straight championships; and Leo Durocher, whose spy operations was a major factor in the Giants' 1951 pennant surge, but who was also a leading innovator in managing his pitching staff. Concluding with an overview of how baseball's race and diversity issues have evolved since the Golden Era, this book will be of interest to baseball fans and historians as well as scholars examining the history of integration in sports.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781442252219 20160619
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xv, 302 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
"Leigh Steinberg is renowned as one of the greatest sports agents in history, representing such All-Pro clients as Troy Aikman, Bruce Smith, and Ben Roethlisberger. Over one particular seven-year stretch, Steinberg represented the top NFL Draft pick an unheard of six times. Director Cameron Crowe credits Steinberg as a primary inspiration for the titular character in Jerry Maguire, even hiring Steinberg as a consultant on the film. Lightyears ahead of his contemporaries, he expanded his players' reach into entertainment. Already the bestselling author of a business book on negotiation, the original superagent is now taking readers behind the closed doors of professional sports, recounting priceless stories, like how he negotiated a $26.5 million package for Steve Young--the biggest ever at the time--and how he passed on the chance to represent Peyton Manning. Beginning with his early days as a student leader at Berkeley, Steinberg details his illustrious rise into pro sports fame, his decades of industry dominance, and how he overcame a series of high-profile struggles to regain his sobriety and launch his comeback. This riveting story takes readers inside the inner circle of top-notch agents and players through the visionary career of Leigh Steinberg, the pre-eminent superagent of our time"-- Provided by publisher.
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xix, 497 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Continuity and change
  • Black professional baseball's growth and expansion, 1906-1907
  • Striving for professionalism
  • Years of transition, 1911-1913
  • Black baseball and the separate black economy
  • The war years : toward the rise of the Negro leagues
  • Pitfalls of baseball : the rise of the Negro National League
  • Black baseball war : the rise of the Eastern Colored League
  • Pursuing peace
  • Caught in a rundown
  • Before the fall
  • The end of an era.
As the companion volume to Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1860-1901: Operating by Any Means Necessary, Lomax's new book continues to chronicle the history of black baseball in the United States. The first volume traced the development of baseball from an exercise in community building among African Americans in the pre-Civil War era into a commercialized amusement and a rare and lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurship within the black community. In this book, Lomax takes a closer look at the marketing and promotion of the Negro Leagues by black baseball magnates. He explores how race influenced black baseball's institutional development and how it shaped the business relationship with white clubs and managers. Lomax explains how the decisions that black baseball magnates made to insulate themselves from outside influences may have distorted their perceptions and ultimately led to the Negro Leagues' demise. The collapse of the Negro Leagues by 1931 was, Lomax argues, "a dream deferred in the overall African American pursuit for freedom and self-determination.".
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780815610397 20160616
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ix, 461 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Lies of the family
  • Lies of the sport
  • Lies of the media
  • Lies of the brotherhood
  • Lies of the American hero
  • The truth.
Draws on interviews with more than one hundred people close to the famous athlete to chronicle fourteen critical years in his career, from his cancer recovery to his precipitous fall after revelations about his systemic doping became public.
Law Library (Crown)
xii, 274 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Hacking the athlete
  • Gold Medal genetics
  • Eating to win
  • The search for excellence
  • The fast track to greatness
  • Learning to be the best
  • Tools of the trade
  • What getting tired means
  • Staying strong
  • The numbers game
  • Athlete's little helper
  • The limits of performance.
Veteran journalist Mark McClusky brings readers behind the scenes with a new generation of athletes, coaches, and scientists whose accomplishments are changing our understanding of human physical achievement and completely redefining the limits of the human body.
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17. Reforming FIFA [2014]

vii, 178 pages ; 23 cm
  • Reforming FIFA / Mark Pieth
  • Foreword / Lord Peter Goldsmith
  • The need for reform / Michael Hershman
  • The responsibility of the host country / Mark Pieth
  • How to investigate misbehavior in international sports organizations / Lord Peter Goldsmith
  • The reform's impact on stakeholder involvement from the players' perspective / Leonardo Grosso
  • From patronage to managerial accountability / Guillermo Jorge
  • Beyond changing the code : reforming culture / The role of the Audit & Compliance Committee / Damian Heller.
The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) - known in English as the International Federation of Association Football - is the international governing body of soccer. With its headquarters located in Zurich, FIFA's membership includes 209 national associations. FIFA is responsible for the organization of international tournaments, including the World Cup. FIFA, like other sports governing bodies, has been accused of corruption and a lack of transparency. It has, however, recently decided to initiate reforms. A group of experienced independent governance experts and stakeholders has been asked to oversee the reform process. This group - the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) - has managed above all to introduce independent supervisors, investigators, and judges. Yet, the reform process is not complete. In this book, the insiders to reform give a fascinating account of the workings of FIFA, the unknown giant of the football world.-- Publisher.
Law Library (Crown)
311 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Prologue
  • Making a champion. A fighter's chance ; From off the mat to champion ; John du Pont ; One and done at UCLA ; Creating an aura ; National champion! ; Escape from hell ; Brothers, Olympians ; Golden moment ; Erasing the asterisk
  • Destroying a champion. Just "Coach" ; A man and his program in disarray ; At all costs ; Protest at the Olympics ; A new home, a new life ; Trouble at Foxcatcher ; Why? ; My ultimate victory ; Justice.
"On January 26, 1996, Dave Schultz, Olympic gold-medal winner and wrestling golden boy, was shot three times by du Pont family heir John E. du Pont at the famed Foxcatcher Farms estate in Pennsylvania. Following the murder there was a tense standoff when du Pont barricaded himself in his home for two days before he was finally captured. How did such a horrifying senseless murder happen?...Mark Schultz takes us through his remarkable wresting career from high school to world and Olympic championships, revealing both the triumphs of his career and the personal and financial struggles that gave him no choice but to join forces with the eccentric, controlling du Pont."-- Book jacket.
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264 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
  • What kind of trail are you looking for?
  • Maps of the Humboldt/Del Norte coast
  • Introduction
  • The trails. Tolowa Dunes State Park & Lake Earl Wildlife Area ; Redwood National Park & Del Norte Coast ; Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park ; Redwood National Park, south portion ; Humboldt Lagoons to Patrick's Point ; Trinidad area ; Humboldt Bay area ; Ferndale area ; Humboldt Redwoods State Park ; King Range Wilderness area/Lost Coast ; Other Southern Humboldt trails.
Law Library (Crown)
xi, 256 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
  • The first pros
  • Depression and war
  • The NFL comes of age
  • Moving to center stage
  • A troubled decade
  • The perfect television game
  • The cartel
  • Unraveling
  • Labor conflict
  • A new era
  • Defending the shield
  • Super Sunday.
This wide-ranging history synthesizes scholarship and media sources to give the reader an inside view of the television contracts, labor issues, and other off-the-field forces that shaped the National Football League. Historian Richard Crepeau shows how Commissioner Pete Rozelle's steady leadership guided the league's explosive growth during the era of Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl's transformation into a mid-winter spectacle. Crepeau also delves into the league's masterful exploitation of media from radio to the internet, its ability to get taxpayers to subsidize team stadiums, and its success in delivering an outlet for experiencing vicarious violence to a public uneasy over the changing rules of masculinity. Probing and learned, NFL Football tells an epic American success story peopled by larger-than-life figures and driven by ambition, money, sweat, and dizzying social and technological changes.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780252080203 20160616
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