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112 p. 23 cm.
  • Introduction, by F.F. Schrader.--England self-revealed; Premier Asquith, Sir Henry Lucy, Bernard Shaw and the London "Times" testify.--How the war came, by "the Labor leader."--Britain and the war: a study in diplomacy, by C.H. Norman.--Is Britain blameless? By A.F. Brockway.--Why we are at war, by J.R. Macdonald.--Is Germany right and Britain wrong? From a speech by C. Allen.--The outbreak of the war, by E.D. Morel.--Dreadnoughts and dividends: an exposure of the armament ring; speech of Mr. P. Snowden, M.P., on naval estimates, 1914.--New light on the causes of the war; Dr. F.C. Conybeare ... radically revises his opinions and frankly restates his position.--a letter to Lord Northcliffe, by A.G. Garvin [i.e. Gardiner]
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93 p. 19 cm.
  • The incendiary fire and its consequences.--Becher, J.R. And therefore, comrades.--Ulrich, G.R. The deserter.--Conrad, P. Murder in Camp Hohenstein.--Ulrich, G.P. A visit to Oranionburg.--Conrad, P. The Lord's prayer.--Gles, S. Baited.--Scheer, H. Collective barracks.--Becher, J.R. The ringing house.--Ulrich, G.P. A tour through the Third Empire.
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Music score
1 score (92 pages) ; 24 cm
  • Anthem of the International Ladies Garment Workers
  • A rebel song
  • Banker and boss
  • Bread and roses
  • Budenny's march
  • Capitalism's endless chain
  • Casey Jones
  • Come, rally youth
  • Comrades, the bugles are sounding
  • D.A.R. song
  • Fighting song
  • Forward, forgetting never
  • General strike song
  • Go down, Moses
  • Hail, working class
  • Hark, the battle cry is ringing
  • Hear a word, a word in season
  • Heirs of time
  • Hold the fort
  • Hold up your light
  • Hunger blues song
  • I'm labor
  • Labor's endless chain
  • Lift up the people's banner
  • March, march, comrades all
  • March of the workers
  • March on
  • March song of the workers
  • Men of the soil
  • Money pay-triots
  • My Lord delibered Daniel
  • No more slaves
  • No more war
  • Not one cent
  • On the picket line
  • Organize unions
  • O, tortured and broken in prison
  • Over all the lands
  • Paint 'er red
  • Please, Mr. Boss
  • Red front
  • Solidarity
  • Solidarity forever
  • Song of the lower classes
  • Song of the proletariat
  • Song of the red air fleet
  • Song to the men of England
  • Soup song
  • The advancing proletaire
  • The barricades
  • The builders
  • The chain gang
  • The challenge of youth --The cry of the people
  • The cudgel song
  • The hand with the hammer
  • The international
  • The march of the hungry men
  • The oath
  • The people's hymn
  • The preacher and the slave
  • The rebel girl
  • Hallelujah, I'm a bum
  • The red flag
  • The red flag
  • The revolution
  • The scarlet banner
  • The smith and the king
  • The workers' carmagnole --The workers' hymn
  • The young guards
  • These things shall be
  • To labor
  • Tramp, tramp, tramp
  • True freedom
  • Unity
  • Up, socialist comrades
  • We are building a strong union
  • We have fed you all for a thousand years
  • We're comrades ever
  • We're marching, O comrades
  • We shall be free
  • We shall not be moved
  • When the revolution comes
  • When wilt thou save the people
  • Workers' memorial song
  • Workmen's circle song.
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