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489 p.
  • Introduction / Andrew J. Hoffman and Marc J. Ventresca
  • Institutional origins : competing frameworks and logics
  • The origins question : building global institutions to protect nature / David J. Frank
  • Complications in compliance : variation in environmental enforcement in British Columbia's lower Fraser Basin, 1985-1996 / Devereaux Jennings, Martin Martens, and Paul Zandbergen
  • The emergence of environmental conflict resolution : subversive stories, institutional change and the construction of fields / Calvin Morrill and Jason Owen-Smith
  • Pollution futures : commensuration, commodification and the market for air / Peter Levin and Wendy N. Espeland
  • Beyond isomorphism : structural variation and collective rationality
  • Coercion breeds variation : the differential impact of isomorphic pressures on environmental strategies / Mark B. Milstein, Stuart L. Hart, and Anne S. York
  • Heterogeneity and change in environmental strategy : technological and political responses to climate change in the global automobile industry / David L. Levy and Sandra Rothenberg
  • The institutionalization of voluntary organizational greening and the ideals of environmentalism : lessons about official culture from symbolic organization theory / Linda C. Forbes and John M. Jermier
  • Decoupling in the environmental arena : the case of environmental impact assessments / Ann Hironaka and Evan Schofer
  • Institutional processes of negotiation and narrative
  • Institutions as barriers and enablers to negotiated agreements : institutional entrepreneurship and the Plum Creek habitat conservation plan / John G. Troast, Andrew J. Hoffman, Hannah C. Riley, and Max H. Bazerman
  • Changing shades of green : coupling and decoupling in Monsanto's environmental orientations, 19911997 / Anjali Sastry, Jeffrey W. Bernicke, and Stuart L. Hart
  • Institutional evolution : the case of the semiconductor industry voluntary pfc emissions reduction agreements / Jennifer A. Howard-Grenville
  • Field-level analyses
  • Interpretations of institutions : the case of recycled newsprint / Pratima Bansal and Wendy J. Penner
  • Policy discourse, logics and practice standards : centralizing the solid waste management field / Michael Lounsbury, Heather Geraci, and Ronit Waismel-Manor
  • The institutional context of environmental voluntary agreements / Magali Delmas and Ann Terlaak
  • Governance and regulatory structures
  • Open-sourcing environmental regulation : how to make firms compete for the natural environment / Yiorgos Mylonadis
  • Strategic responses to the reputation commons problem / Andrew A. King, Michael J. Lenox, and Michael L. Barnett
  • International standardization and global governance : the spread of quality and environmental management standards / Peter J. Mendel
  • Closing commentary
  • Environmental management : new opportunities for institutional theory / John R. Ehrenfeld
  • Organizations and the natural environment : evolving models / W. Richard Scott.
This work brings together emerging perspectives from organization theory and management, environmental sociology, international regime studies, and the social studies of science and technology to provide a starting point for discipline-based studies of environmental policy and corporate environmental behaviour. The text has a theoretical and empirical focus, designed for a two-fold audience - organizational scholars working within the institutional tradition, and environmental scholars interested in management and policy. Together this mix should form a creative synthesis for both sets of readers, analyzing how environmental policy and organizational practices are shaped, spread and contested.
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