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1. La chienne [2016]

1 videodisc (96 min.) : sound, black and white ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical; mono. Digital: video file; Blu-Ray; region A.
Cashier Maurice Legrand is married to Adele, a terror. By chance, he meets Lucienne, Lulu, and makes her his mistress. He thinks he finally met love, but Lulu is nothing but a streetwalker, in love with Dede, her pimp. She only accepts Legrand to satisfy Dede's needs of money.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
1 videodisc (279 min.) : sound ; b&w ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet (21 pages : illustrations; 15 cm) Sound: digital; optical. Digital: video file; Blu-ray; all region.
  • Man with a camera (1929)
  • Enthusiasm: symphony of the Donbas (1931)
  • Three songs about Lenin (1934)
  • Kino eye (1924)
  • Kino Pravda (1922-1925).
A collection of Russian experimental documentary films by Dziga Vertov, who used in his films several cinematic techniques (split screens, multiple superimpositions, variable speeds, et cetera) to present urban life from dawn to dusk.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center

3. The thin blue line [1988]

1 videodisc (101 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + program notes
  • Special features: Errol Morris (interview)
  • Joshua Oppenheimer (interview)
  • Today : "close up" (Today show interview with Randall Adams, attorney Randy Schaffer, and director Errol Morris); accompanying folded insert.
Examines the roadside murder of a Dallas police officer, and the subsequent arrest and conviction of drifter Randall Adams, who was given a death sentence despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)

4. Unfriended [2014]

2 videodiscs (1 hr., 23 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical; surround. Video: NTSC. Digital: video file; DVD video; all regions.
A group of teenagers are stalked online after a prank they played on a bully drives her to suicide.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
1 videodisc (196 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
Follows the life and family relationships of retired actor and hotel owner Aydin, living in the Cappadocia region in central Turkey.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
1 videodisc (75 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical. Digital: video file; Blu-Ray.
Two men on a park bench discuss the story of Cesare, a sleep-walking circus performer under the control of the murderous Dr. Caligari. But all, of course, is not quite as it seems. Silent film from 1920.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
5 videodiscs (400 min.) : Blu-ray and DVD video, sound, black and white ; 4 3/4 in. + + booklet (28 p. : illustrations ; 16 cm) Sound: digital; optical. Video: NTSC. Digital: video file; DVD video; region 1. video file; Blu-ray; region A.
  • The floorwalker
  • The fireman
  • The vagabond
  • One a.m.
  • The count
  • The pawnshop
  • Behind the screen
  • The rink
  • Easy Street
  • The cure
  • The immigrant
  • The adventurer
  • Birth of the tramp
  • Chaplin's Goliath.
A group of silent comedies produced within an 18 month period, many featuring Chaplin's signature Little Tramp character. The films were digitally assembled and restored in a collaborative effort with Lobster Films in Paris and L'Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
1 videodisc (125 min.) : sd., b&w with col. ; 12 in.
Traveling through Italy with an interpreter to research a composer's life, a poet haunted by visions of his home and family in Russia meets a hermit fixated on the spiritual decay of humanity who claims he knows the secret of its salvation.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
2 videodiscs (83 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 Blu-ray disc (83 min. : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.) + 1 booklet. Sound: digital; optical; surround; Dolby Digital 5.1. digital; optical; surround; 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Video: laser optical; NTSC. laser optical; NTSC. Digital: video file; DVD video; region 1. video file; Blu-ray; 1080p high definition; region A.
An actress has inexplicably gone mute; a young nurse cares for her in a remote island cottage. While isolated together there, the women perform a mysterious spiritual and emotional transference that would prove to be one of cinema's most influential ideas.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
2 videodiscs (168 min.) : sd., b&w ; 4 3/4 in.
  • Disc 1. Feature film (168 min.)
  • Disc 2. Extras (183 min.).
Four separate, interwoven stories, unified by the common theme of man's inhumanity to fellow man. The Babylonian story deals with the fall of Babylon in 538 B.C. The Judean story treats the life of Christ. The French story centers on the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day in 1572. The modern story is set in an American mill town and the slum area of an American city.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center

11. Breaking the frame [2012]

1 videodisc (102 min.) : sound, color and black & white ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical. Video: NTSC. Digital: video file; Blu-ray; all region.
"A feature-length documentary portrait of the New York artist Carolee Schneemann by Canadian filmmaker Marielle Nitoslawska. A pioneer of performance and body art as well as avant-garde cinema, Schneemann has been breaking the frames of the art world for five decades, in a variety of mediums, challenging assumptions of feminism, gender, sexuality, and identity. Utilizing a rich variety of film and hi-definition formats, Breaking The Frame can be described as a kinetic, hyper-cinematic intervention, a critical meditation on the relation of art to the physical, domestic and conceptual aspects of daily life and on the attributes of memory. It uses Schneemann's autobiographical materials to narrate the historic upheaval within Western art in post-war America. The film captures Schneemann in her own words, images and reflections, at work, at home, in the studio, and interweaves extensive film excerpts from her groundbreaking film work in both super 8 and 16mm such as Fuses (1967) and Kitch's Last Meal (1973-76), with documentation of performances including Meat Joy (1964), Interior Scroll (1975) and more recent museum commissions and exhibitions. ... The visual composition is complemented by a soundtrack featuring the music of composer James Tenney. Tenney was Schneemann's companion and collaborator for many years, and the two remained close friends until his death in 2006."--From
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
2 videodiscs (120 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
It's the hottest day of the year in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Tensions are growing, with the only local businesses being a Korean grocery and Sal's Pizzeria. Mookie is Sal's delivery boy. Radio Raheem has the letters of love and hate written on his hands. He is defiant and together with a motivated Buggin Out, push Sal and his sons to their breaking point. The cops intervene, using force and brutality to apprehend the large Radio Raheem. He is unwilling to succumb to the over-excessive brutality of the police and the racist views of Sal and his family. The overzealous police officers don't understand the repercussions of the violence they just unleashed. The neighbors band together to protest this extreme form of pure, toxic bigotry. Mob mentality takes over and the other local non-African American store owners become threatened. Tempers flare and rage is in the air.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
2 videodiscs (128 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
At the height of the Cold War, a precarious operation goes deadly wrong, and the head of British Intelligence wonders if a double agent is leaking vital secrets. Brought out of retirement to expose the potential mole, master spy George Smiley is the only one who can be trusted to expose one of their own. Or can he? As the emotional and physical tolls mount on the high-ranking suspects, Smiley will be forced into the ultimate international spy game where everyone's motives are in question.
Green Library, Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
2 videodiscs (64 min. each) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
  • Disc 1. Blu-ray (64 min.)
  • Disc 2. DVD (64 min.)
The tale of Dumbo, the courageous baby elephant who uses his sensational ears to soar to fame with the help of his clever best friend Timothy Q. Mouse.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
3 videodiscs (315 min.) : sd., b&w, col. ; 4 3/4 in. + 15 lobby cards (18 x 13 cm.) + 1 souvenir booklet ([20] p. ; ill. ; 18 cm.) + 1 book ([52] p. : ill. ; 14 x 19 cm.)
  • Disc 1. Citizen Kane
  • Disc 2. The Battle Over Citizen Kane
  • Disc 3. RKO 281
  • v. 1. Orson Welles Citizen Kane
  • v. 2. Rosebud.
  • Citizen Kane / an RKO Radio Picture ; a Mercury production by Orson Welles ; original screen play, Herman J. Mankiewicz, Orson Welles ; direction/production, Orson Welles ; photography, Gregg Toland (119 min., 1941)
  • The battle over Citizen Kane / produced by Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein ; written by Richard Ben Cramer & Thomas Lennon ; executive producer, Margaret Drain ; a Lennon Documentary Group film ; WGBH Boston (113 min., 1996)
  • RKO 281 / HBO Pictures presents in association with WGBH Boston a Scott Free Production ; a Benjamin Ross film ; produced by Su Armstrong ; executive producers, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott ; written by John Logan ; directed by Benjamin Ross (83 min., 1999).
Citizen Kane: Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance. The battle over Citizen Kane: American experience documentary about the making of Citizen Kane and Orson Welles estate. RKO 281: Orson Welles produces his greatest film, Citizen Kane, despite the opposition of the film's de facto subject, William Randolph Hearst.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
3 Blu-ray discs (689 min.) : sd. and si., col. and b&w ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet (unpaged : ill. ; 17 cm.)
  • Volume 1, disc 1 : Desistfilm
  • Wedlock House : an intercourse
  • Dog star man
  • The act of seeing with one's own eyes
  • Cat's cradle
  • Window water baby moving
  • Mothlight
  • Eye myth
  • The wold-shadow
  • The garden of earthly delights
  • The stars are beautiful
  • Kindering
  • I ... dreaming
  • The Dante Quartet
  • Night music
  • Rage net
  • Glaze of Cathexis
  • Delicacies of molten horror synapse
  • Untitled (for Marilyn)
  • Black ice
  • Study in color and black and white
  • Stellar
  • Crack glass eulogy
  • The dark tower
  • Commingled containers
  • Love song.
  • Volume 2, disc 1 : The wonder ring
  • The dead
  • Two: Creeley/ McClure
  • 23rd Psalm branch
  • Scenes from under childhood, section one
  • The machine of Eden
  • Star garden
  • Desert
  • The process
  • Burial path
  • Duplicity III
  • The domain of the moment
  • Murder psalm
  • Arabic 12 .
  • Volume 2, disc 2 : Visions in meditation #1
  • Visions in meditation #2 (Mesa Verde)
  • Visions in meditation #3 (Plato's cave)
  • Visions in meditation #4 (D.H. Lawrence)
  • Unconscious London strata
  • Boulder blues and pearls and ...
  • The mammals of Victoria
  • From: first hymn to the night - novalis
  • I take these truths
  • The cat of the worm's green realm
  • Yggdrasill: whose roots are stars in the human mind
  • "..." reel five
  • Persian series 1-3
  • Chinese series.
  • Book : Foreword / Marilyn Brakhage
  • The act of seeing / Fred Camper
  • About the films: volume one / Fred Camper
  • Some notes on the selection of titles for By Brakhage: an anthology volume two / Marilyn Brakhage
  • About the films: volume two / Fred Camper ---- The hair in the gate: preserving Brakhage / Mark Toscano.
"Working outside the mainstream, the wildly prolific, visionary Stan Brakhage made more than 350 films over a half century. Challenging all taboos in his exploration of "birth, sex, death, and the search for God, " he turned his camera on explicit lovemaking, childbirth, even autopsy. Many of his most famous works pursue the nature of vision itself and transcend the act of filming. Some, including the legendary Mothlight, were created without using a camera at all, as he pioneered the art of making images directly on film, by drawing, painting, and scratching. With these two volumes, we present the definitive Brakhage collection -- fifty-six of his works, from across his career, in high-definition digital transfers" -- Container.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
2 videodiscs (145 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
  • Disc 1- Goodfellas, special features: commentary by Martin Scorsese and cast/crew; bonus commentary with ex-gangster Henry Hill and ex-FBI Agent Edward McDonald; 3 documentaries: "Getting made", "Made men, the Goodfellas legacy", "The workaday gangster"; "Paper is cheaper than film": storyboard-to-screen companion; theatrical trailer.
  • Disc 2- Public Enemies, special features: Mob of classic gangster-themed cartoons, I like mountain music; She was an acrobat's daughter; Racketeer Rabbit; Bugs and thugs, (106 min.)
Goodfellas: Details the rise and fall of Henry Hill, a Brooklyn kid who grows up idolizing the "wise guys" from his neighborhood. He begins hanging around the mobsters and doing odd jobs until he gains the notice of local chieftain Paulie Cicero. In his teens, Hill distinguishes himself as a "stand-up guy" by choosing jail time over ratting on his accomplices. From that moment on, he is a part of the family. Along with his partner Tommy, he rises through the ranks to become Paulie's lieutenant. Soon he finds himself the target of both the feds and the mobsters.
[Documentary] Public enemies: Explore the invention and development of the crime genre from the turn of the century to the silent era to the rise of the Warner Bros. stars and directors. Learn about the effect of Prohibition, censorship, the Depression and World War II on the rise of criminality in society, and its subsequent reflection seen on-screen.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes), Media & Microtext Center
1 videodisc (135 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
Speed Racer is a natural behind the wheel of his thunderous Mach 5. With the support of Pops and Mom Racer, girlfriend Trixie, younger brother Spritle and the mysterious Racer X, Speed takes on fierce competitors to save his family's business and protect the sport he loves. When Speed steps on the track, it's not just a race.
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)