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1. American epic [2017]

2 videodiscs (310 min.) : sound, color with black and white sequences ; 4 3/4 in. Sound: digital; optical; mono. Video: NTSC. Digital: video file; DVD video; region 1.
  • The big bang. The Carter Family ; Field recordings ; The Bristol sessions ; The Carter Family legacy ; Beale Street ; The Memphis Jug Band ; A feeling of the past
  • Blood and soil. Elder Burch ; The triumph church ; Dizzy Gillespie ; Music from the coal mines ; Charley Patton and Dockery Farms ; Patton's thumbprint
  • Out of the many, the one. The deepest roots of American music ; Joseph Kekuku and the steel guitar ; The first Tejano superstar ; A musical jambalaya ; Mississippi John Hurt ; Lost and found ; The sounds of earth
  • disc 2. The American epic sessions.
The big bang: At the height of the Roaring Twenties, music scouts armed with cutting-edge recording technology set out across America to capture the unsung voices of everyday folk. Blood and soil: America's poor--cotton field slaves, mine workers, sharecroppers--find freedom through music, creating gospel, protest songs, and Delta blues. Out of the many, the one: Exotic cultures spanning America are captured on record for the first time, inventing new instruments and new cultural identities. The American epic sessions: Jack White and T Bone Burnett produce an epic recording session using the only working 1920s recording device in existence in this tribute to the artists celebrated in the American epic documentaries.
Archive of Recorded Sound, Music Library
279 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits, facsimiles ; 24 cm
  • The first time America heard herself
  • I'll get a break someday: Will Shade and the Memphis Jug Band
  • In the shadow of Clinch Mountain: The Carter Family
  • My heart keeps singing: Elder J.E. Burch
  • Gonna die with my hammer in my hand: Dick Justice and the Williamson Brothers
  • Down the dirt road: Charley Patton and the Mississippi Delta Blues
  • Chant of the snake dance: The Hopi Indian Chanters
  • Bird of paradise: Joseph Kekuku
  • Mal hombre: Lydia Mednoza
  • Allons à Lafayette: The Breaux Family
  • Avalon blues: Mississippi John Hurt
  • The American epic sessions
  • Travel and the crew.
The companion book to the ground breaking BBC Arena documentary series celebrating the pioneers and artists of American roots music, blues, gospel, folk, Cajun, Appalachian, Hawaiian, Native American without which there would be no jazz, rock, country R&B, or hip hop today. Jack White, T. Bone Burnett, and Robert Redford have teamed up to executive produce American Epic, a historical music project exploring the pivotal recording journeys of the early twentieth century, which for the first time captured the breadth of American music and made it available to the world. It was, in a very real way, the first time America truly heard herself. In the 1920s and 1930s, as radio took over the pop music business, record companies were forced to leave their studios in major cities in search of new styles and markets. Ranging the mountains, prairies, rural villages, and urban ghettos of America, they discovered a wealth of unexpected talent-farmers, labourers, and ethnic minorities playing styles that blended the intertwining strands of Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. These recordings form the bedrock for modern music as we know it, but during the Depression many record companies went out of business and more than ninety percent of the fragile 78 rpm discs were destroyed. Fortunately, thanks to the continuing efforts of cultural detectives and record devotees, the stories of America's earliest musicians can finally be told. Bernard MacMahon and Allison McGourty, who directed and produced the documentary with American musician Duke Erikson, spent years traveling around the US in search of recollections of those musical pioneers. Their fascinating account, written with the assistance of prize-winning author Elijah Wald, continues the journey of the series and features additional stories, never-before-seen photographs, and unearthed artwork. It also contains contributions from many of the musicians who participated including Taj Mahal, Nas, Willie Nelson, and Steve Martin, plus a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible journey across America.American Epic is an extraordinary testament to our country's musical roots, the transformation of our culture, and the artists who gave us modern popular music.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781501135606 20170703
Archive of Recorded Sound
349 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), map ; 26 cm
This spectacular volume is a compendium of beautiful recording and playback equipment and at the same time an engaging, comprehensive history of sound recording. Organized chronologically, it showcases specially commissioned photography of the beautiful, iconic and rarely seen objects contained within the diverse collections of the EMI Archive Trust. Recording equipment, playback devices, catalogues, artist files, records, master tapes, radios and televisions are all here, accompanied by detailed specifications and intriguing archival photographs. Interspersed with the timeline and images are in-depth articles that tell the complete stories of the pioneering advances in the evolution of sound technology, from the invention of the 'Gramophone' method to the development of electronic signal amplifiers, and from the arrival of magnetic tape recording to the advent of CDs and the dawn of the digital age. It is sure to prove irresistible to music geeks and design lovers alike.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780500519288 20171009
Archive of Recorded Sound
xv, 420 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
How record albums and their covers delivered mood music, lifestyle advice, global sounds, and travel tips to midcentury Americans who longed to be modern.The sleek hi-fi console in a well-appointed midcentury American living room might have had a stack of albums by musicians like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or Patti Page. It was just as likely to have had a selection of LPs from slightly different genres, with such titles as Cocktail Time, Music for a Chinese Dinner at Home, The Perfect Background Music for Your Home Movies, Honeymoon in Hawaii, Strings for a Space Age, or Cairo! The Music of Modern Egypt. The brilliantly hued, full-color cover art might show an ideal listener, an ideal living room, an ideal tourist in an exotic landscape -- or even an ideal space traveler. In Designed for Hi-Fi Living, Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder listen to and look at these vinyl LPs, scouring the cover art and the liner notes, and find that these albums offered a guide for aspirational Americans who yearned to be modern in postwar consumer culture.Borgerson and Schroeder examine the representations of modern life in a selection of midcentury record albums, discussing nearly 150 vintage album covers, reproduced in color -- some featuring modern art or the work of famous designers and photographers. Offering a fascinating glimpse into the postwar imagination, the first part, "Home, " explores how the American home entered the frontlines of cold war debates and became an entertainment zone -- a place to play music, mix drinks, and impress guests with displays of good taste. The second part, "Away, " considers albums featuring music, pictures, and tourist information that prepared Americans for the jet age as well as the space race.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780262036238 20171030
Archive of Recorded Sound, Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
52 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 21 cm.
  • Buffha Scheidegger discography / contributor Erwin Elvers
  • Jacky Milliet discography / contributor Erwin Elvers
  • The Dixie Kids discography / contributor Fidi Weber.
Archive of Recorded Sound
Music recording
2 audio discs : digital, CD audio ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 CD-ROM.
Archive of Recorded Sound
Music recording
1 audio disc ; 4 3/4 in.
Archive of Recorded Sound
xiv, 357 pages ; 24 cm
  • Acknowledgements Preface Introduction Chapter 1: A Theory of Masterful Stories Chapter 2: Golden Age Radio Plays: Examining 120 Case Studies Chapter 3: Radio's Earliest Plays: Inventing the Medium's Storytelling Form in the 1920s and 1930s Chapter 4: Radio Hits its Dramatic Stride: The Early 1940s Chapter 5: Classics Continued Post WWII: From the Mid to Late 1940s Chapter 6: Post-WWII Radio Drama: Early to Mid 1950s Chapter 7: End of an Era: Exemplary Plays from the 1950s and Beyond Chapter 8: Concluding Reflections on Stories from Golden Age Radio.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138693395 20170907
The early eras of radio storytelling have entered and continue to enter the public domain in large quantities, offering unprecedented access to the Golden Age of Radio. Author and Professor John Pavlik mines the best this age of radio has to offer in Masterful Stories, an examination of the masterpieces of audio storytelling. This book provides a chronological history of the best of the best from radio's Golden Age, outlining a core set of principles and techniques that made these radio plays enduring examples of storytelling. It suggests that, by using these techniques, stories can engage audiences emotionally and intellectually. Grounded in a historical and theoretical understanding of radio drama, this volume illuminates the foundational works that proceeded popular modern shows such as Radiolab, The Moth, and Serial. Masterful Stories will be a powerful resource in both media history courses and courses teaching audio storytelling for modern radio and other audio formats, such as podcasting. It will appeal to audio fans looking to learn about and understand the early days of radio drama.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138693395 20170907
Archive of Recorded Sound
310 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
Archive of Recorded Sound
224 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Archive of Recorded Sound
251 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 30 cm
It wasn't just clothes and hair that changed as the 1960s progressed - social awareness crept into youth culture and music ceased to be simply about dancing. A counter-culture gradually emerged, and rock 'n' roll was its defining feature. Pop music broadened beyond the traditional guitar-bass-drum format and started to experiment with new sounds. Musicianship reached unsurpassable levels, and for a brief, glorious time, genuinely experimental music coincided with the popular taste. The explosion of imagination and ambition that characterised the psychedelic movement of the late 1960s stretched the possibilities of the pop song to their limits. Never before or since were so many classic albums made in such a short time. Psychedelia is the most colourful, detailed and authoritative guide to these albums ever published. One hundred of them are evaluated here, using contemporary reviews, rare photographs and interviews, accompanied by a plethora of iconic images and reproductions of cover artwork.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781786750280 20170703
Archive of Recorded Sound
1 collection
Archive of Recorded Sound
320 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
Archive of Recorded Sound
x, 250 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Track One / Formation of a Freak 1 Track Two / "News of My Death, Greatly Exaggerated, " Quoth the Record 5 Column One / 2000-2003 Philly Joe Jones, Philly Joe Jones 15 Paul Gonsalves, Cookin' 16 Takashi Furuya with the Freshmen, Fanky Drivin' 18 Carsten Meinert Kvartet, To You 20 Melvin Jackson, Funky Skull 21 Gloria Coleman Quartet featuring Pola Roberts, Soul Sisters 23 Elmo Hope Ensemble, Sounds from Rikers Island 24 Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Brotherhood 26Morris Grants Presents J.U.N.K. 28 Tom Stewart, Sexette / Quintette 30 Kenny Graham and His Satellites, Moondog and Suncat Suites 31 John Coltrane, Cosmic Music 33 Andre Hodeir, Jazz et Jazz: Jazz Experiments-- Triple Play Stereo, Pop+Jazz=Swing-- Bill Russo Orchestra, Stereophony 35 George Davis Sextet, various acetates 37 Staffan Harde, Staffan Harde 39 Art Pepper, Chile Pepper 42 Jack Wilson, The Jazz Organs 43 Craig Harris, Tributes 45 Quintet Moderne, The Strange and the Commonplace 46 A. K. Salim, Afro-Soul / Drum Orgy 48 Tristan Meinecke, home recordings, 1939-43 50 Chico Hamilton Quintet, Sweet Smell of Success 52 Lehn-Strid, Here There-- Klapper-Kuchen, Irregular 54 Bill Leslie, Diggin' the Chicks-- Thornel Schwartz with Bill Leslie, Soul Cookin' 55 Tony Scott and His Buddies, Gypsy 57 Herbie Mann, Great Ideas of Western Mann 58 Track Three / Freek, Not Snob 61 Column Two . 2004-2006 Afreaka!, Demon Fuzz 69 Contemporary Sound Series 70 Beaver Harris / Don Pullen 360-Degree Experience, A Well-Kept Secret 72 Mike Osborne Trio, Border Crossing 73 The Three Souls, Dangerous Dan Express 75 Steve Lacy, Raps 77 Halki Collective, Halki Collective 79 The Amran-Barrow Quartet, The Eastern Scene 80 Charlie Parke acetates 82 Tommy "Madman" Jones, A Different Sound and Just Friends 84 New York Art Quartet, Mohawk 86 Paul Gonsalves / Tubby Hayes, Just Friends-- Paul Gonsalves All Stars Featuring Tubby Hayes, Change of Setting 88 Anthony Braxton, New York, Fall 1974 90 Herbie Fields Sextet, A Night at Kitty's 91 Air, 80 Degrees Below '82 93 Guy Warren with Red Saunders Orchestra, Africa Speaks-American Answers! 94 Barry Altschul, Another Time, Another Place 96 The Korean Black Eyes, "Higher" 97 Rufus Jones, Five on Eight 99 Johnny Shacklett Trio, At the Hoffman House 100 The Mad-Hatters, The Mad-Hatters at Midnight 102 Klaus Doldinger, Doldinger Goes On 103 Max Roach, Solos 105 Dick Johnson, Most Likely . . . 106 Phil Seaman, The Phil Seamen Story 108 Paul Smoker Trio, QB 109 Khan Jamal, Drumdance to the Motherland-- Franz Koglmann, For Franz / Opium 111 Track Four / Brand New Secondhand: Record Collector Subcultures 113 Column Three / 2006-2012 Walt Dunn, seven-inch singles 123 Leonard Feather, The Night Blooming Jazzmen 125 Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Modern Jazz Expressions 126 Archie Shepp, Plays the Music of James Brown-- Cozy Eggleston, Grand Slam 128 Black Grass, Black Grass 129 Yoke & Yohs seven-inch 45 The Bill Dixon Orchestra, Intents and Purposes 132 Orchestre Regional de Mopti, Orchestre Regional de Mopti 134 The Jihad, Black & Beautiful . . . Soul & Madness 136 Milford Graves / Don Pullen, Milford Graves & Don Pullen at Yale University 137 Heikki Sarmanto Sextet, Flowers in the Water-- G.L. Unit, Orangutang! 139 Ernie and Emilio Caceres, Ernie & Emilio Caceres 141 Maarten Altena, Papa Oewa 142 London Experimental Jazz Quartet, Invisible Roots 144 Sunny Murray, Big Chief-- Solidarity Unit, Inc., Red, Black, and Green 146 Dick Wetmore, Dick Wetmore 147 United Front, Path with a Heart 149 Joseph Scianni, Man Running 150 The Residents, The Beatles Play the Residents and the Residents Play the Beatles 152 John Carter / Bobby Bradford Quartet, Flight for Four and Self Determination Music 153 Johnny Lytle Trio, Blue Vibes 155 Orchid Spangiafora, Flee Pasts Ape Elf 156 Noah Howard, Space Dimension 158 Baikida Carroll, The Spoken Word 159 Randy Weston, Blues 161 Charles Bobo Shaw Human Arts Ensemble Concere Ntasiah 163 Lee "Scratch" Perry, Double-7 164 Eddie Shu / Joe Roland / Wild Bill Davis, New Stars-New Sounds 166 Cecil Taylor / Tony Oxley, Ailanthus / Altissima 167 Unidentified Kenyan Highlife Band, seven-inch test pressing 169 Track Five / Specialty of the House 173 Track Six / Anything Can Happen Day: Sun Ra, Alton Abraham, and the Taming of the Freak 221 Column Four / 2016 Le Sun-Ra and his Arkistra, "Saturn" seven-inch single-- Tom Prehn Quartet, Axiom 243 Track Seven / Run-Off Groove 247 Acknowledgements 249.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780822363668 20170829
From scouring flea markets and eBay to maxing out their credit cards, record collectors will do just about anything to score a long-sought-after album. In Vinyl Freak, music writer, curator, and collector John Corbett burrows deep inside the record fiend's mind, documenting and reflecting on his decades-long love affair with vinyl. Discussing more than 200 rare and out-of-print LPs, Vinyl Freak is composed in part of Corbett's long-running DownBeat magazine column of the same name, which was devoted to records that had not appeared on CD. In other essays where he combines memoir and criticism, Corbett considers the current vinyl boom, explains why vinyl is his preferred medium, profiles collector subcultures, and recounts his adventures assembling the Alton Abraham Sun Ra Archive, an event so all-consuming that he claims it cured his record-collecting addiction. Perfect for vinyl newbies and veteran crate diggers alike, Vinyl Freak plumbs the motivations that drive Corbett and collectors everywhere.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780822363668 20170829
Archive of Recorded Sound
224 pages : illustrations (colour)
Archive of Recorded Sound
489 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 34 cm
The legend of a music label 75 years of Capitol Records From the Beatles to Beck, Sinatra to Sam Smith, a parade of era-defining artists have passed through the doors of the Capitol Records Tower, one of Hollywood s most distinctive landmarks and home to one of the world s most defining labels for the past 75 years. To commemorate this extraordinary history of recorded music, TASCHEN presents this official account of Capitol Records, from its founding year of 1942 through to today. With a foreword by Beck, essays by cultural historians and music and architecture critics, as well as hundreds of images from Capitol s extensive archives, we follow the label s evolution and the making of some of the greatest music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Through pop, rock, country, classical, soul, and jazz, the photographic and musical history includes the label s most sucessful, cool, hip, and creative stars, as well as the one-hit wonders who had their all-too-brief moments in the spotlight.Along the way, we encounter the likes of Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, the Kingston Trio, and Frank Sinatra in Capitol s first 20 years; the Beach Boys, the Band, and the Beatles in the 1960s; global rock magnets Pink Floyd, Wings, Steve Miller Band, Bob Seger, and Linda Ronstadt in the 1970s, and such contemporary stars as Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Sam Smith. An unmissable milestone for music lovers, 75 Years of Capitol Records is a live and kicking celebration of a mighty giant in the industry that created the soundtrack to generations past, present, and future.Text in English, French, and German".
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9783836550284 20170313
Archive of Recorded Sound

17. AMMmusic, 1966 [2016]

Music recording
1 audio disc ; 12 in.
Archive of Recorded Sound
224 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
  • The jazz me blues: sheet music
  • That stuff you sell: prewar race records ads
  • The hottest bands! the biggest hits! record catalogs
  • Rare beauty: pre-war 78 labels
  • What a night, what a show! music and movie posters
  • That sunny road: postwar blues 78 labels
  • The blues roll on: album covers, part 1
  • Hang it on the wall: photograph gallery
  • I'm talkin about you: publications and promotions
  • The big time: album covers, part 2.
This stunning book charts the rich history of the blues, through the dazzling array of posters, album covers, and advertisements that have shaped its identity over the past hundred years. The blues have been one of the most ubiquitous but diverse elements of American popular music at large, and the visual art associated with this unique sound has been just as varied and dynamic. There is no better guide to this fascinating graphical world than Bill Dahl a longtime music journalist and historian who has written liner notes for countless reissues of classic blues, soul, R&B, and rock albums. With his deep knowledge and incisive commentary complementing more than three hundred and fifty lavishly reproduced images the history of the blues comes musically and visually to life. What will astonish readers who thumb through these pages is the amazing range of ways that the blues have been represented whether via album covers, posters, flyers, 78 rpm labels, advertising, or other promotional materials. We see the blues as it was first visually captured in the highly colorful sheet music covers of the early twentieth century. We see striking and hard-to-find label designs from labels big (Columbia) and small (Rhumboogie). We see William Alexander's humorous artwork on postwar Miltone Records; the cherished ephemera of concert and movie posters; and Chess Records' iconic early albums designed by Don Bronstein, which would set a new standard for modern album cover design. What these images collectively portray is the evolution of a distinctively American art form. And they do so in the richest way imaginable. The result is a sumptuous book, a visual treasury as alive in spirit as the music it so vibrantly captures.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780226396699 20170117
Archive of Recorded Sound
44 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 21 cm.
  • Michael Pewney discography
  • Martin Pyrker discography
  • Vince Weber discography
  • Jo Bohnsack discography.
Archive of Recorded Sound
48 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 21 cm.
  • Jean-Pierre Bertrand discography
  • Philippe LeJeune discography
  • Frank Muschalle discography
  • Jörg Hegemann discography.
Archive of Recorded Sound