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Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); East Asia Studies
Consists of fully searchable and browsable databases including English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, Nihon daihyakka zensho, Kodansha encyclopdeia of Japan, articles published in a weekly magazine Ekonomisuto, collection of Tōyō bunko series, Jitsū (by Shirakawa Shizuka), Nihon kokugo daijiten, Nihon jinmei daijiten, Edo-Tōkyō kasane chizu, Nihon rekishi chimei taikei, Kokushi daijiten and other visual and sound databases. Click Login to access subscribed content and Logout when done
Database topics
East Asia Studies; Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East)
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An online version of the character dictionary originally compiled by Shirakawa Shizuka. Part of Japan Narejji (Japan Knowledge) database. Click Login to access title and Logout when done