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424 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm.
  • Oceanographic Data Management : Quills and Free Text to the digital age and "Big Data"/ Justin JH Buck, Roy K Lowry
  • Balancing Formalization and Representation in Cross-Domain Data Management for Sustainable Development / Paolo Diviacco, Adam Leadbetter
  • Developing a Common Global Framework for Marine Data Management / Helen M Glaves
  • Linked Ocean Data 2.0 / Adam Leadbetter, Michelle Cheatham, Adam Shepherd, Rob Thomas
  • Documenting Provenance for Reproducible Marine Ecosystem Assessment in Open Science / Xiaogang Ma ... [et al.]
  • Semantic Search Engine for Data Management and Sustainable Development : Marine Planning Service Platform / Giuseppe Manzella ... [et al.]
  • SeaDataNet : Towards a Pan-European Infrastructure for Marine and Ocean Data Management / Dick Schaap
  • Repositioning Data Management Near Data Acquisition / Paolo Diviacco ... [et al.]
  • Interoperability in marine sensor networks through SWE services: The RITMARE experience / Alessandro Oggioni ... [et al.]
  • Building a 4D Voxel-Based Decision Support System for a Sustainable Management of Marine Geological Resources / Vera Van Lancker ... [et al. ]
  • Providing Oceanographic Data and Information to Pacific Island Communities / James Potemra, John Maurer, Echelle S. Burns
  • Marine environment data management related to human activity in the south-eastern Baltic Sea (Lithuanian segment) / Algimantas Grigelis ... [et al.]
  • Data and Operational Oceanography : A Review in Support of Responsible Fisheries and Aquaculture / Enrique Wulff
  • Integrated Monitoring in the Voordelta, The Netherlands : Monitoring and Data Management for Evaluation of Nature Compensation Measures / Niels Kinneging ... [et al.]
  • Analysis of Ocean in Situ Observations and Web-Based Visualization : From Individual Measurements to an Integrated View / Alexander Barth ... [et al.].
As human activity makes a greater impact on the environment, sustainability becomes an increasingly imperative goal. With the assistance of current technological innovations, environmental systems can be better preserved. Oceanographic and Marine Cross-Domain Data Management for Sustainable Development is a pivotal resource for the latest research on the collection of environmental data for sustainability initiatives and the associate challenges with this data acquisition. Highlighting various technological, scientific, semantic, and semiotic perspectives, this book is ideally designed for researchers, technology developers, practitioners, students, and professionals in the field of environmental science and technology.
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Marine Biology Library (Miller)


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