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xiii, 350 p. ; 25 cm.
  • What is American about America?: Featherstone, J. John Dewey and David Riesman, from the lost individual to the lonely crowd. Gusfield, J. R. The sociological reality of America. Jencks, C. The social basis of unselfishness. Meyersohn, R. Abundance reconsidered. Sennett, R. What Tocqueville feared. Glazer, N. Individualism and equality in the United States. Cottle, T. J. An unemployed family. Kato, H. Development nineteenth-century style.--American institutions and subcultures-still changing: Gans, H. J. Symbolic ethnicity. Weiss, R. S. A new marital form. Berger, B. M. American pastorialism, suburbia and the commune movement. Denney, R. Feast of strangers. Trow, M. Aspects of diversity in American higher education. Grant, G. Journalism and social science.
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xxvii, 393 p. ; 21 cm.
For ten years, Herbert J. Gans spent considerable time in four major television and magazine newsrooms, observing and talking to the journalists who choose the national news stories that inform America about itself. Writing during the golden age of journalism. Gans included such headline events as the War on Poverty, the Vietnam War and the protests against it, urban ghetto disorders, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, and Watergate. He was interested in the values, professional standards, and the external pressures that shaped journalists' judgments. Deciding What's News has become a classic. A new preface outlines the major changes that have taken place in the news media since Gans first wrote the book, but it also suggests that the basics of news judgment and the structures of news organizations have changed little Gans's book is still the most comprehensive sociological account of some of the country's most prominent national news media. The book received the 1979 Theatre Library Association Award and the 1980 Book Award of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters. This is the first work to be published under the Medill School of Journalism's "Visions of the American Press" imprint, a new journalism history series featuring both original volumes and reprints of important classics.
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