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  • Knowledge economy and corporate education / Ram M. Vemuri, B. PanduRanga Narasimharao
  • Moving from corporate training to corporate education: a case study in accountancy from Turkey / Evren Dilek Sengür, Asli Beyhan Acar
  • Evolving corporate education: relevance of management education / Rajat Kanti Baisya, Brane Semolic
  • Sustainability in higher education through basic science research: strategies for corporate bodies in pharmaceuticals / P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram
  • NGOs and corporate education: a case study from Jharkhand / Ravi Sinha, Mrinal Gaurav
  • Integrated and corporate learning in higher education: challenges and strategies / Om Prakash, Archie Mathur
  • Multi-faceted industry-academia collaboration / K Guruprasad
  • Preparing engineering graduates for corporate enterprises: a case study on human capacity building for the Indian power sector / B.N. Balaji Singh, V. V. Kutumbarao, Ram B. Koganti
  • Education and training in modern biotechnology in india: bridging the academia-industry divide / C Kameswara Rao, Seetharam Annadana
  • Nanorevolution and professionalizing university education: opportunities and obstacles / Mahendra Rai, Shivaji Deshmukh
  • Instilling ideology of professionalism in university education: assessment of shifting paradigms / M. M. Salunkhe, N. V. Thakkar, R. K. Kamat
  • Corporate education in universities in India / N. Anand
  • Preparing bio-entrepreneurs: a case study / Sandesh Kamath B., Gireesh Babu K.
  • Skill development in the Indian food processing sector / Prabodh Halde ... [et al.]
  • Preparing professionals in cancer therapy: a case study of programmed cell death / Shiv Shanker Pandey, Vivek Ambastha, Budhi Sagar Tiwari
  • Microbiology education for biotechnology industry / K. K. Pal, R. Dey, K.V. B. R. Tilak
  • University outreach in management education: a case from India for meeting the needs of professionals in the field / Yashavantha Dongre, B. PanduRanga Narasimharao
  • Preparing graduates for the Indian banking industry / Onkar Nath, Tukaram U. Fulzele
  • Power system operator certification: a case study for India / K. Balaraman, B. R. Lakshmikantha, R. Nagaraja
  • Corporate-university partnerships: the outreach and engagement model / Brandon W. Kliewer, Lorilee R. Sandmann, B. PanduRanga Narasimharao
  • Role of universities in leveraging ICT for corporate education / B M Subraya
  • Professionalising natural science education and multipronged open distance learning / B. PanduRanga Narasimharao
  • Integrating corporate education in Malaysian higher education: the experience of Open University Malaysia / Anuwar Ali
  • Internalizing quality culture: professionalizing university education / Ganesh A. Hegde.
Presents the theories and opportunities for integrating corporate education into traditional universities as well as highlighting the professional development in different subject areas.
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