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vi, 426 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Trying to understand the current Chinese legal system / William C. Jones
  • Exporting "the pursuit of happiness" / William P. Alford
  • Puzzling observations in Chinese law / Donald C. Clarke
  • Grave matters / Susan Roosevelt Weld
  • The role of case precedent in the Qing judicial process as reflected in appellate rulings / R. Randle Edwards
  • The comparative law school of China / Alison W. Conner
  • Law in China's economic development / Natalie G. Lichtenstein
  • A legal perspective on the development of electoral democracy in China / Jamie P. Horsley
  • The concept of "one country, two systems" and its application to Hong Kong / Albert H. Chen
  • The rule of law in Taiwan / Tsung-Fu Chen.
'This collection, with its prominent contributors broad range of topics, cutting-edge research, and thought-provoking discussion, is surely a fine piece of work which will bring the understanding of the Chinese legal system to a deeper level' - "International Journal of Legal Information". This volume brings together ten original essays by leading Chinese law experts in the United States and beyond. Employing a variety of perspectives and materials, these writings tackle important issues that range from ancient Chinese legal history to aspects of the contemporary legal process in the People's Republic of China. For example, how was law theorized and practiced during China's Warring States period circa 4th century B.C? What was the role of case precedents in the Qing (1616-1911) judicial process? What role has law played in China's on going transformation from central planning to a market economy? Does the current practice of village-level elections foretell a greater and more genuine development of democracy in China? And, given the complexities of its legal tradition, how can one best understand contemporary Chinese law and anticipate the pace and direction of its future development? The contributors are William P. Alford, Albert H. Chen, Tsung-fu Chen, Donald C. Clarke, Alison W. Conner, R. Randle Edwards, Jamie P. Horsley, William C. Jones, Natalie G. Lichtenstein, and Susan Roosevelt Weld. This collection of essays is dedicated to Jerome A. Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School, in honor of his pioneering role during the past forty years in American scholarship on law in China.
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The rate of women entering prison in the US has increased nearly 400 percent since 1980, with African American women constituting the largest percentage of this population. However, despite their extremely disproportional representation in correctional institutions, little attention has been paid to their experiences within the criminal justice system. "Inner Lives" provides readers the rare opportunity to intimately connect with African American women prisoners. By presenting the women's stories in their own voices, Paula C. Johnson captures the reality of those who are in the system, and those who are working to help them. Johnson offers a nuanced and compelling portrait of this fastest-growing prison population by blending legal history, ethnography, sociology, and criminology. These striking and vivid narratives are accompanied by equally compelling arguments by Johnson on how to reform America's laws and social policies, in order to eradicate existing inequalities. Her thorough and insightful analysis of the historical and legal background of contemporary criminal law doctrine, sentencing theories, and correctional policies sets the stage for understanding the current system.
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