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xviii, 299 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
  • Part 1. The Nature of the Problem. 1. The Problem of Sustainability in the Transport Sector. 2. The Historical Problem of Sustainability in the Transport. Sector. 3. Climate Change. 4. Urban Air Quality. 5. The Finite Nature of Petroleum Reserves. 6. Motor Vehicle Crashes and Safety. 7. Congestion and Sustainability. Part 2. Possible Solutions. 8. An Introduction to the Range of Possible Solutions. Pricing. 9. The Full Costs of Transportation. 10. Pricing and Taxation. Planning. 11. Urban Form: Planning for Sustainability. 12. Indicator-Based Planning. Policy. 13. A Continuum of Policies. 14. The Special Role of Speed and Speed Limit Policies. 15. National Policy Solutions. 16. Sustainable Travel Demand Management. Education. 17. Educating for Change. Technology. 18. Information and Communication Technologies, and E-Commerce. 19. The Potential of Alternative Fuels. 20. New Vehicles, Fuel Cells, and Catalytic Converters. 21. Intelligent Transport Systems. Part 3. Summary and Conclusions. 22. Summary, Conclusions, and the Current Status of Sustainable Transport.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781606234853 20160603
During the past two decades, sustainability has become the dominant concern of transportation planners and policymakers. This timely text provides a framework for developing systems that move people and products efficiently while minimizing damage to the local and global environment. The book offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on the problems surrounding current transportation systems: climate change, urban air pollution, diminishing petroleum reserves, safety issues, and congestion. It explores the full range of possible solutions, including applications of pricing, planning, policy, education, and technology. Numerous figures, tables, and examples are featured, with a primary focus on North America.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781606234853 20160603
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