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xxvii, 295 p. : ill., maps, facsims. ; 26 cm.
  • Anglo-American wooden frame farmhouses in the Midwest, 1830-1900 : origins of balloon frame construction / Fred W. Peterson
  • The machine in the garden : the trolley cottage as romantic artifact / William B. Rhoads --The workers' cottage in Milwaukee's Polish community : housing and the process of Americanization, 1870-1920 / Thomas C. Hubka and Judith T. Kenny --Midwesterners in the Matanuska Valley : colonizing rural Alaska during the 1930s / Arnold R. Alanen
  • "Come in the dark" : domestic workers and their rooms in apartheid-era Johannesburg, South Africa / Rebecca Ginsburg --Familiar things in strange places : Ankara's Ethnography Museum and the legacy of Islam in republican Turkey / Zeynep Kezer
  • Manufacturing moral reform : images and realities of a nineteenth-century American prison / Elaine Jackson-Retondo
  • The gazes of hierarchy at religious camp meetings, 1850-1925 / Anna Vemer Andrzejewski
  • Constructions of tradition : vernacular architecture, country music, and auto-ethnography / Michael Ann Williams and Larry Morrisey --Constructing optimism : Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest / Travis C. McDonald Jr.
  • Commercial space as consumption arena : retail stores in early Virginia / Ann Smart Martin
  • Chicago's Eleanor Clubs : housing working women in the early twentieth century / Jeanne Catherine Lawrence
  • Inside the institution : the art and craft of settlement work at the Oakland New Century Club, 1895-1923 / Marta Gutman.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
xxx, 313 p. : ill., maps, plans ; 26 cm.
  • Exploring everyday landscapes : an introduction / Annmarie Adams and Sally McMurry
  • Wealth and houses in post-revolutionary Virginia / Edward A. Chappell and Julie Richter
  • Dissenting faith and domestic landscape in eighteenth-century Virginia / Clifton Ellis
  • The embedded landscapes of the Charleston Single House, 1780-1820 / Bernard L. Herman
  • The dynamics of architectural design in eighteenth-century Charleston and the lowcountry / Carl Lounsbury
  • A factory without a roof : the company town in the Redwod lumber industry / James Michael Buckley
  • The miracle mile revisited : recycling, renovation, and simulation along the commercial strip / Timothy Davis
  • Architecture for the future at the Charleston exposition, 1901-1902 / Bruce Harvey
  • The urban cemetery and the urban community : the origin of the New Orleans cemetery / Dell Upton
  • The house and garden : housing agricultural laborers in central Delaware, 1780-1930 / Rebecca J. Siders and Anna V. Andrzejewski
  • Story, storage, and symbol : functional cache architecture, cache narratives, and roadside attractions / Susan W. Fair
  • The spatial order of work / Carolyn Torma
  • East Slav identity and church architecture in Minneapolis, Minnesota / Geoffrey M. Gyrisco
  • Housing the grey nuns : power, religion, and women in fin-de-siècle Montréal / Tania Martin
  • "To hold communion with nature and the spirit-world" : New England's spiritualist camp meetings, 1865-1910 / William D. Moore
  • Reading sanborns for the spoor of the owner-builder, 1890s-1950s / Richard Harris
  • The other side of the tracks : the middle-class neighborhoods that Jim Crow built in early-twentieth-century North Carolina / M. Ruth Little
  • Linoleum and lincrusta : the democratic coverings for floors and walls / Pamela H. Simpson.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)


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