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  • 1. Introduction: Megacities, Urban Form, and Sustainability 2. Tokyo's Urban Growth, Urban Form and Sustainability 3. In Search of Sustainable Urban Form for Seoul 4. Sustainable Development, Urban Form, and Megacity Governance and Planning in Tehran 5. Re-Forming the Megacity: Calcutta and the Rural-Urban Interface 6. Landscapes of Water in Delhi: Negotiating Global Norms and Local Cultures 7. Bangkok's Urban Evolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Urban Sustainability 8. Urban Dualism in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area 9. Strategic Planning for London: Integrating City Design and Urban Transportation 10. Towards an Ecological Urbanism for Istanbul 11. Toronto Megacity: Growth, Planning Institutions, Sustainability 12. Los Angeles: Urban Development in the Postsuburban Megacity 13. Mexico City: Power, Equity, and Sustainable Development 14. Bogota's Recovery Process 15. Socially Sustainable Urban Development: The Case of Sao Paulo 16. Sustainability and Urban Form: The Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires 17. Megacity Sustainability: Urban Form, Development, and Governance.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9784431992660 20160605
For the first time in human history, more than half the world's population is urban. A fundamental aspect of this transformation has been the emergence of giant cities, or megacities, that present major new challenges. This book examines how issues of megacity development, urban form, sustainability, and unsustainability are conceived, how governance processes are influenced by these ideas, and how these processes have in turn influenced outcomes on the ground, in some cases in transformative ways. Through 15 in-depth case studies by prominent researchers from around the world, this book examines the major challenges facing megacities today. The studies are organized around a shared set of concerns and questions about issues of sustainability, land development, urban governance, and urban form. Some of the main questions addressed are: What are the most pressing issues of sustainability and urban form in each megacity? How are major issues of sustainability understood and framed by policymakers? Is urban form considered a significant component of sustainability issues in public debates and public policy? Who are the key actors framing urban sustainability challenges and shaping urban change? How is unsustainability, risk, or disaster imagined, and how are those concerns reflected in policy approaches? What has been achieved so far, and what challenges remain? The publication of this book is a step toward answering these and other crucial questions.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9784431992660 20160605
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1 online resource.
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  • Introduction New directions in urban regeneration and the governance of city regions / Tetsuo Kidokoro, Akito Murayama, Kensuke Katayama and Norihisa Shima
  • Strategy for a sustainable transportation system in city regions: strategic approaches and consensus building / Noboru Harata
  • China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand Governing urban development in dualistic societies: a case study of the urban region of Yogyakasta, Indonesia / Leksono Probo Subanu
  • Problems and prospects for sustainable regeneration of traditional markets in Yogyakarta City / Kawik Sugiana
  • De facto urban regeneration: a case study of Chiang Mai City, Thailand / Niramon Kulsrisombat
  • Spatial regeneration and beyond: Daegu, Korea / Shi-Chul Lee and Seungkeun Park
  • Urban form and rail transit development in Dalian, China / Shengchuan Zhao and Zhiwei Yang
  • Japan Urban regeneration and the shift of planning approaches: the case of Japanese regional cities / Tetsuo Kidokoro
  • Activities of local organizations for downtown revitalization in regional cities / Fumihiko Seta
  • Sustainable regeneration of a car-dependent city: the case of Toyama toward a compact city / Kiyoshi Takami and Kiichiro Hatoyama
  • Denmark, Germany, France Copenhagen, Denmark: urban regeneration at economic and social sustainability / Hans Thor Andersen
  • Regional governance and urban regeneration: the case of the Stuttgart Region, Germany / Johann Jessen
  • City-region planning and urban projects "coexistence or integration?": the case of Marseille-Aix in France (1990-2006) / Alain Motte and Jérôme Dubois
  • America Regional planning and local governance: the Portland story / Ethan Paul Seltzer
  • Sustainable urban regeneration in Phoenix, Arizona: implications for multi-dimensional governance / Carlos Balsas
  • Conclusion Towards sustainable regeneration of city regions / Tetsuo Kidokoro, Noboru Harata, Leksono Probo Subanu, Johann Jessen, Alain Motte and Ethan Paul Seltzer.
How should regional cities develop regional development strategies for their sustainable future? How can such strategies work effectively? Regional cities are now at a crossroads: will they decline or be regenerated under the impacts of globalization? Their sustainable regeneration as creative regional centers will play a decisive role in their sustainable development as a whole, but only with viable regional spatial strategies that strengthen the network of cities and their hinterlands. The concern here lies in urban regeneration and strategic spatial planning at the city-region level. This book records observations of 12 dynamically changing regional cities in Asia, Europe and the United States. The form of the city region, urban regeneration and strategic spatial planning as well as the local and regional governance of each city are examined. Through this empirical and comparative analysis, essential lessons are drawn, which will add a new perspective to discussions on the sustainable future of regional cities in an age of globalization.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9784431781462 20160605
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1 online resource (xvi, 285 p.) : ill.
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