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xxv, 215 p. : col. ill.
  • Foreword.- Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Abbreviations.- List of Figures.- List of Tables.- 1. Sustainability Matters.- 1.1 Multi Development.- 1.1.1 Multi's Sustainability Principles.- 1.1.2 Turning Principles into Development Activity.- 1.1.3 Getting the Company on Board.- 1.1.4 Getting the Customers on Board.- 1.2 Sonae Sierra.- 1.2.1 Sustainability.- 1.2.2 Implementation Issues.- 1.3 Marks & Spencer.- 1.3.1 Beyond Environmentalism.- 1.3.2 2008 Plan A Update.- 1.4 Regency Centers.- 1.4.1 Branding.- 1.4.2 Training.- 1.4.3 Capital Allocation.- 1.4.4 Developing a Sustainability Program.- 1.4.5 Taking a Larger Perspective.- 1.4.6 Progress.- References.- 2. Green Buildings Around the World.- 2.1 Why Retail Should Go Green.- 2.2 North American Case Studies.- 2.2.1 Developer Case Studies.- 2.2.2 Retailer Case Studies.- 2.3 The U.K.- 2.4 Austria.- 2.5 Japan.- 2.6 Australia.- 2.7 Turkey.- 2.8 Singapore.- 2.9 China.- References.- 3. What Is a Green Building?- 3.1 Green Buildings Since 2000.- 3.2 High-Performance Building Characteristics.- 3.3 Green Building Practices.- 3.4 The LEED Rating System.- 3.4.1 LEED for New Construction.- 3.4.2 LEED for Core and Shell Buildings.- 3.4.3 LEED for Commercial Interiors.- 3.4.4 LEED for Existing Buildings.- 3.4.5 LEED for Neighborhood Development.- 3.5 Typical Green Building Measures.- 3.6 To LEED or to Lead?- 3.7 LEED for Retail.- 3.8 The Future of High-Performance Buildings in the U.S.- 3.9 Non-U.S. Green Building Rating Systems.- 3.9.1 BREEAM.- References.- 4. The Business Case for Green Retail.- 4.1 Who Benefits and Who Pays?- 4.2 The Developer's Perspective.- 4.2.1 The Entitlement Process.- 4.2.2 Cost Offsets.- 4.2.3 Tax and Other Incentives in the U.S.- 4.2.4 Renewable Energy Incentives in the U.S.- 4.3 Branding and Marketing.- 4.4 Case Study-First Capital Realty, Toronto, Canada.- 4.5 The Retailer's Perspective.- 4.6 Six Key Areas of Focus forGreen Retailing.- 4.7 Challenges for Greening the Retail Sector.- References.- 5. Costs of Greening Buildings and Developments.- 5.1 Barriers to Green Building Growth.- 5.2 Hard and Soft Cost Elements.- 5.3 Cost Drivers.- 5.4 Design Team Capabilities.- 5.5 Design Process and Scope.- 5.6 The Cost of Learning to Be Green.- 5.7 Cost of a Developer's Sustainability Initiative.- References.- 6. Solar Power.- 6.1 The Solar Power Movement.- 6.2 Solar Technology.- 6.3 The Current Market.- 6.4 Economics of PV Solar Power.- 6.5 Financial Benefits of PV Solar Power.- 6.6 Noneconomic Benefits of Solar Power.- 6.7 The Solar Services Model.- References.- 7. Greening Shopping Centers.- 7.1 European Green Building Program.- 7.2 SES Development, Austria.- 7.3 Forum Duisburg, Germany.- 7.4 ECE, Germany.- 7.5 PRUPIM.- 7.6 Redevco.- 7.7 North America.- 7.7.1 Uptown Monterey Shopping Center, Monterey, California.- 7.7.2 Green Circle Shopping Center, Springfield, Missouri.- 7.7.3 Station Park Green, San Mateo, California.- 7.7.4 Northgate Mall Redevelopment, San Rafael, California.- 7.7.5 Tanger Outlet Center at the Arches, Deer Park, New York.- References.- 8. Greening Retail Buildings.- 8.1 Wal-Mart Case Study.- 8.2 LEED Certification for New and Renovated Retail Buildings.- 8.3 Case Study-Target, McKinley Park, Chicago.- 8.4 Case Study-Kohl's.- 8.5 Case Study-Subway.- 8.6 Case Study-ASDA.- 8.7 The John Lewis Partnership.- 8.8 Case Study-Tesco.- References.- 9. Greening Retail Interiors.- 9.1 LEED for Commercial Interiors.- References.- 10. Operating Green Retail Spaces.- 10.1 Sustainable Site Management.- 10.2 Water Conservation.- 10.3 Energy Efficiency.- 10.4 Materials and Resources Conservation.- 10.5 Indoor Environment.- 10.6 Case Study- Stop & Shop.- References.- 11. Marketing Sustainable Retail Development.- 11.1 Four Key Marketing Steps for.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789048127818 20160605
Sustainable Retail Development, addresses the emerging issue of green retail buildings and retail development that will grow significantly in importance over the next half-decade, a trend seen throughout the developed world. This volume is a practical and comprehensive guide to greening retail real estate, including green building and marketing strategies, corporate sustainability programs and features a 10-point "action program" for greening any retail real estate portfolio. Sustainable Retail Development, should be essential reading for professionals in design, construction and operations of shopping centers and retail stores. Well illustrated, this volume features over 30 green retail developments from North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia, as well as interviews with 25 leading industry experts.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789048127818 20160605
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