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Database topics
Slavic and Eastern European Studies; General and Reference Works
v. 23 cm.
"Provides information on East-Central Europe and the former Soviet Union."
Green Library
Database topics
General and Reference Works
Enables the user to browse and search the full text of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) schedules and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) via the World Wide Web (WWW). Features a calculator that combines tables and schedule data, then displays fully calculated numbers together with their corresponding captions.
Database topics
American History; Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; General and Reference Works
v. 24 cm.
Contains records describing books, book chapters, articles, and conference papers published in the field of Latin American studies. Coverage includes relevant books as well as over 800 social science and 550 humanities journals and volumes of conference proceedings. Most records include abstracts with evaluations.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Database topics
General and Reference Works
Database of Library of Congress authority records; searchable by name, subject, title and name/title.
Database topics
Government Information: United States; General and Reference Works
Presents the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Includes a search engine for use at the Web site. Provides access to Library publications, the Law Library, the Library's Gopher (LC MARVEL), databases and online catalog, the Library of Congress Online System (LOCIS), and historical collections for the National Digital Library. Includes information on the U.S. Copyright Office. Features a calendar of conferences, seminars, exhibits, and related events. Details Library of Congress cataloging, acquisitions, and preservation operations.
Database topics
General and Reference Works
Enables the user to search any or all of the following files in the Library of Congress catalog: Books File, Computer Files, In-process Files, JACKPHY File, Manuscripts File, Maps File, Music File, Serials File, and Visual Materials File (approximately 6.3 million records). The Advanced Search Form must be used to search the Name Authority File, the National Union Catalog, the PreMARC File, and the Subject Authority File.
Database topics
History; General and Reference Works; American History
  • NUCMC program
  • NUCMC Z39.50 gateway to the Archival and mixed collection (AMC) file in the RLG Union catalog [RLIN]
  • NUCMC Z39.50 gateway to OCLC Mss. records
  • Library of Congress resources
  • Archival and manuscript repositories of primary resources
  • Ready, net, go!
  • Archival education
  • Archival societies
  • Copyright & fair use
  • Encoded Archival Description (EAD) and SGML
  • Grants, scholarships, and employment opportunities
  • Listservs and Usenet groups
  • Preservation
  • Standards
  • Utilities.
Presents information about the cooperative cataloging program partnered by the Library of Congress and eligible archival and manuscript repositories throughout the United States. Provides gateway software for searching manuscript records in the RLG Union Catalog Archival and Mixed Collections File and the OCLC Mixed Materials File. Includes FAQs about the program, elegibility guidelines, downloadable data sheets, and links to Web sites on topics of interest to archivists and others, such as Repositories of Primary Materials, Copyright and Fair Use, and Encoded Archival Description.