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Music recording
12 sound discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 book (219 p. : ill. ; 31 cm)
  • CD1: Bury me under the weeping willow ; Little log cabin by the sea ; The poor orphan child ; The storms are on the ocean ; Single girl, married girl ; The wandering boy ; Meet me by the moonlight ; Little darling pal of mine ; Keep on the sunny side ; Anchored in love ; John Hardy was a desperate little man ; I ain't goin' to work tomorrow ; Will you miss me when I'm gone? ; River of Jordan ; Chewing gum ; Wildwood flower ; I have no one to love me (but the sailor on the deep blue sea) ; Forsaken love ; Sweet fern ; My Clinch Mountain home ; God gave Noah the rainbow sign ; I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes ; Little Moses ; Lulu Wall ; The grave on the green hillside --CD 2: Don't forget this song ; The foggy mountain top ; Bring back my blue eyed boy to me ; Diamonds in the rough ; Engine on-forty-three ; The homestead on the farm ; The cyclone of Rye Cove ; Motherless children ; When the roses bloom in dixieland ; No telephone in heaven ; Western hobo ; Carter's blues ; Wabash cannonball ; A distant land to roam ; Jimmie Brown, the newsboy ; Kitty waltz ; Fond affection ; The cannonball ; The lover's farewell ; There's someone awaiting for me ; The little log hut in the lane ; When the springtime comes again ; When the world's on fire ; I have an aged mother ; The dying soldier ; Worried man blues
  • CD3: Lonesome valley ; On the rock where Moses stood ; Room in heaven for me ; Lonesome pine special ; No more the moon shines on Lorena ; On my way to Canaan's land ; Where shall i be? ; Sow 'em on the mountain (reap 'em in the valley) ; Darling Nellie across the sea ; The birds were singing of you ; Weary prodigal son ; My old cottage home ; When I'm gone ; Sunshine in the shadows ; Let the church roll on ; Lonesome for you ; Can't feel at home ; Why there's a tear in my eye / with Jimmie Rodgers ; The wonderful city / with Jimmie Rodgers ; Jimmie rodgers visits the Carter Family / with Jimmie Rodgers ; The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas / with Jimmie Rodgers ; 'Mid the green fields of Virginia ; Happiest days of all ; Picture on the wall ; Amber tresses
  • CD 4: I never loved but one ; Tell me that you loved me ; Where we'll never grow old ; We will march through the streets of the city ; Sweet as the flowers in may time ; Will the roses bloom in heaven ; My little home in Tennessee ; The sun of the soul ; If one won't another one will ; The broken hearted lover ; Two sweethearts ; The winding stream ; I won't mind dying ; The spirit of love watches over me ; The church in the wildwood ; Give me roses while i live ; I never will marry ; On the sea of Galilee ; Home by the sea ; When the roses come again ; I loved you better than you knew ; This is like heaven to me ; See that my grave is kept green ; Over the garden wall ; Gold watch and chain ; School house on the hill
  • CD 5: Will my mother know me there? ; Faded flowers ; Poor little orphaned boy ; On a hill one and gray ; Cowboy Jack ; I'll be all smiles tonight ; Away out on the old Saint Sabbeth ; Darling little Joe ; Happy or lonesome ; One little word ; Darling daises ; The East Virginia blues ; Lover's return ; It'll aggravate your soul ; Hello central, give me heaven ; I'm working on a building ; You've been fooling me, baby ; Longing for old Virginia ; March winds gonna blow my blues all away ; There'll be joy, joy, joy ; Home in Tennessee ; Are you tired of me, my darling? ; I cannot be your sweetheart ; My heart's tonight in Texas ; There's no hinding place down here ; Cowboy's wild song to his herd
  • CD 6: The evening bells are ringing ; The mountains of Tennessee ; I'll be home someday ; Faded coat of blue ; Sailor boy ; Glory to the lamb ; Behind those stone walls ; Sinking in the lonesome sea ; He took a white rose from her hair ; Can the circle be unbroken (bye and bye) ; Let's be lovers again ; Your mother still prays (for you, Jack) ; Kissing is a crime ; Don't forget me little darling ; Sad and lonesome day ; By the touch of her hand ; East Virginia blues ; My old Virginia home ; My Virginia rose is blooming ; My texas girl ; No other's bride I'll be ; Gathering flowers from the hillside ; Gospel ship ; The little black train ; Keep on the sunny side ; River of Jordan
  • CD 7: Lonesome valley ; God gave Noah the rainbow ; Single girl, married girl ; The fate of Dewey Lee ; Wildwood flower ; Sea of Galilee ; Don't forget this song ; My Clinch Mountain home ; The storms are on the ocean ; Will you miss me when i'm gone? ; Broken hearted lover ; Little darling pal of mine ; The homestead on the farm ; Cannon ball blues ; Meet me by the moonlight ; On the rock where Moses stood ; Lulu Walls ; I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes ; Worried man blues ; My dixie darlling ; Give me your love and I'll give you mine ; Are you lonesome tonight? ; The last move for me ; The wayworn traveler ; Just another broken heart ; When silver threads are gold again
  • CD8: There's no one like mother to me ; In a little village churchyard ; Jealous hearted me ; My native home ; Sweet heaven in my view ; No depression in heaven ; Bonnie blue eyes ; My honey Lou ; In the shadow of the pines ; Answer to weeping willow ; You've been a friend to me ; Where the silvery Colorado wends its way ; Lay my head beneath the rose ; No depression in heaven ; My native home ; Jealous hearted me ; A distant land to roam ; I'm working on a building ; East Virginia blues ; Dixie darling ; Keep on the sunny side ; Kissin' is a crime ; Single girl, married girl ; Little darling pal of mine ; Lonesome valley ; Cannon ball blues ; Happy or lonesome
  • CD 9: Are you lonesome tonight? ; Just another broken heart ; The broken down tramp ; Lover's lane ; Hold fast to the right ; Lord I'm in your care ; Funny when you feel that way ; In the shadow of Clinch Mountain ; Hello stranger ; Never let the devil get the upper hand of you ; When this evening sun goes down ; Jim Blake's message ; Honey in the rock ; Look how this world has made a change ; The little girl that playedon my knee ; You better let that liar alone ; Farewell Nellie ; The only girl (i ever cared about) ; Goodbye to the plains ; My home's across the Blue Ridge Mountains ; Dark haired true lover ; He never came back ; Happy in the prison ; Walking in the King's Highway ; St. Regious girl ; Just a few more days --CD 10: Bring back my boy ; It is better farther on ; Charlie and Nellie ; Cuban soldier ; The heart that was broken for me ; You're nothing more to me ; Stern old bachelor ; Little Joe ; Reckless motorman ; You denied your love ; Oh, take me back ; You are my flower ; Who's that knockin' on my window ; They call her mother ; Coal miner's blues ; Young Freda Bolt ; Little poplar log house on the hill ; The dying mother ; Buddies in the saddle ; Heaven's radio ; Beautiful home ; There'll be no distinction there ; Give him one more as he goes ; Lonesome for you darling ; Blackie's gunman ; You've got to righten that wrong ; Meeting in the air ; My home among the hills
  • CD 11: Black Jack David ; Look away from the cross ; We shall rise ; I found you among the roses ; Bear Creek blues ; I'll never forsake you ; Beautiful isle o'er the sea ; It's a long long road to travel alone ; Why do you cry, little darling ; You tied a love knot in my heart ; Lonesome homesick blues ; Dark and stormy weather ; In the valley of the Shenandoah ; Girl on the Greenbrier shore ; Something got a hold of me ; Fifty miles of elbow room ; Keep on the firing line ; The wave on the sea ; The rambling boy ; You're gonna be sorry you let me down ; Why there's a tear in my eye (alternate take) ; Jimmie Rodgers visits the carter family (alternate take) ; Sinking in the lonesome sea (alternate take) ; Lonesome valley (alternate take) ; Cannon ball blues (alternate take) ; Worried man blues (alternate take) ; [I wish I was a single girl again] / [Lulubelle & Scotty Carter]
  • CD 12: Sara & Maybelle Carter interview, april 24 ; The ship that never returned ; Jesse James ; I was born 4000 years ago ; I'm leaving you ; Mother Maybelle Carter interview.
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Music recording
5 sound discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 book (120 p. : ill. (some col.), ports. ; 31 cm)
  • The dying girl's farewell ; Tell mother I will meet her (Ernest V. Stoneman, E. Kahle Brewer, Walter Mooney)
  • The mountaineer's courtship (Ernest V. Stoneman, Miss Irma Frost, Uncle Eck Dunford)
  • Midnight on the stormy deep (Ernest V. Stoneman, Miss Irma Frost)
  • Sweeping through the gates ; I know my name is there ; Are you washed in the blood? ; No more good-byes ; The Resurrection (take 1) ; The Resurrection (take 2) ; I am resolved (take 1) ; I am resolved (take 2) (Ernest V. Stoneman & his Dixie Mountaineers)
  • I want to go where Jesus is ; Do, Lord, remember me ; Old ship of Zion ; Jesus getting us ready for that great day ; Happy in prison ; Don't grieve after me (Ernest Phipps & his Holiness Quartet)
  • What will I do, for my money's all gone (Uncle Eck Dunford, Hattie Stoneman)
  • The whip-poor-will's song
  • Skip to ma Lou, my darling (Uncle Eck Dunford)
  • Barney McCoy (Uncle Eck Dunford, Ernest Stoneman)
  • Old time corn shuckin', part 1 ; Old time corn shuckin', part 2 (Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers)
  • The jealous sweetheart (take 1) ; The jealous sweetheart (take 2) ; A passing policeman ; Just a message from Carolina (Johnson Brothers)
  • The wreck of the Virginian (take 1) ; The wreck of the Virginian (take 2) ; I mean to live for Jesus ; You must unload ; Walking in the way with Jesus (take 1) ; Walking in the way with Jesus (take 2) (Blind Alfred Reed)
  • Two brothers are we ; The soldier's poor little boy (Johnson Brothers with Tennessee Wildcats)
  • I want to see my mother (ten thousand miles away) (Johnson Brothers)
  • Pot licker blues ; Narrow gauge blues (El Watson)
  • Cold penitentiary blues ; Oh Molly dear ; Pretty Polly ; Darling Cora (B.F. Shelton)
  • Called to the foreign field ; I am bound for the promised land ; Where we'll never grow old ; When they ring the golden bells ; To the work (Alfred G. Karnes)
  • Train on the island ; Black-eyed Susie (J.P. Nester)
  • Johnny Goodwin (Bull Mountain Moonshiners)
  • Bury me under the weeping willow ; Little log cabin by the sea ; The poor orphan child ; The storms are on the ocean ; Single girl, married girl ; The wandering boy (the Carter Family)
  • Remember me, O mighty one ; I'm redeemed (Alcoa Quartet)
  • Henry Whitter's fox chase ; Rain Crow Bill (Henry Whitter)
  • Big bend gal ; Suzanna gal ; Sandy River belle (take 1) ; Sandy River belle (take 2) ; Billy Grimes, the rover (the Shelor Family)
  • The Newmarket wreck ; On the banks of the sunny Tennessee (Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Baker)
  • The soldier's sweetheart ; Sleep baby sleep (Jimmie Rodgers)
  • The longest train I ever saw ; Sweet heaven when I die ; Miss 'Liza, poor gal (Tenneva Ramblers)
  • Greasy string ; Your blue eyes run me crazy (West Virginia Coon Hunters)
  • Standing on the promises ; At the river (Tennessee Mountaineers)
  • My name is Ticklish Reuben ; Way down in Alabama (Smyth County Ramblers)
  • Do not wait 'till I'm laid 'neath the clay ; The days of my childhood plays ; We shall all be reunited (Alfred G. Karnes)
  • If the light has gone out in your soul ; Went up in the clouds of heaven ; I know that Jesus set me free ; Shine on me ; Bright tomorrow ; A little talk with Jesus (Ernest Phipps & his Holiness Singers) ; I cannot be your sweetheart ; Three black sheep (Howard-Peak (the Blind Musicians))
  • Good-night darling ; Little bunch of roses (Clarence Greene)
  • The broken-hearted lover (the Stoneman Family)
  • Angeline, the baker ; Old shoes and leggin's (Uncle Eck Dunford)
  • We parted by the riverside (the Stoneman Family)
  • Down to Jordan and be saved ; There's a light lit up in Galilee (Ernest Stoneman's Dixie Mountaineers)
  • Going up the mountain after liquor, part 1 ; Going up the mountain after liquor, part 2 ; The Spanish merchant's daughter ; Too late (the Stoneman Family)
  • I'll be happy ; Like the rainbow ; Because I love him ; Come to the Savior ; Do your best, then wear a smile ; We shall reach home (the Stamps Quartet)
  • My mother is waiting for me in heaven above ; She has climbed the golden stair (Smith Brothers)
  • We'll sing on that shore ; Singing the story of grace ; Help me to find the way ; He'll be with me (the Palmer Sisters) ; Brownie blues ; Unknown blues (Tarter & Gay)
  • Where is my mamma? ; When you go a'courtin' ; I sat upon the river bank ; New Orleans is the town I like best ; She tells me that I am sweet ; Mr. Brown, here I come (Carolina Twins)
  • I truly understand, you love another man ; My mother's hands (Shortbuckle Roark & family).
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