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Green Library
computer discs ; 4 3/4 in. Digital: text file; PDF. data file; Excel.
Green Library

3. Hallim pŏphak = Forum [ - 2019]

v. ; 25 cm.
v. ; 28 cm.
Business Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)

5. Benelux newsletter [ - 2019]

volumes : color illustrations ; 30 cm
Green Library
1 online resource
1 online resource (1 volume) : illustrations
1 online resource (416 pages) : illustrations.
  • A review on fabricating procedures in rapid prototyping / Ganzi Suresh, K. L. Narayana
  • Surface characterization in fused deposition modeling / Alberto Boschetto, Luana Bottini
  • 3D printing and actor-network theory / Graham Harman
  • Exploiting 3D medical equipment simulations to support biomedical engineering academic courses: design methodology and implementation in a small scale national project / Adam Damianakis [and 4 others]
  • 2D and 3D visual attention for computer vision: concepts, measurement, and modeling / Vincent Ricordel [and 3 others]
  • Integration of legal aspects in 3D cadastral systems / Mohamed Sobaih Aly El-Mekawy, Jesper M. Paasch, Jenny Paulsson
  • Where is the missing matter?: a comment on "the essence" of additive manufacturing / Tihomir Mitev
  • Laser additive manufacturing / Rasheedat M. Mahamood, Esther T. Akinlabi
  • Laser metal deposition process / Rasheedat M. Mahamood
  • Laser additive manufacturing in surface modification of metals / Rasheedat M. Mahamood, Mukul Shukla, Sisa Pityana
  • Transiting between representation technologies and teaching/learning descriptive geometry: reflections in an architectural context / Janice de Freitas Pires, Luisa Dalla Vecchia, Adriane Almeida da Silva Borda
  • Tool wear and surface integrity analysis of machined heat treated selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V / Manikandakumar Shunmugavel [and 4 others]
  • The use of the terrestrial photogrammetry in reverse engineering applications / Naci Yastikli [and 3 others]
  • Fashion-technology and change in product development and consumption for the high-end menswear sector: a study utilizing a 3D-4C's process model / Frances Ross
  • Should I try turning it off and on again?: outlining HCI challenges for cyber-physical production systems / Thomas Ludwig, Christoph Kotthaus, Volkmar Pipek
  • Challenges of semantic 3D city models: a contribution of the COST research action TU0801 / Roland Billen [and 5 others]
  • Curricular collaborations: using emerging technologies to foster innovative partnerships / Susan M. Ryan, W. Tandy Grubbs
  • The importance of being honest: issues of transparency in digital visualization of architectural heritage / Stefano Brusaporci
  • Computational design and built environments: the quest for an alternative role of the digital in architecture / Marco Filippucci, Fabio Bianconi, Stefano Andreani
  • Towards ProGesture, a tool supporting early prototyping of 3D-gesture interaction / Birgit Bomsdorf, Rainer Blum, Daniel Künkel.
The advancement of modern technology has allowed for impressive developments in manufacturing processes. Out of these developments, 3D printing has emerged as a new method. 3D Printing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is a comprehensive reference source for the latest research and advances on 3D printing processes, technologies, and methods. Highlighting emerging perspectives on manufacturing and industrial applications, this book is ideally designed for professionals, practitioners, students, and researchers interested in the latest developments and uses of 3D printing.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781522516774 20161213
1 online resource (93 p.) : ill., ports.
"Coping with the complexities of the social world in the 21st century requires deeper quantitative and predictive understanding. Forty-three internationally acclaimed scientists and thinkers share their vision for complexity science in the next decade in this invaluable book. Topics cover how complexity and big data science could help society to tackle the great challenges ahead, and how the newly established Complexity Science Hub Vienna might be a facilitator on this path."--Publisher's website.

10. Abdominal imaging [2017]

online resource (xviii, 1054 pages) : illustrations
Medical Library (Lane)
1 online resource (390 pages) : illustrations.
  • The China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS) / Xiaoxia Yao, Qiang Zhu, Juanjuan Liu
  • The China Academic Digital Associative Library (CADAL) / Chen Huang, Helen F. Xue
  • The China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Library (CASHL) / Zhiying Guan, Jingjing Wang
  • Development of innovative user services / Long Xiao, Yaqiong Liu
  • The practice of outreach services in Chinese special libraries / Xiaoping Xin, Xinnian Wu
  • Scholarly learning commons / Jin Chen [and 4 others]
  • Library buildings on new campuses / Jianxin Gu
  • The construction and development of the Academic Digital Library of Chinese Ancient Collections / Xiao Long, Boyue Yao
  • Digital libraries in the western region of China / Yongzhong Sha, Wenjing Hu, Wei Guo
  • The construction and development of academic library digital special subject databases / Yan Rao, Yaolei Zhang
  • Research data management: models, challenges, and actions / Yuhong Cui
  • Technology innovations in academic libraries in China / Wu Chen, Fei Yao, Airong Jiang
  • Library and information science education and graduate programs in academic libraries / Lyu Na
  • Research initiatives and projects in academic libraries / Yafang Fan, Xuejuan Zhang, Guisu Li
  • A bibliometric analysis of research and services in Chinese academic libraries / Suoling Zhu, Wen Shi
  • Leadership development and career planning / Jing Guo, Hao Zhang, Yijun Zong
  • Assessment and evaluation of academic libraries in China / Qiong Tang, Yin Xie, Rina Su
  • The trends of Chinese-American library relations / Lian Ruan, Li Fu
  • Resource sharing and mutually beneficial cooperation: a look at the new united model in public and college libraries / Qi Yin [and 3 others].
As the Chinese economy develops, academic libraries continue to evolve and provide indispensable services for their users. Throughout this growth, the scientific and cultural dialogue between China and the United States has made it necessary for each country's libraries to understand each other. Academic libraries often act as catalysts for progress and innovation; proper management and applications of these resources is key to promote further research. Academic Library Development and Administration in China provides a resource to promote Sino-U.S. communication and collaboration between their academic libraries. In considering the relationship between China and the West, this publication serves as a timely reflection on the expanding global field of information science. This publication is intended for librarians, researchers, university administrators, and information scientists in both the U.S. and China.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781522505501 20161213
1 online resource (316 pages).
  • Student perceptions of value and the impact on curriculum design: a case study / Hélène de Burgh-Woodman
  • An individualized approach to student transition: developing a success coaching model / Nicole Caridad Ralston, Michael Hoffshire
  • Academic advising and student persistence: understanding the role of academic advising and connection to student persistence / Cherié Kay Thriffiley LaRocca
  • Personal and professional perceptions: pre-university pathway programs, pedagogy, and praxis / Donna M. Velliaris, Janine M. Pierce
  • Purposeful course scheduling: increasing enrollment and promoting academic progression / René Cintrón, Mark McLean
  • Exploring inter-linkages between cultural intelligence and student satisfaction / Anish Yousaf, Moksha Singh, Anil Gupta
  • Language skills training through mobile apps: opportunities and challenges / Revathi Viswanathan
  • Encouraging continuing professional development and teacher professional development in global education / Kijpokin Kasemsap
  • The role of social media in the globalized world of education / Janelle Christine Simmons
  • Prior learning assessment: accelerating or augmenting the college degree? / David Starr-Glass.
Higher education is a driving force behind enhancing competitiveness for economies in the global market; however, a myriad of obstacles can pose significant challenges to students seeking such opportunities. Accelerated Opportunity Education Models and Practices is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on emerging initiatives in academic institutions that implement expedited educational programs across the globe. Examining the benefits that stem from enabling students to complete their university degrees in a shorter timeframe, this book is ideally designed for administrators, researchers, academicians, and educators interested in guidelines and frameworks necessary to provide accelerated education options at the collegiate level.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781522505280 20161213
1 online resource (295 pages) : illustrations.
  • Open judiciary worldwide: best practices and lessons learnt / Carlos E. Jiménez-Gómez
  • Open and transparent judicial records in the digital age: applying principles and performance measures / Nial Raaen
  • Open judiciary in high courts: securing a networked constitution, challenges of e-justice, transparency, and citizen participation / Jesus Cano [and 3 others]
  • Open judiciary in a closed society: a paradox in China? / Mei Gechlik, Di Dai, Jordan Corrente Beck
  • An analysis of a lay adjudication system and open judiciary: the new Japanese lay adjudication system / Yumiko Kita
  • From ejustice to open judiciary: an analysis of the Portuguese experience / Rui Pedro Lourenço, Paula Fernando, Conceição Gomes
  • Integrating semi-open data in a criminal judicial setting / Mortaza S. Bargh, Sunil Choenni, Ronald F. Meijer
  • Digitalizing police requirements: opening up justice through collaborative initiatives / Mila Gascó-Hernández
  • open justice in Europe through open access to legal information / Thomas J. Lampoltshammer [and 3 others]
  • Consumer "access to justice" in EU in low-value cross-border disputes and the role of online dispute resolution / Inmaculada Barral-Viñals
  • Open data for open justice in seven Latin American countries / Sandra Elena, François van Schalkwyk
  • Open justice in Latin America?: an assessment framework for judiciary portals in 2015 / Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazán.
Open government initiatives have become a defining goal for public administrators around the world. However, progress is still necessary outside of the executive and legislative sectors. Achieving Open Justice through Citizen Participation and Transparency is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the implementation of open government within the judiciary field, emphasizing the effectiveness and accountability achieved through these actions. Highlighting the application of open government concepts in a global context, this book is ideally designed for public officials, researchers, professionals, and practitioners interested in the improvement of governance and democracy.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781522507178 20161213
1 online resource (1 volume) : illustrations.
1 online resource (1 volume) : illustrations

17. Adopted budget [2017 - ]

volumes ; 28 cm
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
1 online resource (248 p.) : ill.
"This volume contains short courses and recent papers by several specialists in different fields of Mathematical Analysis. It offers a reasonably wide perspective of the current state of research, and new trends, in areas related to Geometric Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis and History of Mathematics. Often the contributions are presented with a remarkable expository nature although there are also some new unpublished results and this makes the discussed topics accessible to a more general audience."--Publisher's website.
1 online resource (416 pages) : illustrations (some color)
1 online resource.
Advanced High Strength Natural Fibre Composites in Construction provides the basic framework and knowledge required for the efficient and sustainable use of natural fiber composites as a structural and building material, along with information on the ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency of use and competitiveness of these composites. Areas of particular interest include understanding the nature and behavior of raw materials and their functional contributions to the advanced architectures of high strength composites (Part 1), discussing both traditional and novel manufacturing technologies for various advanced natural fiber construction materials (Part 2), examining the parameters and performance of the composites (Part 3), and finally commenting on the associated codes, standards, and sustainable development of advanced high strength natural fiber composites for construction. This exposition will be based on well understood environmental science as it applies to construction (Part 4). The book is aimed at academics, research scholars, and engineers, and will serve as a most valuable text or reference book that challenges undergraduate and postgraduate students to think beyond standard practices when designing and creating novel construction materials.