xiv, 275 pages ; 24 cm
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm.
  • English legal literature as a source of law and practice in seventeenth-century Virginia / Warren M. Billings
  • Law books in the libraries of colonial Virginians / W. Hamilton Bryson
  • The library of the council of colonial Virginia / Brent Tarter
  • English statutes in Virginia, 1660-1714 / John Ruston Pagan
  • John Mercer : merchant, lawyer, author, book collector / Bennie Brown
  • The library reveals the man : George Wythe, legal and classical scholar / Linda K. Tesar
  • The law library of a working attorney : the example of Patrick Henry / Kevin J. Hayes
  • A Virginia original : George Webb's office and authority of a justice of peace / Warren M. Billings
  • A handbook for all : William Waller Hening's the new Virginia justice / R. Neil Hening
  • St. George Tucker : judge, legal scholar, and reformer of Virginia law / Charles F. Hobson.
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
  • The past, present and future of ethical rationalism / Patrick Capps and Shaun D. Pattinson
  • How to become a successful Hegelian / Stuart Toddington
  • Identifying and justifying moral norms : necessary basics / Kenneth R Westphal
  • Hope, agency, and aesthetic sensibility : a response to Beyleveld's account of Kantian hope / Dascha Düring and Marcus Düwell
  • Justification in morality and the law / Michael Boylan
  • Advance refusals and the personal identity objection / Shaun D Pattinson
  • Law as a moral judgment, the domain of jurisprudence, and technological management / Roger Brownsword
  • Beyond reason : the legal importance of emotions / Thom Brooks and Diana Sankey
  • Public goods in the ethical reconsideration of research innovation / Benjamin Capps
  • Privacy, politeness, and the boundary between theory and practice in ethical rationalism / David Townend
  • Fidelity to international law : on international courts and politics / Henrik Palmer Olsen
  • Legal idealism and global law / Patrick Capps
  • What is Gewirth and what is Beyleveld? a retrospect with comments on the contributions / Deryck Beyleveld.
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
  • Why we do what we do : comparing legal methods in five law schools through survey evidence / Mathias Siems & Daithi Mac Sithigh
  • The jurist in the global age / Neil Walker
  • Field, frame and focus : methodological issues in the new legal world / Roger Brownsword
  • Transatlantic publication fashions : in search for quality and methodology / Reza Dibadj
  • What is legal doctrine : on the aims and methods of legal-dogmatic research / Jan Smits
  • Making doctrine for European law / Nils Jansen
  • A European advantage in legal scholarship? / Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz
  • From coherence to effectiveness : a legal methodology for the modern world / Edward L. Rubin
  • Ranking, peer review, bibiometrics and alternative ways to improve the quality of doctrinal legal scholarship / Rob van Gestel
  • The logic of law : the analytic foundations of methodology / Neil Komesar
  • The role of empirical legal studies in legal scholarship, legal education and policy-making : a U.S. perspective / Deborah Hensler & Matthew Gasperetti
  • A behavioural law and economics perspective : do methodolgy and ideology conflate whe behavioural sciences meet law / Orly Lobel
  • Freedom and method / Paul Kahn.
Law Library (Crown)
xvii, 276 pages ; 23 cm
  • The challenge of calling "balls and strikes": the curious case of Gould v Roberts
  • To flatlaw and beyond : appreciating multiple analytic dimensions
  • The traditions of legal reasoning : developing analytical legitimacy despite substantive disagreement
  • Rethinking the analytic tradition : text, context, hypertext, and subtext
  • The challenge of text : the relationship of "is, " "ought, " and focal meaning
  • The challenge of context : what "is" means in both facts and law
  • The challenge of hypertext : the struggle within "ought" of multiple perspectives on fundamental values
  • The challenge of subtext : the judiciary's role in the "game" of legal life
  • The right (or rights?) to privacy (or privacies?)
  • The never-ending disagreements over statutory interpretation : the primacy of subtext.
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
  • Introduction
  • Types of society, types of law
  • Law in the everyday, everywhere
  • The color of law
  • Many laws, many orders
  • The talk versus the walk of law
  • Law and social justice: plus ça change . . .
  • Reflecting on law's image: an inward turn?
  • Conclusion.
Law Library (Crown)
pages cm
  • Introduction Lionel D. Smith-- Part I. New Logics in the Functioning of Legal Orders: 1. Logics of argumentation and the law Henry Prakken-- 2. Conjunction of evidence and multivalent logic Kevin Clermont-- 3. One God, no state, and many legal arguments: multivalent logic in Jewish law Chaim Saiman-- Part II. New Logics in the Relations of Legal Orders: 4. Logical tools for legal pluralism Jaap Hage-- 5. Legal inconsistency and the emergence of states Nicholas Barber-- 6. Political settlement and the new logic of hybrid self-determination Christine Bell-- 7. Choice of law and choice of logic H. Patrick Glenn-- 8. Where laws conflict: an application of the method of chunk and permeate Graham Priest-- 9. Law and equity: chunk and permeate? Lionel D. Smith-- Part III. The Logical Debate: 10. Do inconsistent laws deliver gluts? Jc Beall-- 11. The applications of bivalent logic, and the misapplication of multivalent logic to law Andrew Halpin-- 12. Fuzzy law: a theory of quasi-legality Oren Perez.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781107106956 20170220
This book is unique in presenting an interdisciplinary conversation between jurists and logicians. It brings together scholars from both law and philosophy and looks at the application of 'the new logics' to law and legal ordering, in a number of legal systems. The first Part explores the ways in which the new logics shed light on the functioning of legal orders, including the structure of legal argumentation and the rules of evidence. The second addresses how non-classical logics can help us to understand the interactions between multiple legal orders, in a range of contexts including domestic and international law. The final Part examines particular issues in the applicability of non-classical logics to legal reasoning. This book will be of interest to jurisprudence and logic scholars and students who want to deepen their understanding of relationships between law and legal reasoning, and learn about recent developments in formal logic.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781107106956 20170220
Law Library (Crown)
xiv, 499 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Part 1. History in professional apologetics. The use of history in the development of lawyers' mythologies
  • How "French" was the English bar? barristers and political liberalism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • Law and colony: making the Canadian legal profession
  • Part 2. Shaping minds and souls: legal education. Professional legal education at Queen's College, Birmingham, in the 1850s
  • Common law legal education in the Dominion of Canada's moral project
  • British Empire perspectives on the case method of legal education: Canada, 1885-1931
  • Part 3. Ethics, regulation, and the business of law. Free trade in law: English barristers, county courts, and provincial practice in the 1850s
  • The end of free trade in law: discipline at the Inns in the 1860s
  • Regulating lawyers' ethics in early-twentieth-century Canada
  • Part 4. Challenging the status quo: communists and liberals. Gordon Martin, British Columbia communist, 1948
  • Liberal entrepreneurship thwarted: Charles Rann Kennedy and the foundations of England's modern Bar
  • Part 5. Dominion and colonial lawyering. Christ, manhood, and Empire: the case method of legal education in Canada, 1885-1931
  • Lawyers' professionalism, colonialism, state formation, and national life in Nigeria, 1900-60: "The Fighting Brigade of the People" / co-authored with Chidi Oguamanam.
"In these critical essays, Wes Pue explores the social roles lawyers imagined for themselves in England and its expanding empire from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Each chapter focuses on a critical moment when lawyers--whether leaders or rebels--sought to reshape their profession. In the process, they often fancied they were also shaping the culture and politics of both nation and empire as they struggled to develop or adapt professional structures, represent clients, or engage in advocacy. As an exploration of the relationship between legal professionals and liberalism at home or in the Empire, this work draws attention to recurrent disagreements as to how lawyers have best assured their own economic well-being while simultaneously advancing the causes of liberty, cultural authority, stability, and continuity."-- Provided by publisher.
Law Library (Crown)
vi, 227, 6 pages ; 22 cm
East Asia Library
282 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • A global empire of law
  • Controlling despotic dominions
  • The commissioner's world
  • The promise of protection
  • Ordering the oceans
  • An empire of states
  • A great disorder.
"Rage for Order surveys the sprawling, often frenetic attempt to redesign law in the British Empire. Across the world in the early nineteenth century, colonial officials, indigenous subjects, settlers, convicts, sailors, soldiers, and slaves participated in contests that shaped a new British imperial constitution. Contemporaries imagined that law would provide a blueprint for the empire and for global order. Within turbulent British colonies, legal reform targeted petty despots and augmented the power of the crown to intervene in the administration of justice. At the edges of empire, British campaigns to police slave trading and piracy linked imperial interests to emerging world regions and conjured new sovereignties. Rage for Order breaks new ground in the history of international law by looking beyond the treatises of jurists and instead tracing vernacular constitutional politics across the globe--in new crown colonies such as Ceylon and Trinidad, expanding settler colonies such as New South Wales and Upper Canada, established plantation colonies in the West Indies and Indian Ocean, and regions not under direct British control, from the South Atlantic to the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific islands. By uncovering the lost history of a global empire of law, Benton and Ford reveal the way imperial structures continue to influence our understandings of world order and international law."-- Provided by publisher.
Green Library
2, 3, 542 pages ; 24 cm.
本书反映了宋代法律文明"体时适变"的时代特征 和"人文关怀"的文明进步趋向.
East Asia Library
xix, 408 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Introduction to statute law
  • Introduction to statutory interpretation
  • The entire context
  • Ordinary meaning
  • Technical meaning and meanings fixed by law
  • Shared and bijural meaning
  • Original meaning
  • Textual analysis
  • Reliance on components
  • The legislative context
  • Purposive analysis
  • The external context
  • Consequential analysis
  • Legal policy analysis
  • Interpreting aboriginal law
  • Reliance on extrinsic aids
  • Plausible interpretation, mistakes, and gaps
  • Presumed compliance with constitutional law, common law, and international law
  • Overlap and conflict
  • Presumed application: time, territory, and the Crown.
Law Library (Crown)
10, 337 pages : illustrations ; 38 cm.
本书为长沙五一广场井窖遗址出土简牍选编, 即从已清理的近三千枚简牍中选出较具代表性的 一七六枚予以展示, 以期读者能了解它的大致面貌.全书包括简牍图版 , 释文及附录.图版包括彩色及红外线原大照片.释 文部分含简号, 说明, 释文及注释.附录含与简牍形制或文字直接相关的 基础研究, 人名, 地名, 纪年索引及编号尺寸对照表.
East Asia Library
11, 4, 330 pages ; 21 cm.
East Asia Library
3, 395 pages ; 21 cm
Ben gao shi si fa bu "guan yu fa zhi jian she yu fa xue li lun yan jiu" ke yan xiang mu (jian fu jian) , ye shi zuo zhe de zui xin yan jiu. Zuo zhe yi ju da liang li shi wen xian, dui 1925 nian cheng li de Guangzhou guo min zheng fu he Wuhan guo min zheng fu fa zhi de zhi ding zuo le shu li; ti chu er zhe shi"guo min dang tong gong chan dang ling dao de lian he zheng fu", qi fa zhi du jian she, ying gai hua ru ge ming gen ju di yan jiu de fan chou. Bing yun yong "shi yuan fa" kao zheng fang fa, ding zheng le ruo gan wen xian de qi yi he e wu, dui Zhongguo jin dai fa zhi shi de yan jiu you zhong yao xue shu jia zhi.
本稿是司法部"关于法治建设与法学理论研究"科 研项目 (见附件) , 也是作者的最新研究. 作者依据大量历史文献, 对1925年成立的广州国民政府和武汉国民政府法制 的制定做了梳理; 提出二者是"国民党同共产党领导的联合政府", 其法制度建设, 应该划入革命根据地研究的范畴. 并运用"史源法"考证方法, 订正了若干文献的歧疑和讹误, 对中国近代法制史的研究有重要学术价值.
East Asia Library
125 pages ; 19 cm.
"L'histoire de la justice a été profondément renouvelée au cours des dernières décennies, parallèlement à la place nouvelle acquise par les juges dans la société comme dans leurs rapports avec le pouvoir politique. Ce livre en propose une synthèse en mettant l'accent sur l'évolution des institutions juridictionnelles, de la magistrature et de la façon dont celle-ci régule les conflits civils et réprime les infractions pénales. Il met en lumière la succession de trois modèles de justice. La révolution de 1789 institue une justice libérale et démocratique fondée sur la souveraineté nationale, les citoyens étant étroitement associés à son exercice. Ce modèle libéral fait place, à partir du Consulat, à celui d'une justice étatisée, contrôlée par le pouvoir politique, exécutif dans les périodes autoritaires, parlementaire sous les régimes républicains. Le mouvement d'émancipation des juges, amorcé dans les années 1970, conduit à s'interroger depuis sur l'existence d'un nouveau modèle : au sein d'un État de droit, la justice aurait acquis sinon une place dominante, du moins plus d'indépendance."--Page 4 of cover.
Law Library (Crown)

18. Rechtsvergleichung [2015]

xxxii, 1010 pages ; 25 cm
  • Einführung: Was ist Rechtsvergleichung?
  • Ziele der Rechtsvergleichung
  • Die rechtsvergleichende Methode
  • Rechtskreise, Rechtskultur und Kontext
  • Der Kontext des common law
  • Der Grundkontext kontinentaleuropäischen Rechts
  • Die Vielfalt des kontinentaleuropäischen Kontexts
  • Der Kontext afrikanischen Rechts
  • Kontexte in Asien
  • Der Kontext des islamischen Rechts
  • Kontexte transnationalen Rechts.
Law Library (Crown)
4, 6, 519 pages, 2 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), portraits, facsimiles ; 25 cm
《唐典研究》比较全面地展现了钱大群先生唐 典研究之主要轨迹. 有关唐典研究的内容资料丰富, 观点前瞻, 方法独到, 对从事唐代法制史研究的教学与研究工作者, 以及期望了解我国唐代法制史者均有参考价值.
East Asia Library
210 pages ; 21 cm.
East Asia Library