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online resource (xvi, 386 pages) : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Aloe vera in thermal and frostbite injuries / Michael K. Obeng J., Gary D. Motykie, Robert L. McCauley and P. Heggers
  • Plant saccharides and the prevention of sun-induced skin cancer / Faith M. Strickland and Ronald P. Pelley
  • Aloes and the immune system / Ian R. Tizard and Lalitha Ramamoorthy
  • Bioactivity of A. arborescens preparations / Akira Yagi
  • Aloe biology: the chromosomes of aloe : variation on a theme / Peter Brandham
  • Aloe leaf anatomy / David F. Cutler
  • Pests of aloes / Monique S.J. Simmonds.
  • The Plants : aloes in habitat / Leonard E. Newton
  • Taxonomy of Aloaceae / Gideon F. Smith and Elsie M.A. Steyn
  • Aloe constituents : aloe chemistry / Tom Reynolds
  • Aloe polysaccharides / Yawei Ni, Kenneth M.Yates and Ian R. Tizard
  • Aloe lectins and their activities / Hiroshi Kuzuya, Kan Shimpo and Hidehiko Beppu
  • Analytical methodology : the gel analysis of aloe pulp and its derivatives / Yawei Ni and Ian R. Tizard
  • Analytical methodology : the exudate / Tom Reynolds
  • Industrial processing and quality control of A. barbadensis / Ronald P. Pelley, Todd A. Waller and Faith M. Strickland
  • Therapeutic activity of aloes: healing powers of aloes / Nicola Mascolo, Angelo A. Izzo, Francesca Borrelli, Giulia di Carlo, Lidia Sautebin and Francesco Capasso
  • Aloe vera in wound healing / Gary D. Motykie and John P. Heggers.
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