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AMERICA with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings Discribed and inlarged by I.S.Ano.1626

Speed, John, 1552?-1629 (creator)
[London] : by G. Humble
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Digital maps
Early maps
Separate map
35.2 x 43.7 cm., 39.5 x 51.2 cm. including border.
Map data:
[ca. 1:46,000,000]. ; (W 160° --E 20°/N 90° --S 90°)
State 1:
1626, "Are to be sold in pops-head alley against the Exchange by G. Humble, 1626". Issued in his: A prospect of the most famous parts of the world . -- London : G. Humble, 1627. Reissued in the 1631 edition with no changes to map but changed text on verso. Reissued 1646, 1650-54.
State 2:
1662, with the town of Boston in New England, Connecticut, Maryland and Long Island are added to the plate and a dotted boundary placed round Delaware and Hudsons Rio. The text on verso has unchanged content but the type is reset and now commences with a historiated capital A, a new fleuron heading and the page number 9 restored top right.
State 3:
1662, with imprint changed from G. Humble to: Are to be sold by Roger Rea ye Elder and younger at ye Golden Cross in Cornhill against ye Exchange.
State 4:
[1676], "are to be sold by Thomas Bassett in Fleet Street, and by Richard Chiswell in St. Paul's Churchyard." The text on verso is rewritten and there is no fleuron heading. Map is still dated 1626. Issued in his: The Theatre of Great Britaine, London, 1676.
LC 442 and 488; Wagner 301b; Wheat 39; Tooley 2, 3, 4, 5 (Plate 27); Leighly 6 (Plate IV); UCB; Goss (Plate 25); Burden 217 (Plate 217); Clancy (Map 7.6).
California with flat northern coast and with place names mostly taken from Brigg's map. Inset: The northerly part of America (upper left). The borders of the map on the top contain plans of towns and on the sides figures of the inhabitants of different countries. Text on verso paged 9 and 10. Engraved by: Abraham Goos Amstelodamiensis Sculpsit (lower right).
The Glen McLaughlin Map Collection of California as an Island
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California as an island > Maps
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