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Seismic Risk Analysis For California State Water Project - Reach C

Shah, HC (Author)
Movassate, M (Author)
Zsutty, TC (Author)
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Technical report
A seismic hazard map for the region described as "Reach C" for the California Water Project is developed in this report. "Reach C" for this work is defined as that portion of the California Water Project from Tehachapi Afterbay up to and including the Perris Dam and Lake. The key facilities within this reach include: 1. Tehachapi Afterbay 2. Cottonwood Power Plant Site 3. Pearblossom Pumping Plant 4. Mojave Siphon 5. Silverwood Dam and Lake 6. San Bernardino Tunnel 7. Devil Canyon Power Plant 8. Santa Ana Valley Pipeline 9. Perris Dam and Lake 10. Perris Dam Subcenter The report discusses the data base, the seismic sources considered and the resulting iso-acceleration maps. Relative "risks" of various sites and their implications are presented.
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Shah, HC, Movassate, M and Zsutty, TC. (1976). Seismic Risk Analysis For California State Water Project - Reach C. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: http://purl.stanford.edu/vr399yr8793
John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report Series
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