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Seismic Hazard Mapping of California

Kiremidjian, AS (Author)
Shah, HC (Author)
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Technical report
The material presented in this report is a result of research conducted by Anne Setian Kiremidjian and supervised by H. C. Shah, toward the completion of a doctoral thesis. The essence of this work will provide part of that dissertation to be published early next year. Additional research toward a Ph.D. degree being currently performed by Anne S. Kiremidjian and supported by the National Science Foundation Grant GI-39l22 and the Department of Water Resources, State of California Grant DWR B5l478, includes the following: (1) Development of probabilistic model for damage estimation and damage forecasting from seismic occurrences. The purpose of this work is to develop a new approach to earthquake damage evaluation and forecasting. (2) Application of the developed seismic damage estimation model to a particular site in the State of California. The purpose of this work is to test the validity of the developed model and to compare the resulting damage values with past observations and with damage estimates obtained by other researchers through different models.
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Kiremidjian, AS and Shah, HC. (1975). Seismic Hazard Mapping of California. John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report 21. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: http://purl.stanford.edu/rj143zj2394
John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report Series
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