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Hopkins Marine Station Collection

In this collection Date Author
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1 Anthopleura Sea Anemone Distribution in the Rocky Intertidal at Hopkins Marine Station 2010 Jen, Tessaly
2 Data Supplement for "Range-wide selection of catchments for Pacific salmon conservation." 2009 Pinsky, Malin L
3 Long Term Monitoring of Elephant Seals on the West Beach of Hopkins Marine Station 2003 Pearse, John S.
4 Long Term Monitoring of Harbor Seals on the West Beach of Hopkins Marine Station 2003 Pearse, John S.
5 Long Term Monitoring of Sea Otters from West Beach at Hopkins Marine Station 2003 Pearse, John S.
6 Count & Biomass of Ochre Sea Stars, Pisaster ochraceus at Hopkins Marine Station 1954 Pearse, John S.
7 Long Term Monitoring of Sea Surface Salinity at Hopkins Marine Station (1919-1964) 1919 Hopkins Marine Station
Type of resource:
Mixed material
This collection includes research data either produced by Hopkins Marine Station scientists or by other scientists who used Hopkins and the surrounding area as their study site. Data sets in this collection are in different formats, and each is presented with descriptive information that identifies the people and organizations responsible for its creation, related publications, and other relevant information. The collection was created to support the preservation of the research output of Hopkins Marine Station and to enable data sharing and re-use.
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User agrees that, where applicable, content will not be used to identify or to otherwise infringe the privacy or confidentiality rights of individuals. Content distributed via the Stanford Digital Repository may be subject to additional license and use restrictions applied by the depositor.

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