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John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report Series

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1 A Probabalistic Framework to Include the Effects of Near-fault Directivity in Seismic Hazard Assessment 2013 Shahi, SK
2 Advancement of Hazard-Consistent Ground Motion Selection Methodology 2013 Lin, T
3 Damage Diagnosis Algorithms using Statistical Pattern Recognition for Civil Structures Subjected to Earthquakes 2013 Noh, HY
4 Mechanical and Environmental Characterization of Bio-Based Composites 2013 Miller, SA
5 Seismic Performance of Steel Corrugated Shear Wall 2012 Vigh, LG
6 Sidesway Collapse of Deteriorating Structural Systems Under Seismic Excitations 2012 Lignos, D
7 Seismic Design and Behavior of Self-Centering Braced Frame with Controlled Rocking and Energy Dissipating Fuses 2011 Ma, X
8 Stochastic Model for Earthquake Ground Motion using Wavelet Packets 2011 Yamamoto, Y
9 Design and behavior of steel shear plates with openings as energy-dissipating fuses 2010 Ma, X
10 Large-scale testing and simulation of earthquake induced ultra low cycle fatigue in bracing members subjected to cyclic inelastic buckling 2010 Deierlein, GG
11 Probabilistic Seismic Lifeline Risk Assessment Using Efficient Sampling and Data Reduction Techniques 2010 Jayaram, N
12 Building-Specific Loss Estimation Methods & Tools for Simplified Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering 2009 Ramirez, CM
13 Evaluation of Precast, High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Infill Panels for Seismic Retrofit of Steel Frame Buildings: Phase 1 - Cyclic Testing of Single Panel Components 2009 Olsen, C
14 Mechanical Characterization and Structural Assessment of Biocomposites for Construction 2009 Christian, SJ
15 Simplified Performance Based Earthquake Engineering 2009 Zareian, F
16 Testing and Probabilistic Simulation of Ductile Fracture Initiation in Structural Steel Components and Weldments 2009 Myers, AT
17 Assessing the Collapse Risk of California's Existing Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures: Metrics for Seismic Safety Decisions 2008 Liel, AB
18 Assessing Seismic Collapse Safety of Modern Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Buildings 2007 Haselton, CB
19 Collapse Performance Assessment of Steel-Framed Buildings under Fires 2007 Deierlein, GG
20 Damage Diagnosis Algorithms for Wireless Structural Health Monitoring 2007 Kesavan, KN
Type of resource:
Technical report
This series includes technical reports prepared by faculty, students and staff who are associated with the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stanford University. While the primary focus of Blume Center is earthquake engineering, many of the reports in this series encompass broader topics in structural engineering and materials, computational mechanics, geomechanics, structural health monitoring, and engineering life-cycle risk assessment. Each report includes acknowledgments of the specific sponsors for the report and underlying research. In addition to providing research support, the Blume Center provides administrative support for maintaining and disseminating the technical reports. For more information about the Blume Center and its activities, see https://blume.stanford.edu.
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John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center
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