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Optimum Resource Allocation for Seismic Retrofit of Structures: A Strategy for Seismic Risk Management

Stojanovski, P (Author)
Bendimerad, FM (Author)
Shah, HC (Author)
Date created:
June 1992
Type of resource:
Technical report
Communities, together with private and public institutions are devoting substantial resources to mitigate the seismic risk posed by existing buildings. Different strategies for retrofitting portfolios of existing facilities could be considered. Often the seismic risk mitigation is triggered by legal requirements aimed at protecting life safety. However, higher retrofitting levels (damage control, facility replacement) may also be justified in many instances. Actual situations could includes several facilities and several alternatives having different costs and returns. Under these conditions, decision on how to allocate the financial resources should be made rationally to reach an optimum benefit from the risk mitigation program. Often, the distribution of resources is done intuitively, mainly because of the lack of comprehensive analytical tools that could be used to determine an optimum distribution. This study is intended to establish the analytical developments for optimizing the resource allocation in seismic retrofit of structures. The study develops several optimization models for resource allocation considering the available funds, retrofit alternatives, and financial and physical constraints.
Preferred Citation:
Stojanovski, P and Bendimerad, MF and Shah, HC. (1992). Optimum Resource Allocation for Seismic Retrofit of Structures: A Strategy for Seismic Risk Management. John A Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report 99. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: http://purl.stanford.edu/md997pg5304
John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report Series
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seismic hazard
hazard analysis
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