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Undergraduate Theses, School of Engineering.

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1 A Functional Investigation of the Frequently Mutated Splicing Factor U2AF1 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. 2014 Ishisoko, Noriko
2 Haptic fMRI: Visually Guided Movement & Force Experiments for Understanding Human Neuromuscular Control. 2014 Yu, Michelle
3 Identification of deer antler proliferation genes for accelerating the growth of hMSCs. 2014 Sharma, Rashmi
4 Microfabricated Thermionic Electron Emitters. 2014 Huffman, Katherine Blair
5 Using Neuroimaging and Optogenetics to Better Understand the Neural Circuit Basis of Major Depression. 2014 Amatya, Debha
6 Volume Preserving Sinusoidal Muscles for Surface Skinning. 2013 Kumar, Ranjitha
7 End-to-End Text Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks. 2012 Wu, David J.
8 Autonomous Sign Reading for Semantic Mapping on the Stanford AI Robot. 2011 Case, Carl
9 High-Throughput Screening And Genetic Search For Audio Feature Discovery. 2011 Robinson, Daniel
10 Offloading Critical Security Operations to the GPU. 2011 Wang, Frank Yi-Fei
11 A probabilistic framework for synapse localization and class discovery in the mouse whisker barrel cortex. 2010 Marchetti-Bowick, Micol
12 An Implementation of Quad-fragment Merging for Micropolygon Rendering. 2010 Hegarty, James Steven
13 Data-Parallel Rasterization of Micropolygons. 2010 Luong, Edward
14 Discrete Killing Fields for Pattern Synthesis and Symmetry Detection. 2010 Solomon, Justin
15 Mobile Medic: Extending the Effective Reach of Mobile Data Infrastructure for Data Collection Applications in Emerging Regions. 2010 Wiltzius, Thomas
16 User Privacy and the Evolution of Third-party Tracking Mechanisms on the World Wide Web. 2010 Mittal, Sonal
17 Body Language Animation Synthesis from Prosody. 2009 Levine, Sergey V.
18 Moving Towards Full Renewability: The Potential Impacts of a Renewable Hydrogen Economy on California’s Water Resource. 2009 Grubert, Emily Allyce
19 An Empirical Analysis of Return on Investment Maximization in Sponsored Search Auctions. 2008 Auerbach, Jason
20 Robotic Grasping on the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot. 2008 Wong, Lawson L.S.
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Honors theses written by undergraduates in the Stanford University School of Engineering.
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