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Rigler-Deutsch Computer Tapes - ARS.0105

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1 A Linked-Data Jazz Project for Stanford University Libraries. Report. December 2013 2014 Jerry Persons
2 Results of 2013 effort to recover digital content from "Rigler-Deutsch Index" computer tapes in Stanford's Archive of Recorded Sound, collection number ARS.0105 2013 Manton, Jonathan
3 Rigler-Deutsch Index Magnetic Tape Recovery Project data set 2013 Persons, Jerry
4 Summary of the original Rigler Deutsch Project and subsequent Linked Data Jazz Project 2013 Persons, Jerry
5 The Rigler & Deutsch Record Index: FINAL REPORT on Project RC-*1734-81: "A Survey of 'Pre-LP' Sound Recordings 1984 Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Associated Audio Archives Committee
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Mixed material
Documentation pertaining to efforts begun in 2013 to capture the contents of 31 vintage computer tapes containing data from the Rigler and Deutsch Index of Recorded Sound (RDI), a union catalog of 78-rpm disc holdings from several major research libraries, including the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound, produced in 1985. Also included is a copy of the final report from the original RDI project.
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