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Undergraduate Theses, Department of Physics.

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1 A Survey for Hα Pulsar Bow Shocks. 2014 Brownsberger, Sasha
2 Imaging Redshift Estimates for Fermi BL Lacs. 2014 Stadnik, Matthew
3 Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Rubidium and Frequency Stabilization of a 1560 nm Diode Laser. 2014 Yan, Zoe
4 Computational and Experimental Study of Electromagnetic Wave Heating in Magnetized Plasmas. 2013 Kates-Harbeck, Julian
5 Cosmological Evolution of Gamma-Ray Bursts. 2013 Kitanidis, Ellie
6 Scanning SQUID microscopy of magnetic cells. 2013 Dwyer, Bo
7 Effects of Supersonic Relative Velocity Between Baryons and Dark Matter in the Early Universe. 2012 Peairs, Gregory
8 Heating and acceleration of intracluster medium protons by turbulence. 2012 Kang, Byungwoo
9 Chaos and Noise in Dynamical Systems with Applications to Measurement. 2011 He, Temple
10 Determining the Folded and Unfolded Structure of the HIV TAR RNA Using Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. 2011 Tang, Maxine Chi-Leung
11 Identifying and Characterizing Topological Insulators Using Scanning Potentiometry. 2011 Marantan, Andrew
12 Inferring the Halo Mass Function from Galaxy Clusters: Accuracy Limits Due to Redshift-Space Distortions. 2011 Lim, Yu Xian
13 Internal Beam Annihilation Therapy: A Novel Approach to Radiation Therapy. 2011 Liu, Michael
14 Construction of Time-and-Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Correlated Materials. 2010 Yang, Shuolong
15 Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbons and Topological Insulators. 2010 Gallagher, Patrick
16 Growth and Characterization of Rubidium Copper Sulfide. 2010 Shapiro, Maxwell C.
17 Imaging Redshift Estimates for BL Lacertae Objects. 2010 Meisner, Aaron
18 Plasmonic metallic nanoparticles: synthesis, experiment, and theory. 2010 Brown, Ana
19 Single-Molecule AFM Cantilever for THz Force Detection. 2010 Mahmood, Fahad
20 Thermodynamic Optimization of Retinal Photocoagulation Surgery: Computational Model with Experimental Verification. 2010 Brown, Jefferson
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Honors theses and senior theses written by undergraduates in the Stanford University Department of Physics. Beginning in 2011, the Physics Department began distinguishing Honors theses from Senior theses.
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