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Research Datasets for Image, Video, and Multimedia Systems Group at Stanford

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1 Dataset: CNN2h -- Video Search Using Image Queries 2014 Araujo, Andre
2 Dataset: Stanford Streaming Mobile Augmented Reality Dataset 2013 Makar, Mina
3 First Name Attributes - Code and Trained Models 2013 CHEN, HUIZHONG
4 Names 100 Dataset 2013 CHEN, HUIZHONG
5 Compressed Histogram of Gradients: A Low Bitrate Descriptor 2012 Chandrasekhar, Vijay
6 Dataset: San Francisco Landmark Dataset 2011 Chen, David
7 Dataset: Stanford Mobile Visual Search Dataset 2011 Chandrasekhar, Vijay
8 Dataset: Stanford Media Cover Dataset 2009 Chen, David
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Mixed material
We make available the datasets commonly used in the research activities of the Image, Video, and Multimedia Systems group at Stanford.
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User agrees that, where applicable, content will not be used to identify or to otherwise infringe the privacy or confidentiality rights of individuals. Content distributed via the Stanford Digital Repository may be subject to additional license and use restrictions applied by the depositor.

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