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1 Activation pathway of Src kinase reveals intermediate states as targets for drug design 2012 Shukla, Diwakar
2 Markov State Model of ACBP analyzed in "Slow unfolded-state structuring in Acyl-CoA binding protein folding revealed by simulation and experiment". 2012 Voelz, Vincent
3 Atomistic Folding Simulations of the Five-Helix Bundle Protein λ6− 85 2011 Bowman, Gregory R.
4 HP35(NLE-NLE) Trajectory Data 2011 Beauchamp, Kyle
5 Markov State Model of B2 Adrenergic Receptor analyzed in "Cloud-based simulations on Google Exacycle reveal ligand modulation of GPCR activation pathways." 2011 Kohlhoff, Kai
6 Markov State Model Reveals Folding and Functional Dynamics in Ultra-Long MD Trajectories 2011 Lane, T. J.
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Mixed material
Metadata associated with publications derived from data generated on the Folding@home distributed computing network. Includes trajectory and Markov state model (MSM) data.
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