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Southern african liberation struggles : new local, regional and global perspectives / edited by Hilary Sapire and Chris Saunders.



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Publication date:
[Cape Town] : UCT Press, 2013.
  • Book
  • xii, 316 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Liberation struggles in Southern Africa in context / Hilary Sapire and Chris Saunders
  • Section 1. Local and regional struggles. The implosion of the Pan-Africanist Congress : Basutoland, c. 1962-1965 / Arianna Lissoni ; Muslims and the liberation struggle in Northern Mozambique / Liazzat J.K. Bonate ; Morogoro and after: the continuing crisis in the African National Congress (of South Africa) in Zambia ; The ANC underground in Swaziland, c. 1975-1982 ; The ANC: from Freedom Radio to Radio Freedom ; The intersection of violent and nonviolent strategies in the South African liberation struggle / Janet Cherry ; 'The spy' and the camp : SWAPO in Lubango, 1980-1989 / Christian Williams ; The Freedom Park fracas and the divisive legacy of South Africa's "Border War"/liberation struggle / Gary Baines --Section 2. International solidarities. National liberation and international solidarity : anatomy of a special relationship / Colin Bundy ; The 1970s : the anti-apartheid movement's difficult decade / Christabel Gurney ; Black British solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle: the West Indian Standing Conference and black action for the liberation of Southern Africa / Elizabeth M. Williams ; Activism in Britain for Namibian independence : the Namibia Support Committee / Chris Saunders
  • In conclusion / Chris Saunders and Hilary Sapire.
Probing beyond the heroic portrayals of armed struggles and nationalist resistance, this collection of essays illustrates the intertwined histories of Southern African liberation struggles and those of regional and international solidarity movements, beginning in the 1960s through the establishment of a non-racial democracy in South Africa in 1994. As this collection seeks to present more nuanced accounts of the solidarity movements that flourished alongside the liberation and exile movements -- such as the British-based Anti-Apartheid Movement -it draws together internal and external struggles in exile. Unique and detailed, it offers new insights into the relationships that exiles and guerrillas developed with host societies and solidarity organisations, both within the southern African region and in the United Kingdom.
Sapire, Hilary.
Saunders, Christopher C.

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