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Comparative perspectives on criminal justice in China / edited by Mike McConville, research professor, Centre for Rights and Justice, Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Eva Pils, associate professor, Centre for Rights and Justice, Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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English, Chinese. Chiefly English with some Chinese.
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Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA : Edward Elgar, [2013]
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  • Book
  • xix, 593 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 504-568) and index.
  • Introductory reflections / Jerome A. Cohen
  • Comparative empirical co-ordinates and the dynamics of criminal justice in China and the West / Mike McConville
  • Wrongful convictions and tortured confessions : empirical studies in mainland China / He Jiahong and He Ran
  • China's tortuous path toward ending torture in criminal investigations / Ira Belkin
  • Experimental psychology and criminal justice reform / Thomas Stutsman
  • Issues in the reform of China's public prosecution system : against the backdrop of new revisions to the criminal procedure law / Chen Guanzhong
  • The guilty plea : an Australian/Chinese comparison / Ian Dobinson
  • Lawyers' activism and the expansion of the right to counsel in Taiwan / Yu-Jie Chen
  • The role of criminal defence lawyers in China : an empirical study of D County, S Province / Zuo Weimin and Ma Jinghua
  • Compromising for "justice"? : criminal proceedings and the ethical quandaries of Chinese lawyers / Elisa Nesossi
  • Who should be entitled to initiate a mental examination process? : an empirical perspective / Zhiyuan Guo
  • Killing the lawyer as the last resort : the Li Zhuang case and its effects on criminal defence in China / Lan Rongjie
  • Rights in the new regime for treatment of drug dependency / Sarah Biddulph
  • Legal erosion and the policing of petitions / Flora Sapio
  • Resolving the "endless narrative" : criminal defamation and expression rights in China / Joshua D. Rosenzweig
  • The upward and downward spirals in China's anti-corruption enforcement / Fu Hualing
  • "Disappearing" China's human rights lawyers / Eva Pils
  • Politics and criminal justice / Jerome A. Cohen
  • Concluding observations / Stanley B. Lubman
  • Comments on the 2012 revision of the Chinese criminal procedure law / Joshua D. Rosenzweig, Flora Sapio, Jiang Jue, Teng Biao and Eva Pils.
McConville, Michael, editor of compilation.
Pils, Eva, editor of compilation.

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