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Glaciogenic reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems / edited by M. Huuse ... [et al.].


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Publication date:
London : Geological Society, 2012.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • 401 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Glaciogenic reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems: an introduction
  • Glaciodynamic sequence stratigraphy
  • Large-scale development of the mid-Norwegian shelf over the last three million years and potential for hydrocarbon reservoirs in glacial sediments
  • Tunnel valleys: current knowledge and future perspectives
  • The glaciogenic unconformity of the southern North Sea
  • Middle Pleistocene landforms in the Danish Sector of the southern North Sea imaged on 3D seismic data
  • Seismic investigations of buried tunnel valleys on- and offshore Denmark
  • Substratum control on tunnel-valley formation in Denmark
  • Multistage erosion and infill of buried Pleistocene tunnel valleys and associated seismic velocity effects
  • 3D seismic analysis of buried tunnel valleys in the Central North Sea: tunnel valley fill sedimentary architecture
  • An Early Pleistocene grounded ice sheet in the Central North Sea
  • Reservoir potential of sands formed in glaciomarine environments: an analogue study based on Cenozoic examples from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
  • Evidence for multiple ice centres during the late Palaeozoic ice age in Oman: outcrop sedimentology and provenance of the Late Carboniferous-Early Permian Al Khlata Formation
  • The subsurface record of the Late Palaeozoic glaciation in the Chaco Basin, Bolivia
  • Late Ordovician tunnel valleys in southern Jordan
  • Depositional architecture and sequence stratigraphic correlation of Upper Ordovician glaciogenic deposits, Illizi Basin, Algeria
  • Ordovician proglacial sediments in Algeria: insights into the controls on hydrocarbon reservoirs in the In Amenas field, Illizi Basin
  • Channelized sandstone bodies ('cordons') in the Tassili N'Ajjer (Algeria & Libya): snapshots of a Late Ordovician proglacial outwash plain
  • Neoproterozoic deglacial sediments and their hydrocarbon source rock potential.
"Glaciogenic reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems occur intermittently throughout the stratigraphic record, with particular prominence in Neoproterozoic, Late Ordovician, Permo-Carboniferous and Late Cenozoic strata. Recent interest in glaciogenic successions has been fuelled by hydrocarbon discoveries in ancient glaciogenic reservoirs in North Africa, the Middle East, Australia and South America. Glaciogenic deposits of Pleistocene age are noteworthy for their content of groundwater onshore and potentially prospective and/or hazardous gas accumulations offshore. The abundant imprints of Pleistocene glaciations in both hemispheres can be used to reconstruct complex histories of repeated ice cover and retreat, and glacier-bed interactions, thus informing our view on the dynamics of older ice caps and predictions of future glaciations. This volume aims to provide a better understanding of glaciogenic processes, their stratigraphic record and reservoir characteristics of glaciogenic deposits. The book comprises 3 overview papers and 16 original case studies of Neoproterozoic to Pleistocene successions on 6 continents and will be of interest to sedimentologists, glaciologists, geophysicists, hydrologists and petroleum geologists alike."--Back cover.
Huuse, M.
Geological society special publication, 0305-8719 ; no. 368
Geological Society special publication ; no. 368.

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