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Energy, utility, transportation and environment law for the 21st century : a collection / Peter V. Lacouture, editor.


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Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportations Law, [2013]
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  • Book
  • xxiv, 320 pages ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Federal tax credits and incentives for renewable energy investments / by Jonathan B. Wilson
  • The conundrum of multistate electric transmission expansion : who will pay? / by Michael J. Thompson
  • Environmental regulatory impacts on renewable energy / by Robert L. Brubaker
  • Building and paying for new transmission needed to get renewable energy to market / by Kenneth B. Driver
  • Smart grid : will it get renewables to market and promote energy efficiency? / by Dorothy Black Franzoni and Caileen N. Gamache, assisted by Michael L. O'Neill
  • A roadmap to the greenhouse gas regulatory revolution / by Allen A. Kacenjar, Jr. and D. Alan Lindsey
  • Comments of the EPA on climate change / by Scott Fulton
  • Renewable portfolio standards : progress and challenges / Thomas P. Gadsden
  • More lessons from the state level : Texas / by Casey Wren
  • New nuclear power : opportunities and challenges / by Jay M. Gutierrez and Stephen J. Burdick
  • The NRC's improved licensing process for commercial nuclear power plants : in theory and practice / by M. Stanford Blanton, William A. Graham, Jr., and Millicent W. Ronnlund
  • Nuclear power after Fukushima / Richard A. Meserve
  • Telecom : the future meets the past / by Gerald A. Connell, Michael D. McNeely, and John C. Peirce
  • Net neutrality : point and counterpoint / Theodore A. Livingston and Christian F. Binnig
  • Whither white spaces? / by Andrew Vahid Moshirnia
  • Can arbitration agreements really bar class actions? : how will lower courts interpret AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion? / by John C. Peirce and Mark C. Darrell
  • Board addresses transportation of hazardous materials by rail / by Linda S. Stein and Kathryn J. Gainey
  • High-speed rail on the "fast track" / by Hon. Richard D. Cudahy
  • The market approach : the best approach? / by Chris Fortier
  • Antitrust developments in the aviation industry / by Malcolm L. Benge
  • Overlapping jurisdiction : merger review in energy and transportation industries / by J. Bruce McDonald
  • China : a mighty thirst / by Hon. Richard D. Cudahy
  • The stimulus bill and the electric industry / by Lisa Wing Stone and Katrina Robson
  • Climate change regulation : a significant challenge for NiSource and other energy companies in the 21st century / by Carrie J. Hightman and Margaret E. Rice
  • The emerging impacts of shale gas resources / by John W. Rowe and Ed Fortunato
  • Blowing in the wind : difficult issues facing wind generation / by Charles A. Patrizia, Candice Castaneda, and Alexandra D. Konieczny
  • Liabilities facing developers of wind farms on the outer continental shelf / by John J. Reilly and Carine M. Williams
  • Alfred Kahn on his 90th birthday : the birth of deregulation / by Hon. Richard D. Cudahy
  • The Dodd-Frank Act : why utilities need to understand the CFTC / by Patricia Dondanville and Melody R. Cross
  • Debt ceiling debate portends corporate tax reform / by David R. Hardy and Martha Groves Pugh
  • A book review : Daniel Yergin's "The quest" / by Hon. Richard D. Cudahy.
Lacouture, Peter V., editor of compilation.
American Bar Association. Section of Public Utility, Communications, and Transportation Law.

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