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Mammalian oocyte regulation : methods and protocols / edited by Hayden A. Homer.



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Publication date:
New York : Humana Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xi, 311 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Studying recombination in mouse oocytes / Xianfei Sun and Paula E. Cohen
  • Analysis of recombinants in female mouse meiosis / Esther de Boer, Maria Jasin, and Scott Keeney
  • Studying meiosis-specific cohesins in mouse embryonic oocytes / Ji-hye Kim ... [et al.]
  • Immunohistochemical approaches to the study of human fetal ovarian development / Jing He ... [et al.]
  • Protein kinase assays for measuring MPF and MAPK activities in mouse and rat oocytes and early embryos / Jacek Z. Kubiak
  • Time-lapse epifluorescence imaging of expressed cRNA to cyclin B1 for studying meiosis I in mouse oocytes / Janet E. Holt, Simon I.R. Lane, and Keith T. Jones
  • Using FRET to study ranGTP gradients in live mouse oocytes / Julien Dumont and Marie-Hélène Verlhac
  • Making cRNA for microinjection and expression of fluorescently tagged proteins for live-cell imaging in oocytes / Mark Levasseur
  • RNAi-based methods for gene silencing in mouse oocytes / Paula Stein, Petr Svoboda, and Richard M. Schultz
  • Micro-injection of morpholino oligonucleotides for depleting securin in mouse oocytes / Petros Marangos
  • Measuring transport and accumulation of radiolabeled substrates in oocytes and embryos / Jay M. Baltz, Hannah E. Corbett, and Samantha Richard
  • Immunofluorescence staining of spindles, chromosomes, and kinetochores in human oocytes / Solon Riris ... [et al.]
  • Studying the roles of aurora-C kinase during meiosis in mouse oocytes / Kuo-Tai Yang ... [et al.]
  • Chromosome spreads with centromere staining in mouse oocytes / Jean-Philippe Chambon, Khaled Hached, and Katja Wassmann
  • Preparation of mammalian oocytes for transmission electron microscopy / Lynne Anguish and Scott Coonrod
  • Measuring Ca²⁺ oscillations in mammalian eggs / Karl Swann
  • Counting chromosomes in intact eggs / Teresa Chiang and Michael A. Lampson
  • Free-hand bisection of mouse oocytes and embryos / Zbigniew Polanski and Jacek Z. Kubiak
  • Microarray-CGH for the assessment of aneuploidy in human polar bodies and oocytes / Souraya Jaroudi and Dagan Wells
  • Nuclear transfer in the mouse oocyte / Eiji Mizutani, Atsuo Ogura, and Teruhiko Wakayama.
Homer, Hayden A.
Methods in molecular biology, 1064-3745 ; 957
Springer protocols
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) v. 957.
Springer protocols (Series)

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