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Electron crystallography of soluble and membrane proteins : methods and protocols / edited by Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey, Yifan Cheng.



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Publication date:
New York : Humana Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xiii, 586 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction to electron crystallography / Werner Kuhlbrandt
  • Practical aspects in expression and purification of membrane proteins for structural analysis / Kutti R. Vinothkumar, Patricia C. Edwards, and Joerg Standfuss
  • Two-dimensional crystallization of membrane proteins by reconstitution through dialysis / Matthew C. Johnson ... [et al.]
  • Monolayer two-dimensional crystallization of membrane proteins / Luc Lebeau and Catherine Venien-Bryan
  • Screening for two-dimensional crystals by transmission electron microscopy of negatively stained samples / Tina M. Dreaden ... [et al.]
  • Low dose techniques and cryo-electron microscopy / Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
  • Grid preparation for cryo-electron microscopy / Nobuhiko Gyobu
  • Recording high-resolution images of two-dimensional crystals of membrane proteins / Agustin Avila-Sakar ... [et al.]
  • Collection of high-resolution electron diffraction data / Tamir Gonen
  • Image processing of 2D crystal images / Marcel Arheit ... [et al.]
  • Merging of image data in electron crystallography / Marcel Arheit ... [et al.]
  • Evaluation of electron crystallographic data from images of two-dimensional crystals / Vinzenz M. Unger
  • Modeling, docking, and fitting of atomic structures to 3D maps from cryo-electron microscopy / Gregory S. Allen and David L. Stokes
  • Phasing electron diffraction data by molecular replacement : strategy for structure determination and refinement / Goragot Wisedchaisri and Tamir Gonen
  • High-throughput methods for electron crystallography / David L. Stokes ... [et al.]
  • Automated grid handling and image acquisition for two-dimensional crystal screening / Anchi Cheng
  • Automation of data acquisition in electron crystallography / Anchi Cheng
  • Automation of image processing in electron crystallography / Marcel Arheit ... [et al.]
  • Choice and maintenance of equipment for electron crystallography / Deryck J. Mills and Janet Vonck
  • Future developments in instrumentation for electron crystallography / Kenneth H. Downing
  • Tubular crystals and helical arrays : structural determination of HIV-1 capsid assemblies using iterative helical real-space reconstruction / Peijun Zhang, Xin Meng, and Gongpu Zhao
  • Single particle electron microscopy / Wilson C.Y. Lau and John L. Rubinstein
  • Electron tomography of paracrystalline 2D arrays / Hanspeter Winkler, Shenping Wu, and Kenneth A. Taylor
  • High-resolution imaging of 2D outer membrane protein F crystals by atomic force microscopy / Dimitrios Fotiadis and Daniel J. Muller
  • Determination of soluble and membrane protein structures by x-ray crystallography / Raquel L. Lieberman, Mary E. Peek, and J. Derrick Watkins
  • Solution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy / James J. Chou and Remy Sounier
  • Structure-function insights of membrane and soluble proteins revealed by electron crystallography / Tina M. Dreaden ... [et al.]
  • Lipid monolayer and sparse matrix screening for growing two-dimensional crystals for electron crystallography : methods and examples / Mark Yeager, Kelly A. Dryden, and Barbie K. Ganser-Pornillos
  • Processing of electron diffraction patterns with the XDP program / Kaoru Mitsuoka
  • Future directions of electron crystallography / Yoshinori Fujiyoshi.
Schmidt-Krey, Ingeborg. Editor
Cheng, Yifan. Editor
Methods in molecular biology ; 955
Springer protocols
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) v. 955.
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