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Recombinant and in vitro RNA synthesis : methods and protocols / edited by Graeme L. Conn.



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Publication date:
New York : Humana Press, c2012.
  • Book
  • xiv, 274 p. : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Purification of RNA expressed in vivo inserted in a tRNA scaffold / Luc Ponchon and Frederic Dardel
  • Selective RNase H cleavage of target RNAs from a tRNA scaffold / Luc Ponchon ... [et al.]
  • Preparation of long templates for RNA in vitro transcription by recursive PCR / Jessica C. Bowman ... [et al.]
  • General protocols for preparation of plasmid DNA template, RNA in vitro transcription, and RNA purification by denaturing PAGE / Jo L. Linpinsel and Graeme L. Conn
  • Preparation of short RNA by in vitro transcription / Cheng Lu and Pingwei Li
  • Native RNA purification by gel filtration chromatography / Evan P. Booy, Hui Meng, and Sean A. McKenna
  • Cis-acting ribozymes for the production of RNA in vitro transcripts with defined 5ʹ and 3ʹ ends / Johanna M. Avis, Graeme L. Conn, and Scott C. Walker
  • Trans-acting antigenomic HDV ribozyme for production of in vitro transcripts with homogenous 3ʹ ends / Milena Szafraniec ... [et al.]
  • Rapid preparation of RNA samples using DNA-affinity chromatography and DNAzyme methods / Hae-Kap Cheong, Eunha Hwang, and Chaejoon Cheong
  • Preparation of lN-GST fusion protein for affinity immobilization of RNA / Genevieve Di Tomasso ... [et al.]
  • Affinity purification of RNA using an ARiBo tag / Genevieve Di Tomasso ... [et al.]
  • Plasmid template design and in vitro transcription of short RNAs within a "structure cassette" for structure probing experiments / Virginia K. Vachon and Graeme L. Conn
  • In vitro transcription of modified RNAs / Stephanie L. Moon and Jeffrey Wilusz
  • End-labeling oligonucleotides with chemical tags after synthesis / N. Ruth Zearfoss and Sean P. Ryder
  • High-purity enzymatic synthesis of site-specifically modified tRNA / Ya-Ming Hou
  • Se-derivatized RNAs for x-ray crystallography / Lina Lin and Zhen Huang
  • Biosynthetic preparation of 13C/15N-labeled rNTPs for high-resolution NMR studies of RNAs / Luigi Martino and Maria R. Conte
  • Preparative separation of ribonucleoside monophosphates by ion-pair reverse-phase HPLC / Pierre Dagenais and Pascale Legault
  • Splint ligation of RNA with T4 DNA ligase / Christopher J. Kershaw and Raymond T. O'Keefe.
Conn, Graeme L.
Methods in molecular biology, 1064-3745 ; 941
Springer protocols, 1949-2448
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 941.
Springer protocols (Series)

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