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Climates, landscapes, and civilizations / Liviu Giosan ... [et al.], editors.



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Publication date:
Washington, DC : GeoPress/American Geophysical Union, c2012.
  • Book
  • ix, 226 p. : ill., maps ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface / Liviu Giosan ... [et al.]
  • Bridging a disciplinary gap / William F. Ruddiman
  • section 1. Americas. Arguments and evidence against a younger dryas impact event / M. Boslough ... [et al.] ; Environment and agency in the ancient Maya collapse / James J. Aimers ; Rainfall variability and the rise and collapse of the Mississippian chiefdoms / Paul Aharon, David Aldridge, and John Hellstrom ; Building resilience in island communities / Jago Cooper ; Recent seasonal variations in arid landscape cover and aeolian sand mobility, Navajo Nation, southwestern United States / Amy E. Draut, Margaret Hiza Redsteer, and Lee Amoroso
  • section 2. Asia. Utilization of distal tephra records for understanding climatic and environmental consequences of the youngest toba tuff / Emma Gatti and Clive Oppenheimer ; An abrupt shift in the Indian monsoon 4000 years ago / M. Berkelhammer ... [et al.] ; Late Holocene drought patterns over West Asia / Michael Staubwasser ; Geomorphological constraints on the Ghaggar River regime during the mature Harappan period / Hideaki Meomuko ... [et al.] ; A simulation of the Neolithic transition in the Indus Valley / Carsten Lemmen and Aurangzeb Khan ; Mid-to-late Holocene agricultural system transformations in the northern fertile crescent / Simone Riehl ... [et al.] ; Late Holocene evolution of the Fuzhou Basin (Fujian, China) and the spread of rice farming / Barry V. Rolett ; Climate-induced changes in population dynamics of Siberian Scythians (700-250 B.C.) / Irina P. Panyushkina.
  • section 3. Africa. Geoarchaeological perspectives on Holocene climate change as a civilizing factor in the Egyptian Sahara / Kathleen Nicoll ; Heavy rainfalls in a desert(ed) city / Jonas Berking ... [et al.]
  • section 4. Europe. The influence of transgressive paleography on the development and decline of Cardium Pottery Culture (Mediterranean Neolithic) / A. Amorosi and A. Morelli ; A dynamic human socioecology of prehistoric and protohistoric Ulster / Tina Thurston and Gill Plunkett
  • section 5. New approaches and discussion. Influences of active tectonism on human development / Eric R. Force and Bruce G. McFadgen ; Irragric anthrosols, artifacts of human adaptation to arid conditions / J. Baade ; Hunter-gatherers, agriculturalists, and climate / Daniel M. Cadzow
  • AGU category index.
Giosan, Liviu.
American Geophysical Union.
Geophysical monograph, 0065-8448 ; 198
Geophysical monograph ; 198.

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