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Symposium on the law of bad faith in contract and insurance.


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Publication date:
Austin, Tex. : University of Texas at Austin School of Law, 1994.
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  • p. 1203-1702 ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
Law of bad faith in contract and insurance
Cover title. Special issue of Texas law review, v. 72, no. 6 (May 1994).
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction to the symposium / Ellen Smith Pryor and Charles Silver
  • The availability of tort remedies for breach of contract. Border wars / William Powers
  • A cautionary tale about contractual good faith in Texas / Mark Gergen
  • Good faith and bad faith in contract law : reflections on A cautionary tale and border wars / Gregory S. Crespi
  • Good faith in tort and contract law : a comment / Dennis Patterson
  • Tort remedies for breach of insurance agreement : theory. The natural history of insurer's liability for bad faith / Kenneth S. Abraham
  • The wrong side of the mountain : a comment on bad faith's unnatural history / Robert H. Jerry, II
  • Judicial limitations on the discretion of liability insurers to settle or litigate : an economic critique / Alan O. Sykes
  • Solving the judgment-proof problem / Kyle D. Logue
  • Constructing the insurance relationship : sales stories, claims stories, and insurance contract damages / Tom Baker
  • Promises and public trust : rethinking insurance law through stories / Deborah A. Stone
  • Tort remedies for breach of insurance agreement : practice. Should advice of counsel constitute a defense for insurer bad faith? / James M. Fischer
  • The advice-of-counsel defense : a response to Fischer / Michael Sean Quinn
  • Comparative fault and insurance bad faith / Ellen Smith Pryor
  • The defense of comparative bad faith : a practitioner's viewpoint / D. Douglas Brothers
  • What a comparative bad faith defense tells us about bad faith insurance litigation / William Powers, Jr.
  • Does insurance defense counsel represent the company or the insured? / Charles Silver
  • The logic of liability insurance purchases. On the demand for liability insurance / Kent D. Syverud
  • Liability and liability insurance : chicken and egg, destructive spiral, or risk and reaction? / Randall R. Bovbjerg
  • On the demand for liability insurance : an insurance economics perspective / Steven W. Pottier and Robert C. Witt.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Law.
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